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  1. Why does the tool say the file from my VC save is invalid? How do I get it to load? Is it another where I have to convert the file size? My saves are 64k and only 124 bit will open. Even the emulator won't open my GBA VC save though so how can it be made to work?
  2. Is it possible to get map coordinates for Sky Pillar in Emerald? Id love to use the edit feature in pkhex to skip the annoying broken floor puzzle if possible. And maybe also the special islands. thanks
  3. When I open these, they won't inject into pkhex. Why am I getting an invalid file size error? It's Gen 2 and pkm files.
  4. Oh after dumping I have to extract it before PK3DS will open it? I didn't know that. I did use GM9 to dump. Edit: After I unpacked it with HackingToolKit, I'm getting told its too big. What's the deal??? And yes it's the latest build. Build 92 right?
  5. I try opening a rom to edit it but nothing happens. What's going on?? It says pick the folder and I choose it, then hit open but nothing actually happens. Edit: I think the rom downloaded wrong. Gonna have to try another one.
  6. How can I use it when all it does is crash when I open it?
  7. What drives me crazy is having to use an emulator to convert save size. Youll get a 64kb that has to be converted to edit, then re-converted before injection.
  8. Bernardo says it will be possible next update. I'm glad.
  9. OK. PKSM can but only those files in the program's event cache as far as I can tell.
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