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  1. Amazing... I have to learn this. Google, here I come.
  2. I've never seen such beautiful pictures. How was your trip to Italy?
  3. Your wife's a good artist. That Shaymin picture is so cute.
  4. Fenzo, your right it does look like pasta. It sorta looks like art, but than again I'm no artist, nor a fan of classic art so... yeah.
  5. Whoa these look so awesome! Do you take requests? Because I've always wanted a stylish signature, but I have to settle with a personality and a banner for my trade thread...
  6. Whoa, you made these? They're amazing! Good job Greencat.
  7. Custom theme on Vista. Gotta clean up my desktop. Tell me what you think.
  8. No I don't see that happening. I believe it will be as accurate as a remake Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green was. Absolutely no changes to the storyline. Only new events and Pokémon. I forgot about that. Now this wait seems shorter. Its still going to be a challenge, I'm still way to excited. There is no maybe. If this is a remake, they will have Kanto. In the game you absolutely have to go to Kanto for obvious reasons, such as the Elite Four in Indigo Plateau, and having to go to the power plant to fix the train, and going to the Copycat's house to get the train ticket. Not to mention to be able to go to Silver Cave. There is absolutely no doubt that if this is a remake, there will be access to Kanto. To much important stuff if is that region.
  9. kk than. let the procrastination begin for me.
  10. ima try to work hard to help this site. contributor status would be nice
  11. i think its a useless feature. like randomspot said, just read theyre posts.
  12. yea, but since we're so hyped up, lying back and waiting for sunday will be a challenge.
  13. i would call them to not only get rid of the ghost, but to ask them why the f*** they wont release their f***ing video game for xbox when its been finished for about a year.
  14. i have a real R4 and a cyclo. they r both awesome
  15. yea. my brother went there and got a virus called worms. i wouldnt risk making an account there.
  16. yea man thats a fake r4. a real R4 says R4 and nothing else. thats an imitators brand.
  17. ozzy ozbourne buckethead linkin park disturbed acdc led zeppalin pink floyd michael jackson avenged sevenfold metallica korn radiohead I have tons more just to lazy...
  18. well how would u expect them to make a profit? they need to make us buy stuff. it may be bad, but if i owned a company like that, id do the same.
  19. i believe it will be dsi exclusive, not that i want it too, i dont even have a dsi. but the thing is is that the dsi just came out and nintendo wants u to buy dsi, so what do they do? they wave a big awesome remake of gs in your face with dsi exclusive features which will tempt you to buy the game and system. even if there are dsi exclusive features it will still work on dsl, it just wont use the exclusive features.
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