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  1. Is anyone out there that're legit besides the other people that could help both me and Devreese on a decrypted gts/dns system hacking program for Pokemon X and Y? And it's going to have the checksum and save editor on there too
  2. Pokecheck is working on a Gen 6 support. I know that
  3. I'm not going to buy an SD card with it since it costs extra.
  4. I know there's choice that you could buy gateway with or without a pint sized SD card. But is it much more persistent without one or no?
  5. Well I wonder if Pikaedit XY supports save files vs. the gateway users
  6. Okay. So I might order the Gateway 3DS cartridges tomorrow on of the websites on ShopTemp.net and wanting to know if eather one or both of them get the same or different amount of saves and updates on the R4 and Gateway.
  7. Unless You use R4 or Gateway.
  8. Well. there might be an alternative way of injecting a hacked pokemon onto your y or x cartridge. And Just by using a saved file
  9. And that's how you get the save file bin onto PKHeX.
  10. It said that it'll harm my computer if download it. Or do I have to click on copy to my dropbox?
  11. Well there is one called the Powersaves 3DS. But not AR though
  12. I have that PKHeX editor as well.
  13. Yeah. But I still have the other version though
  14. And then the PKHeX editor that I have now will be updated after that?
  15. Well the other file format said binary on it. When I was on PKHeX
  16. I have inserted one of my PKHeX files into HxD and turn it into a decrypted save. It would be saved onto a blank page or a folder. Correct?
  17. Excuse me. If you don't mind me asking you Devreese.
  18. And also. I want to be able to transfer my hackedmons from PKHeX onto my Powersaves 3DS as well
  19. I have both KeySAV and Mass Dumper. Because i've been using them to figure out dumping my saved pkx files
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