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  1. look, all we can do is sit back and wait to see what happens, no need to get all defensive.
  2. i dont get whats so amazing about an all region game. it wouldnt be boring, but if nintendo were working on one, it would probably take years to make. lets just stick with the remake for now (if it is a remake, we're not sure atm)
  3. but why would they need two locations for that? wouldnt they have just made 1 location that says johto? its true you cant pass it off as proof because we dont know what nintendo has in store for that data, but i would at least consider it a little bit of proof because it seems odd that they would do it just for an event. and even than people found that nintendo had liscensed names such as dusk gold and dawn silver, so there was way to much point making it completely obvious that it was a hint for a remake. but even than we're still not sure if this is going to be that remake. we'll just wait for the next episode of pokemon sunday.
  4. im not, this isnt even my opinion to begin with, we've been finding proof since 2007 for a gold silver remake, i didnt even mention i was right, i said there is way to much proof to dismiss this being anything other than a gold silver remake. my opinion isnt fact and as i said in one of my previous posts, we're all entitled to our opinions.
  5. jawsis theres way to much proof to dismiss this, it has to be a remake it just has to
  6. i personally dont want an all region game. i think it would be un appealing and would be a bitch to make. i wouldnt count on it. and even if they dont in the future tere will be rom hacking programs for nds, im sure someone would at least attempt to make an all region game. i dont even see the point in one. id rather have gamefreak make this remake and than continue making other regions. but of course we're all entitled to our opinion. Edit* Damn Straight
  7. OMFG... This just made my day. The strange and coincidental thing is that i started finding videos saying that there was going to be a remake in 2010 and even showing the box art. Im just so excited. and hey is the chatroom down? im in a talkative mood but i cant seem to get in for some reason
  8. wouldnt it look like a real pal parked pokemon if u loaded them into pal park using pokesav? (and is the irc chat down? i keep getting * Unable to connect to server (Connection refused)
  9. Zafur u rock, thank you so much!
  10. I'm really not sure that this is the right place to be requesting a GBA sav editing program since the subject clearly states "Discuss Pokesav and get help using it to edit your Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum save file." but I need help. I searched everywhere for this program I've searched everywhere. I've even tried to get the Japanese version with no luck. If anyone has it please tell me where to get it or e-mail it to me at flootenkerp1@gmail.com. I really want to use it, I want to just test it out. If you don't want me to distribute it or share it with anybody that's fine, I just want to try it out, especially since GBA pokemon games are my favorite generation.
  11. destroy kyogre, hes dead, u cant give him anything anymore...
  12. woa sorry bout that. sure i'll trade for those, is tomorow fine?
  13. this is amazing... your shiny sid is 0. 0_0 I've never seen a id pid combo like that. to answer your question, your sid is either 0, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, or 07. any of those sid's should work. Edit* i recommend generating a new pid. to make it more believable.
  14. o kk. well the forums are gonna be closed soon, and alot of people think the old forums are down and will be lost on how to do this so i guess this will still help some people.
  15. How to make a shiny SID. Thanks to Preston for teaching me how to do this on IRC.
  16. aww that sounds cool! bye guys! -Moves to Italy-
  17. Not true damio, I have a real R4, and so does my friend in Tampa and we trade through Wi-Fi all the time, no problem. He wanted my Platinum sav so I gave it to him and it was his only sav file he used and we traded with each other using the exact same sav file with no problem. I think I came down to one thing that might be causing the problem. 1. Your R4 is fake (usually fake if bought at deal extreme) Can it be this?
  18. godzilla, although i wouldve loved a pokemon event, this is fine. and than again pokesav could not load secret base items in a WC. maybe this event will help us figure out how to do that.
  19. yea how will this work with pokesav? well i guess we'll figure something out.
  20. well thanks. I guess it doesn't matter that it took me 3 whole days to manage to get my friend from Japan to trade it to me, in which, in return I had to give him six events, INCLUDING osaka meowth which was not even up for download at the time which means I had to wait another 2 days to find someone who would be willing to trade me theyre osaka meowth i found someone on neoseeker and get this, he wanted an NOK MEW! so i had to tell my friend to give me the mew so i could give him the meowth he gave me the mew i cloned it and i gave it to the other guy he gave me the meowth i cloned it and gave it to my friend along with the other 5 events. What a mix huh? Thanks for the appreciation, no really.
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