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  1. Yes! We just need to still use the original PKHeX editor. Instead of Homebrew PCHeX
  2. I'm also looking forward to see hacks for these 2 3DS games.
  3. You were thinking of Ohana3DS and other editors to edit models of Pokemon for X/Y OR/AS.
  4. I'd create that game as a backup. Just in case if they don't make another remake
  5. – Latest EMUNAND support for old 3DS (currently version 9.7) For Gateway. But my 3DS is on firmware 9.5.0-22U though
  6. I have Windows 8.1. Actually. So. 7-Zip is already installed with that. And also. I still have both of my Gateway carts with Me
  7. Now. With this hack. Do I have to put this onto my 3DS SD card? Since It's a rar file. I mean. I don't have Winrar. Anymore. But. I used to though
  8. Firmware spoofing would be with the Gateway Cartridge. But We're talking about the web injection
  9. I used to have 9.4 actually. But not 9.2. But Now I have 9.5 and the web injections still work though
  10. I have some of the later patches. But the other ones I have though. Are old
  11. Okay. I'm at the Data Management on my 3DS console. And I see Pokemon OR/AS on the third strip. In Extra Data
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