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  1. I got those same Hall of Fame glitches. Could it be a glitch?
  2. Pikachu and Raikou. They brightened up my childhood after Chikorita.
  3. Well you don't have to keep your Pokémon untouched. You could Train them, but make sure you don't evolve, and than when you beat the game, trade them over and edit their level. Since your not touching anything else but the level, the Pokémon would still be legal. They are no different from a real untouched one.
  4. It's not legit. It is legal. I'm not sure which algorithm's go to which Pokémon, but I'm sure uncommon GBA is an algorithm for a rare GBA Pokémon. I suggest trying to use a different PID.
  5. Hey Preston! Long time no see. I hope it's fine if I re-established your guide. Well I guess there's no need now that there's an AR code for it. I'll stick with this method. It only takes me about a minute.
  6. Awesome, it was getting pretty boring at purplesurge.
  7. That's exactly why I think it's boring, a terrible waste of time.
  8. Okay. Well good job on these. Keep it up, they are really good!
  9. I don't think that's gonna happen. But that would be cool, if they treated your phone number as your FC.
  10. Obviously, Fire Red and Leaf Green included the Hoenn Pokémon. And the data in Pokésav says Johto Gold and Silver, so it has to be possible to trade Sinnoh Pokémon.
  11. hmm, it looks good i like it. but do you think it could have a little color to it? whatever you think looks good. sorry hope im not being to picky. Edit* Maybe put my name in the center and have raikou walk in front of the name like right in front of the k. not too close in front though. maybe color in the thunder yellow and give it a great background thats solid colors so you can still make the reflection.
  12. I guess these two gold and silver balls hanging from the ceiling aren't indicators for a remake... sigh, now I'm sad. :'(
  13. I hope this is a remake. I'm just going to have to suck it up until Saturday.
  14. Hi. welcome to projectpokemon forums. Enjoy your stay.
  15. These Pokémon are legal. If you were to enter them in a competition or Battle Revolution or make a Wi-Fi video, it would pass the checkers. I honestly don't care as long as Nintendo thinks they are legit. There's not really a difference between legals and legits anyways. They are both possible to get in game. Bottom line, there is no proof to discredit shiny 10ANNIV events, but as far as Nintendo can tell, its legit because there is no external or internal difference for a real one. Both legals and legits are both the same and have no difference what-so-ever. So the generated ones here are legal.
  16. It is not a big deal. The swine flu is only a threat because there is no vaccination yet. The swine flu is no different from any other influenza, and the news keep bringing it up to, guess what, ALARM YOU. They want you to be freaked out so you watch more news programs. Its really stupid to scare people for higher ratings. But still, schools closing down is my personal favorite thing out of this experience, so awesome. Too bad I go to home school...
  17. The other 8 badges weren't visible to the player. It's as if you weren't rewarded anything. They didn't even do anything. The only fun of the badges were 16 gym leaders. That made so much people love the GSC series. If this is a remake, I'm pretty sure they'll make something so you could see the other badges as well.
  18. I love . I'm actually trying to get every shadow Pokémon untouched. I personally like to think as shadow Pokémon as in-game events.
  19. Good work I like this hack. Keep it up Roland!
  20. I personally think spin offs are a waste of time. Pinball is the only one that amuses me, PMD gets extremely boring after a while, and we shall never EVER speak of Trozei again... (Not trying to offend people who like it)
  21. Oh so that's why the server is down. Okay than. I was wondering why it was down.
  22. You mean GS remake. There is no proof leading to a Crystal remake. When Fire Red and Leaf Green were released people thought there was going to be a remake of Pokémon Yellow, but there wasn't. Pokémon games work in a strange way. They release two games that are practically alike in every way, and than in a year or so, release a third one. For example, Red + Blue = Yellow, Gold + Silver = Crystal, Ruby + Sapphire = Emerald, Diamond + Pearl = Platinum. Since they didn't make a third game for the Red and Green remakes, it's highly likely there will not be a third game for another remake. If that was just a mistype or something, I'm sorry.
  23. Oh yeah. I forgot about the islands. But it wasn't a drastic change in storyline. If this is a remake I would still consider it lucky to be as accurate of a remake as Fire Red and Leaf Green was.
  24. Hmm... well I have a request. You know Satoshi's old signature? Well I want my name to be reflected like that as well, but make my name look like thunder, and the background could be anything stylish, with a Raikou right next to my name. (if it's not too much, could the Raikou have a reflection as well?) I hope this request isn't too much. Edit* Awesome. Got your pm. Thanks
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