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  1. I have an acekard 2i lol edit: I also use to have an EZ Flash IV for my old ds lite
  2. I agree with you all the old forum was the best plus being the site that made pokesav www.pokesav.org would be much easier for people and it would be more popular now.
  3. Yeah i used to be here in these forums about a year ago, but the only name that rings a bell that has posted in this topic is thehalfbloodprince i remember seeing that name a fair bit back then.
  4. Look I got the dsi on release aswell (Aus) and I recently got the AceKard 2i it has all the functions but normally doesn't come with a memory card:mad: but it has an inbuilt AR cheat system to play around with roms, themes, homebrew support (moonshl etc.) It may look cheaply made but it works always an has never failed me http://www.acekard.com
  5. Hi, Well I don't really mind i have an action replay on my acekard 2i theres simply no need for migration.
  6. This is my custom desktop, it was originally xp i just applyed a vista theme though
  7. I will any ar pokesaved codes for you, for either pokemon D/P or platinum. I will post the codes back in this topic when i have made them.
  8. A great all round team would have to be Charizard: Fire type can inflict huge damage upon grass types which are most commonly encountered, this may also have an after effect on the opponent, burn. Torterra: Covers variety of pokemon with leaf storm, giga drain and crunch very effective when encounterig rock type pokemon. Staraptor: A nice addition to the party, with really effective moves such as aerial ace and brave bird. Giratina: A good pokemon to be used as a distraction to bring out another pokemon with a large supply of HP. And good moves such as dragon claw and earth power. Electivire: With plenty of HP and some powerful moves this is a good electric type to choose. Move like thunderbolt will almost paralyz the opponent every time. And its giga impact can Ko a pokemon in one attack making this a great addition to your party. Blastoise: Is a fairly reasonable water type to have, With the heavy hydro pump it can do some serious damage.
  9. I used to be a part of this organization when it was formally known as www.pokesav.org a while back, and that was when i had a ds light and action replay. I still do just replaced the ds light with a dsi and the AR with an acekart. I am very experienced with the whole AR itself. I would be happy to take up requests from others for D/P/PL games. Cheers!:grog:
  10. Yeah, the Acekard 2i is the way to go. You can store all your games, play homebrew, and use the inbuilt AR cheat system and its exclusive to the dsi
  11. Hello, I have done some research myself. And after seeing Fenzo666's wild pokemon modifier code for pokemon platinum video on youtube.(for japan version) I was determined to find the code for the usa version. So after about an hour of searching I found it i have used and tested it, for a video on my youtube account please go to http://www.youtube.com/pkmnarmaster3000/ And choose either the dsi version or pc version both work.:grog:
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