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  1. You could probably find used on play-asia. But I don't think there is any though for old
  2. On the Cyber Save Editor. Once I obtain the Cyber Gadget itself. Like you told me about the modded version
  3. So. Apart from the modded CS method between the original. Like is that one method better then the other or something? Sorry if I ask
  4. Besides PKHeX. Maybe if I create a Pokémon X and Y editing program of my very own later on. Would be something that I'd consider doing on my own. Unless I need a little bit of team work involved.
  5. Well. I hope so. With those difficulties going on by using Cyber and PKHeX. Alteast some have already been detected anyways
  6. If you have the unreleased item for your character. I mean even though you can either put on or take off whatever extra you want
  7. Once PKHeX has suuport for OR/AS later on. Plus the Cyber. I'll do some more hackedmon/unreleased content injection
  8. Actually. That'll be quite the interest if you could make PKHeX have support for Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire later on
  9. Yeah. Because some people were experiencing more problems with PKHeX. So that's why I said that
  10. Kaphotics has to update PKHeX a little bit more. So the editor won't cause any more problems for some of you
  11. I know that obviously they're sold out of v1 of Cyber on play-asia.com and still have v2.
  12. The prices are very high on those websites. But it'll be a waste of cash anyways. And if you want to look at a low price range of products. Go to Play-Asia
  13. Yes. The saved game if it were far anough. Has to have the Pokedex. Correct. But if you want some pointless items for extra. Then use a Japanese 3DS as well as the others
  14. Basically what Kaphotics just said is impossible to do what you were trying.
  15. Or if you just have the Cyber Save Editor and a JP X or Y cart. And have Pokemon Bank on your North American 3DS. Then you should be good to go. Because obviously that's region free
  16. I was going to put updated as an edited post
  17. That's what I actually meant before. But whatever
  18. Cyber save editor 2 is an upgraded versions of the original CyberGadget save editor.
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