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  1. Arceus is the base because this way it is easier to do. I did it from a ROM of the Diamond. I did not investigate in the Platinum. The raised missingno is constructed to the mad thing. It is in order that you make an idea. Dew!
  2. Hello! I'm present a guide! "Creating Missingno in D/P/P! Attention: ¡Please, use this with brain! ¡I don't make responsible! You need: -Pokesav(here) -Hex Editor(here) Steps: -Open the Pokesav and make a Pokémon(Arceus) with the characteristics that you want(Remenber change the name to Missigno) -When you are sure that you don't want to modify more, save the Pokémon(.pkm) file -Open with the Hex Editor the .pkm file -Modify EC01 located in the bits 08/09 and we will proceed to increase a value(ED01) -Save It and list! Now, load with the Pokesav in your .sav! Note: In case it ap
  3. ._." Ii'm going today to get It PD: The traduction of the WC is: Title-knows your shaymin Description-Send SHAYMIN to Pokémon Platinium version and It change the FORM with the GRACÍDEA. Shaymin appears on the 11 movie! EDIT:Gracídea-The flower of Shaymin to change the form.
  4. But in the level 100 it is not possible to train
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