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  1. If only someone can do some DNS hacking. And screwing around with that. You can probably do hackedmons online
  2. Well. I'll try to beta test the 3 deminsional editor on my windows 8.1 Huelett Packard laptop. Because. I know it's a new processing system for an updated version and all that stuff
  3. I'd really wish that there's a program besides this. That would budge right through on Win 8.
  4. Sorry if off topic. But. Do you mean. Downgrading from 9.4 down to 9.2 sysnand? Because you can't use this editor in DS mode while you downgraded to 4.2 or 4.5
  5. And if I wanted to modify the Pokemon's abilities in illegal mode. Change the file to PKHaX?
  6. And also while using those PCEdit files for PKHeX. I want to also be able to modify the Source Code
  7. I'm only going to export box 19. So the file came out as boxdata.bin
  8. You could try using his editor on your 2DS. just to see if it'll budge right through
  9. If there's a lot of messages in my inbox. I usually clear them out. Or store them elsewhere
  10. You might of did something wrong. You might have to clear off those files that SciresM had from that other thread
  11. If I wanted to edit RAM. And hack Mega Hoopa. For example I can use an item in place of his mega stone to evolve into his Alternate [unbound Form] or is that only just by hacked ROMs?
  12. Root the file to your SD card. Right after you're finished with the edits. But You need code/injectiondebug.bin first of all
  13. I specifically changed the pokemon file to [pokemon.ekx] and nothing happened.
  14. Except for mine wasn't even at pk6. the file was at ekx. And I just got a regular egg. Not a horrific one
  15. Did you ever put at as an egg while using PKHeX. Because I had the same exact problem as you guys did
  16. Listen. I'm not trying to be a simpleton. But if some of you are having trouble with this exploit. Then.... I'm not going to say a word about that
  17. That's the only reason why you have to put the exploit on favorites. So that doesn't frequently happen all the timee
  18. Did one of the methods that Gateway had in store brick your console? Or was it program?
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