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  1. Ubers are basically pokemon that are too strong for normal pokemon to deal with. They are killable, but they pose serious threats and centralize the metagame, which means they force people to deal with them as serious threats and too many people use them. Here's a list: http://www.smogon.com/dp/tiers/uber Oh, also, its worth mentioning that the tier list is likely to be largely thrown out the window with the advent of Black and White, but until then, use these.
  2. Haha fair enough. Logan had his fair share of mistakes, though. EQ on Groudon was pretty unnecessary. Comet punch? Lol. Wailord sucks. (seriously he does although he has tons of hp) Cradily is not meant to be used to kill things with rock slide and sludge bomb, or at least not successfully. In general his team wasn't all that great. Also as I'm sure you've been told several times, using ubers like Lugia and Groudon is truly unfair.
  3. Giratina-O. I reset like five times, in total probably 200 dusk balls thrown (although I only used 10 on the last try).
  4. About hidden power, the way the type and base power of hidden power is chosen is based on a pokemon's IVs. Max power is 70, and it can be any type except normal. Look up a hidden power calculator to find an IV spread you want. General rule of thumb is higher IVs = higher base power. Oh and the battle wasn't really notable. Lots of mistakes on both sides, and strange teams.
  5. Okay, first off, read this. Secondly, for future teams you build, make sure your team members have synergy with each other. Have a strategy you can stick to, and figure out what pokemon you're going to use to counter specific threats. Don't play favorites, it doesn't work. Finally if you need help with EV spreads (which you evidently do), check out the pokemon in Smogon's strategy pokedex for some ideas on good EV spreads not to mention movepools. Also Blaziken is not an excellent lead. At all.
  6. So it begins. Again. Ah, what a repetitive cycle. Also, Mewtwo, consider: R/B/Y and G/S/C were both on the Gameboy Color, but they are considered separate generations because G/S/C had new pokemon and was in a new region. B/W is much the same in relation to D/P/P.
  7. If its an official tournament, you will get some serious competition at the higher levels. Most competitions are taken by smogon battlers with good teams; I remember the VGS in Seattle was. You'll find a lot of people don't bother seriously raising teams but it is certainly worth properly making a team. If possible, avoid hacks. Also avoid legendaries because they're much more difficult to pokesav and Nintendo's hack checks are much more serious then those on the GTS. Straight 31 IVs are not banned, but Nintendo will scrutinize your pokemon much more carefully if you use them.
  8. Toffeuy: It isn't bad at all. The blurry circular effect is kind of cool. I've got a couple problems though. Firstly, the main Darkrai isn't blended at at all. The colors go well with the background, but it kind of pops out; it doesnt flow together with the rest of the sig. Secondly, the little Darkrai shadow basically looks like you ran out of ideas and copy/pasted that in as an afterthought. I like the glowing behind the text, although don't you think we're all a little tired of that font now? Overall: 6/10 KingPokeartist: I don't want to be overly critical here because I like to rate with the skills of the artist in mind and not just the final product. I think theres a lot of cool effects here. One thing I like is your use of shadows; the left side is obviously darker then the right and there is a light source. Which is nice. The Absol though is too bright; the whites are overly emphasized. Also, even though the background is cool, the Absol doesn't blend into it at all. The color tones are similar but the difference in brightness makes the Absol pop out too much and it looks completely out of place. I like the overlaying effect on the background, but its very monochromatic. That means its basically one color in different shades. Try using slightly different color tones to make the sig more interesting. Considering skill, I'll rate you a 6/10. Please note, Toffeuy, I am in no way comparing your sig with King's sig. You are (from what I can see) at different skill levels and as I said I rate based on more then just the final product.
  9. Narwhal... You are in a strange mood indeed. =p
  10. Done. Also, that set is popular on Mismagius because before her only really viable sets were the Calm Mind sets, which kind of 'worked' but were much harder to play. The Nasty Plot Mismagius is quite a powerhouse. Shadow Ball and HP Fighting give perfect coverage.
  11. Too many nondescriptions in this thread, nowadays... Rather sad, what has this forum come to. Anyway - Ziz: I rather like them. The Groudon one has a cool glowing effect and the background is nice. Its a little weird looking though and being able to see the c4d in front of Groudon is tacky. It has little depth although I appreciate the attempted light source at the bottom right. The blue c4d effect just looks out of place. As for the Rayquaza one, I kind of like it, but the head is in a strange position and its oversaturated. Too much color isn't a good thing. Overall, 7/10. Sorry, I'm a harsh rater. But good job anyway because you had a lot of good techniques, you just have to apply them in such a way as they all kind of flow together.
  12. Randomspot is right, just making this a UU team would be a good idea. The mechanics are different, though. Also, beating people in a way they didn't expect is pretty difficult to do and has a lot more to do with your experience with pokemon in that tier and the pokemon on your team, along with strategies for countering other strategies. Its complicated. Anyway, replacing Latias in UU... I suggest Mismagius. Standard Nasty Plot Mismagius doesn't seem too out of place here. Mismagius @ Leftovers / Life Orb Ability: Levitate Nature: Timid Evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 253 Spe - Nasty Plot - Substitute - Shadow Ball - Hidden Power [Fighting] Very standard set, grabbed it from smogon. One of the most powerful sweepers in UU. Watch out for thunder waves, and switch in on ground and fighting attacks and set up Substitute. Mismagius is rather fragile but with one or two Nasty Plots under her belt, she can sweep very nicely in the UU environment (not to mention in OU, given circumstances).
  13. More popular spinners include Tentacruel, Starmie, and Forretres.
  14. CuleX, while the Futura font is a commercial font, the Futura Extra Bold is actually a free offshoot of the Futura line that isn't commercially sold.
  15. Hmm, I have vague memories of watching this. Lol. I do remember the argument. Wow, I must have been really tired if I actually tried to argue that -.-
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