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  1. Since PKHeX doesn't relay on firmware. Could I use the DANE Micro SD Adapter on this?
  2. Read the very first part of the thread.
  3. And will SaveDataFiler also work on a regular Micro SD cart for the 3DS? Or just for GW card only?
  4. Yeah. Because. I might buy a GW cart. but since it won't support any homebrew by the time it supports 9x firmware. Like hacks or etc. But I know that PKHeX doesn't have to do with the FW you have. But. Anyways
  5. So. None won't know if PKHeX will work on or later then
  6. Hey Kaphotic. I was doing an experiment. Where I transferred a Pokémon to my SD card from when I plugged it into my laptop that I edited from PKHeX. would that be defective? or effective to any errors
  7. Well. Yeah. The event wonder card editor in PKHeX
  8. Exactly what I was trying to say. Kaphotics
  9. You'd still need a 4.5 3DS in order to inject from PKHeX though. Because you'll be screwed to find out that Gateway supports firmware. If you like hacking
  10. For the OR/AS support of PKHeX. There was an error saying that "ability doesn't exist in X/Y"
  11. Sorry to ask this. But. I know those 2 moves. Thousand Arrows and Thousand Waves that you could edit right on PKHeX. But does any of you think that there might be an event later on portraying those 2 moves?
  12. And both Eternal Flower Floett and Volcanion still can't be tradable until an actual event comes out for those 2. Correct
  13. I also saw that Hoopa's alt form "Unbound" was holding a mega stone instead of that other item. On PKHeX
  14. Also there was a mistake on PKHeX where Mege Rayquaza's name was Mega Venasaur. I mean. That was only minor though. As some other people witnessed that small problem too
  15. Well. Someone has to be testing that method out. First of all
  16. Well. The sky3ds cart doesn't support any hombrew. So i'm guessing that it doesn't support hacking and such what so ever. [using with PKHeX]
  17. And you could use PKHeX with a Gateway Cart I think. But Kaph doesn't own both a 3DS and a Mutli ROM 3DS support cart as he already stated
  18. What about buying another SD card though to backup your NAND? Or?
  19. Did you get yours used or brand new?
  20. I believe it's the factory firmware of when you got your 3DS. Not sure
  21. And the reason why I haven't downloaded the new patch for X/Y is because I want to wait until I've modified my 3DS XL plus 9x firmware. So I'll be able to gen with PKHeX. But my 3ds can still that update even when it's not hacked
  22. Yes. That'll be perfect if we could actually have the exact timeframe. But I agree with you as well
  23. I know but. It's just that the hype for all these new PKHeX updates. And by the way. I'm not trying to rush for the new releases or anything. It's just that I have keep renewing the PKHeX editor every time Kaph updates. Even though I don't have a JP cart or the CGSE just yet
  24. I wonder if like for the next update of PKHeX should have another move for Hoopa besides Hyperspace Hole. Shadow Strike. Even though it's a made up/creative Ghost Type move
  25. I used to play my Pokémon X and Y games legitimately until I got into injecting unreleased content into the game from PKHeX.
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