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  1. If I remember correctly, missing assets/not precached assets makes the starter select screen crash. I remember testing some changes at one point and you ended up testing them? Also, all the starter models are all on the select screen and get unhidden depending on the pokemon #. Basically adding starters to GTI is a lot more involved than PSMD.
  2. Nope, GTI works very differently inside. There's stuff in the works for it though! Both PSMD and GTI are very similar, so mod tools for one will most likely work for the other. @evandixon got some tools working for those too!
  3. Well, 0x4 in a pokemon's entry changes its displayed dex id. I don't think it has anything to do with evolution. And that's possible. I know that shaymin is also another special case that's handled in the code. And glad it was useful! ^^
  4. I'm not sure what you mean? The sprites for each pokemon are stored inside "m_ground.bin", "m_attack.bin", and "monster.bin", under the data//MONSTER directory. Each of those 3 files contains one of the 3 parts of each pokemon's animations/sprite. All pokemons have an entry in all 3 files. m_ground contains the sprites on the overworld/ground mode. m_attack the attack and dungeon animations for the pokemons. And monster the enemy sprites, which are just stripped down versions of the m_attack sprites to save memory on enemy pokemons.
  5. Just drag and drop the "m_ground", "m_attack", or "monster" on the gfxcrunch executable. It'll export the content to a folder. Then do your changes to the folder, and drag and drop the folder on the gfxcrunch executable. But I'm working on a sprite editor currently to supersede gfxcrunch.
  6. Use the batch files. Or SHIFT + right click with nothing selected on the background of the folder with the program in, and click on "open command prompt here" then look at the command lines examples in the readme.
  7. Well they're in the rom. You have to extract the rom, then look under data/FONT/kaomado.kao. You can use the batch scripts for doing that automatically too. Then you have to rebuild the rom with the modifications. Think of a ".nds" file as a zip file really. Except you need something else than winzip/7zip to extract/rebuild them. Well, its mainly about finding the UI API functions in the code, then hooking in your modified code. Its not that hard, but it takes time and patience. Especially if you're doing it by hand instead of using something like Radare2 or IDA. And yeah, I plan to release a bunch of QoL asm hacks eventually. I got some done already on my github mainly to load map lists from file and etc.. In order to make modding easier. I'll probably dive back into that eventually, once I can fix my utilities and get to the big map editor I'm planning. You could already fix the sleeping animations though. You'd need to basically copy in the missing sleep anims it looks for from the dungeon sprites into the ground mode sprites for the specified pokemons, and it would work.
  8. Well, it might be possible. But not without some ASM hacking. Right now I don't think we know enough to do it easily. But that could be a possibility.
  9. Well, I mean the unknowns are things I don't know about for the most part. But you seemed to be detailing the overall file structure of the waza_p file, and that's something I already know about and is pretty well documented in my notes and on the wiki. I appreciate the help however.There are still lots of things that weren't investigated yet though. If you wanna play around with script engine commands and figure out what they do, or mess with dungeon data, find reward lists offsets and etc.. There are still a lot of things like that.
  10. @Zerea Yeah, a lot of this I already knew. And I don't recommend removing move xml files when rebuilding them with statsutil right now, since its undefined behavior. I read your posts, but I'm not really sure what you were asking/saying? Sorry. Great! Thanks for the info! I could reproduce the crash, but I'm not really sure what's going on.. I'll have to take a closer look. Seems like it crashes in release, but is completely fine in debug... Looks like its gonna be one of those bugs..
  11. Well, my assumption had been that those were bitfield, aka the game would check for the value of a specific bit to toggle something on or off, but it could also be an enumeration.. I used to modify those bitfield in memory while running the game, and it seemed to me that unk#4-5 values both contributed to the resulting effect of the move. Like unk5 seemed to affect ranged move particularities.. I took some notes from your analysis, but I think it might need some testing to see how it works in practice?
  12. Thanks for the data! I was pretty sure it had to do with critical chance, but I wasn't sure if it was a ratio or something else! And you're not derailing anything, this thread was meant to share research results and etc, so you're welcome to post any findings you wanna share! ^^
  13. Well, like most data stored in SIR0 files, its all meant to be loaded as an array in memory. I haven't yet looked into how the indice for special items is obtained though. But technically, if the item array size isn't hardcoded, you should be able to just refer to the new item ids in the dungeon and shop data spawn lists. But I have yet to make a tool for that, because a bunch of those are hardcoded in the game executable. I've managed to mod the game's binary in the past to load a variable size map list with some asm edits, so I figure I should be able to mod the game to put those lists into files as well. But I'm working on other stuff for now.
  14. Well, when you make tables and etc its nice to not have the rows do line breaks and make everything inconsistent. And well, there's the colors, but also there's the issue that emphasis on text is somewhat tame, probably because it avoid people abusing really flashy text in their forum posts. Maybe a separate forced theme for the wiki could help? With something like times new roman as font or or whatever media wiki uses? And in my opinion, wiki markup was never an issue. As long as I don't have to do raw html too much, and things auto-format nicely. Forum markup tends to be unreliable and capricious. And editing html directly isn't really more convenient its more work, and there's the issue of html compatibility and fitting to the CSS theme and etc.. Well, wikia is riddled with advertisement and etc.. Its not really the best place to host technical documentation. Maybe hosting a sort of wiki on github could work?