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  1. Yes! We just need to still use the original PKHeX editor. Instead of Homebrew PCHeX
  2. I'm also looking forward to see hacks for these 2 3DS games.
  3. You were thinking of Ohana3DS and other editors to edit models of Pokemon for X/Y OR/AS.
  4. I'd create that game as a backup. Just in case if they don't make another remake
  5. – Latest EMUNAND support for old 3DS (currently version 9.7) For Gateway. But my 3DS is on firmware 9.5.0-22U though
  6. I have Windows 8.1. Actually. So. 7-Zip is already installed with that. And also. I still have both of my Gateway carts with Me
  7. Now. With this hack. Do I have to put this onto my 3DS SD card? Since It's a rar file. I mean. I don't have Winrar. Anymore. But. I used to though
  8. Firmware spoofing would be with the Gateway Cartridge. But We're talking about the web injection
  9. I used to have 9.4 actually. But not 9.2. But Now I have 9.5 and the web injections still work though
  10. I have some of the later patches. But the other ones I have though. Are old
  11. Okay. I'm at the Data Management on my 3DS console. And I see Pokemon OR/AS on the third strip. In Extra Data
  12. Well. You have to wait. Because. If you've already updated your 3DS. This web injection won't budge. If you did so
  13. Well. My firmware is still at 9.5. So. I guess that I can't use the injection anymore. Because of the patch
  14. Yeah. But i'm using PCedit. And once I edit one pokemon and move on to the next. And go back to the other. The poke doesn't change
  15. You know the reason why mine weren't able to battle online. Is because of "Region Lock"
  16. I tried using the Smogon pokes online. And non were able to participate. I mean the met looks perfect
  17. I tried using the hacked wondercard files and the pokemon didn't show up. And also the person inside of the pokemon center
  18. If I wanted to use a suedo legend that I edited using PKHeX/HaX in the mansion at the resort. By abilities and modified TMs or HMs. I just wanted to know. Because someone said that just check for IVs and EVs. And special abilities as well
  19. i just did somewhat/And a little bit of know how. HeX editing. And tried to find out C++. And that's pretty much all I did. So far in the past
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