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  1. You shouldn't worry about that. You absolutely have to go to Kanto for most of the storyline. Elite Four, Power Plant for train, getting the ticket for the train and so on.
  2. I'm so excited right now! But now the biggest challenge yet... Waiting for Autumn.
  3. Yeah, that's extremely old. October 2008 old. But I'm pretty sure the DSI is not region locked.
  4. Chikorita. I love my Chikorita. It was my very first Pokémon in the world. My starter. That's why Johto is my favorite region.
  5. Yeah, but I think we have every single Pokémon available now.
  6. Cool, I'll try to contribute as much as I can.
  7. Pokémon Yellow was awesome. I loved how Pikachu followed you around. It was so cool that Pikachu had emotions too. I loved the game.
  8. I'm playing Yellow again. I fixed the battery after it broke a while ago.
  9. Ah this glitch. I loved this glitch. I've done it and it was awesome.
  10. LOL, Saved By The Bell. What a great title. Nice story.
  11. I view a legal Pokémon as a legit Pokémon. My meaning of legit is that as long as Nintendo can't tell the difference, it's legit. Legal and legit don't differ in any way. But by the real definition a hatched Pokémon with hacked parents is legal.
  12. DSI Ware would just be terrible. But I'm pretty sure it's going to be a normal DS game with DSI compatible features. It'll still work on a DSL but just won't use the features.
  13. No they're not, Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green did not have a Yellow remake. And in a DPPT sav file, there is only data for Johto Gold and Johto Silver.
  14. I know. I can't wait for the probable GS announcement. Two more days!
  15. Yeah, it just went down again. happened this morning for me as well. What's going on?
  16. Yea, this is the wrong section.
  17. They should but they won't. The games mostly about battling with your friends, trading and collecting. And a lot of people believe the game is hard enough as it is.
  18. Sorry, there was no point to mention another site, my apologies. I really can't go there because I've been banned for months now, because moderators are disrespectful to me, so I fought back. I won't mention another site again.
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