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  1. I told Kaphotics that I'd start all over again if I got a japanese device and a cart along with the CyberGadget.
  2. I'm actually almost finished modifying my 3DS. But I like PKHeX though as it is
  3. Like for people that actually have hacked/modified 3DSs instead of not using PKHeX for various reasons.
  4. You see. All though PKHeX is used for other things. It should be used for like an only thing. You know what I'm saying?
  5. This editor is only for if you have a hacked 3DS anyways.
  6. Well. There's another exploit for the new firmware 7.1 or 7.2. But. For the 1st part it would take minutes.
  7. If you have a hacked 3DS. Then yeah! You'd be able to RAM inject from PKHeX and into your handheld console
  8. I have PKHeX drop box. So
  9. Yep! I just checked on there too. A couple of minutes ago
  10. Atleast Kaphotics is trying anyways.
  11. I bet there's a way that you could somehow hack the Pokeball Vivillion as well.
  12. Maybe I'll try using this editor.
  13. Pokecheck will certainly have XY Support sometime after or before the shutdown. And especially PokEdit
  14. I'm going to assume later on or so then.
  15. I know some hackers emply by using Gateway on their 3DS. But using KeySAV is totally different
  16. I have KeySAV and Mass Dumper. And so on
  17. Datel patched the save editing part where you can put a hackedmon from XY that you edited onto a save.
  18. No. I was saying that if I get a revised firmware 3DS that's hacked or modified. Then I'll just end up using it for extracting hackedmons.
  19. Well. I just use Pikaedit XY for the time being
  20. I was also still trying to get that other half open with PKHeX.
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