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  1. So cute. Your wife's really good at drawing.
  2. Even if it is a new generation, I'd rather have a remake. Pokémon Gold was my first ever Pokémon game, so you would imagine how important it is to me. I'd be very disappointed if it isn't a remake. All I can do is wait for May 9th to come.
  3. Maybe Pokecommunity should adopt this thread. There's tons of disrespect there, you wouldn't believe it.
  4. The thing that starts these arguments is, even if the other person gets proved wrong, they don't want to look like an idiot, so they keep defending pure crap, even I've done it before. But now I'm starting to accept and admit when I've been proved wrong. People should just grow up.
  5. This is cool. I'm sorry for having you do it twice. Thanks.
  6. Well maybe COM will fix that glitch. MAYBE.
  7. Read through the list and I don't know if I missed anything, but, what if you could allow the program to open new tabs for two or more save files? I have three save files and whenever I want to extract Pokémon to put into the other save file, I have to open 3 pokesav's. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets annoyed by either having to open another pokesav. Again, sorry if this has already been requested.
  8. This looks sweet in my secret base. Thanks for getting it for us NTR!
  9. I love it when I summon Lugia, it's like, the best Pokémon, for me at least.
  10. Really? So than, what trash bytes would make my hatched Pokémon legal? Or is it still impossible to check the legality of an egg.
  11. Welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay at the forums.
  12. I've never really heard of it.
  13. Sorry to hear that bear. I wouldn't know how it feels because I've never had to go to a hospital before.
  14. Jesus, I looked at your name first and then when I saw you say regions i though you said religion. LOL. But enough of that, there's just three more days till' the announcement. Here's hoping its a GS remake.
  15. Much better, I love it. I love the background. But is it fine if you could move the name to be evenly centered? And maybe have the Raikou like a huge close up on his face as the background. but if you don't want to, its fine. I could live with this signature. Thanks again.
  16. I completely agree. Disagreements happen here often. They get out of hand
  17. ok Edit* I decided, just make it look super awesome. Make it a very stylish signature. Just make sure Raikou is at least in it. make my name really awesome looking, whatever you think looks good.
  18. It was used for swarms as well. But they could use TV's for the swarms now. We don't even know if it's a remake, I'm getting all anticipated.
  19. I'm sorry this isn't a request but, will Pokemod make a legitimate save file non legitimate anymore like Pokesav?
  20. I feel for you Xero... My first shiny was a shiny Tangela, in Pokémon Gold in Silver Cave... And those goddamn things, they flee in one move. I hate Tangela now...
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