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  1. so i used this save editor after taking my gba4ios save file off edited it worked fine, everything loaded up I saved it and tried to get it back to my phone but it says save file has been corrupted loading previous save I backed everything up and just cant get my edits to take hold on my iphone to go any advice ok so I got it to work however used pokemon editor legacy than injected the file by I funbox for some reason atleast for me it would read the file when I last used A save. but when I used legacy it worked without a hitch
  2. well in any regard I would have to upgrade to 7.2 to allow alpha sapphire to run but then I was looking more into it and was unsure if it had to be 9.0-9.5 will 7.2 firmware work with pk hex web injection method
  3. so I got a Nintendo 3ds and it has firmware 4.5. I want to use pk hex and use the web injection method but to my understanding it seems that it only works with 9.0-9.5, but im not 100% sure. I saw when I put in my pokemon alpha sapphire in it wanted to update to firmware 7.2 So if you do have to have firmware 9.0-9.5 are there any games that will force it to update into that range.
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    Pk Hex Question

    does pk hex work with firmware 4.3 or 4.5 I am about to buy a Nintendo 3ds or 3ds xl with these firmware I just want to make sure they work with pk hex before I do anything. I would appreciate if someone could confirm that it would work I know it works until 9.5 and anything after doesn't work but I would like to know if these firmware's work with this version of pk hex
  5. ok so as long as I get a Nintendo product under 9.2 I wont need it
  6. so shoot for a Nintendo product under 9.2 and this might be a dumb question but what is a gateway flash cart I heard about it but couldn't get a clear answer when I did some looking. is it a blank cartridge that fits into the 3ds and its it necessary.
  7. my 3ds xl is on 9.7 which from my limited understanding is no good I was contemplating getting a used 2ds at game stop and then pokemon alpha sapphire and was just inquiring about this stuff I was really intrigued by it.
  8. so I got attracted to this site as I saw this randomizing nuzlockes and people editing their games almost like pokegen. Anyway I am pretty clueless on how any of stuff works and am just trying to learn everything I can about this idea since it seems really cool especially the results I have seen people randomizing their games changing the main characters etc. I gathered 3ds/2ds need to have certain firmwares to make it work but that's about all I learned so far. like what other requirements are needed to really start doing rom editing (programs physical equipment etc) also im kind of new to forums so hopefully me posting this isn't a problem. I know not a lot to work with here.
  9. I am looking for a American Kyrogre any other specifics on the Pokémon don't really matter just looking to see if anybody is willing to part with kyorgre. I have shines, competitive breed, hidden abilities, event legendries pokemon so hopefully there is something here that interests you.
  10. Bryan B


    So im Bryan im kind of just getting into using forums and I was attracted to this site as I saw people doing randomizer nuzlockes, and using pk hex which I was unaware of and it seemed interesting my technology knowledge is pretty limited so I thought I could maybe learn so stuff here.
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