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  1. Hey Scires. I like how you simplized Yifan Lu's Spider3DSTools of how you put it in this thread. By the way
  2. I had a 4GB SD card with emunand on it and I switched that out and put my 2GB SD that I had from my old 3DS inside my XL. So it should work
  3. And this only works on retail cartridges. So far. And also I have an 3DS XL that's on 9.2 sysnand
  4. So. that might work on a thumb/flash drive. You say?
  5. Alright. I guess. I can't screw around with 3D Models anymore. Lol
  6. What other program besides Ohana. Can I use for 3D model injections into ROMs with that's compatible with Windows 8.1?
  7. Well. What I wanted to know about doing Flygons Mega Form when doing his 3 dimensional model
  8. I got an error running this 3D model editor tool. Any other suggested program I could run with it?
  9. You could revive that fake mega Flygon again. Just by ROM hacks. You know
  10. https://www.google.com/search?es_sm=122&biw=1366&bih=667&tbm=isch&q=mega+castform+leak&revid=1074443048&sa=X&ei=lLK1VLnTB4H7gwTmhYK4Cw&ved=0CCAQ1QIoAA
  11. Actually for Mega Flygon. All you need is the 3D Model and etc to ROM hack that into the game. Just like you saw the Mega Castaform. That people said looked fake
  12. I was thinking about doing character 3D models from the Pokemon Animated Series and some other models as well.
  13. Gateway would be the specific flashcart to use with PKHeX anyways. I mean. I might get one later on though. Because I had an SD card. But that also came with a micro SD
  14. With that editor. I might be able to edit Flygons 3D model and create his mega form and mega stone
  15. And then i'd be able to inject the 3D models i'm going to edit. Back into my game right after the fact
  16. So. both of these ROM data/save program is for Gateway users. Which SciresM did a Youtube video where He ROM hacked Mega Giratina. And another vid that another person did some sprite editing. [3D models]
  17. I like having a Gateway cart better then Cyber with the usage of PKHeX anyways.
  18. Half of the people here and on GBA Temp are saying that 9x firmware plus Gateway will be or won't be possible for injection from PKHeX. Unless you have 4x
  19. Dude. TiniVi's Youtube vid is interesting. Because he inputted some hex data when Mega ROM hacking. Gateway/MT cart and if for example. I wanted to edit a Pokémon file from PKHeX. Level hack that specific poke above 100. I'd just have to use HxD
  20. Don't update to Just keep the firmware that ya'll have now
  21. Probably just need a 4.5 3DS instead. PKHeX will only allow editing on such firmware. If you have a Gateway or MT cart though
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