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Found 10 results

  1. I am getting a 502 Bad Gateway in the chat box on the IRC page. http://projectpokemon.org/irc/
  2. IRC webapp on our site uses Mibbit. Few people (tomxc, myself, others?) use Mibbit (as a browser IRC client) as opposed to a separate program. Happened around around 49 hours ago.
  3. Hi all. Due to defienace being down we are now at irc.pchnet.org. Same channels as before. I have already modified the java applet on the site to point there. For those of you with IRC clients point your client to that server. See you there, EDIT: We have decided to stay at PCHNet. Thanks to all who contributed their opinions and enjoy the new server. Thanks to the PCHNet staff as well for allowing us to use their server. Edit: We've been on Bit'sJoint IRC for a long time at this point. The network hostname is irc.bitsjointirc.net using port 6667. The Java client should automatically connect.
  4. Okami

    IRC Problem.

    Hello everyone, as some of you may know, I am having issues connecting to the IRC. I have tried both the Java platform and my Trillian, and neither are allowing access. Both are giving me the same response: Connection Refused. Via Java: Via TrillianPro3: So Error Code 10061...According to the trillian website: Okay, but there lies my problem. I go through my Control Panel and take the steps to turn off my firewall. Firewall is off, I reset Trillian and go to reconnect onto the Project Pokemon server. And I get the same thing, error code 10061. This problem didn't occur until I got my laptop. It's got to be something on here blocking me from any IRC access (I use two different IRC servers, and neither of them work) ...I am so fed up with testing and trying things to get my IRC to work with failure again and again. I know it is not my settings for the IRC channels because I copied the information straight from the Trillian I ran on my flashdrive to my family computer. Does anyone know what might be wrong so I could fix this once and for all? Help! I'm at wit's end.
  5. Illithian

    IRC Client

    Well I want to actually get into using IRC. I currently have mIRC, but its clunky, it can only connect to one server, and when you start it up you wait like 20 seconds for the stupid popup windows to close. Essentially I hate IRC right now because of mIRC. I need suggestions on an IRC client. These are my requirements: -Can have 3+ servers open at once -Is free -Works quickly, doesn't make you wait upon startup -Looks good -Minimizes to an icon (near your internet icon and sound icon) -Functions fully with Vista 64bit Thanks for your help.
  6. Just wondering if anyone knows how. I've been trying to figure it out so I can run both the Project Pokemon IRC (irc.defianceuo.com::6667) and the Facebook Pokemon Adventure IRC (irc.darkmyst.org::6667) at the same time without complications. Unfortunately, I cannot have just one or the other. I need both for specific reasons! So if any of you have any suggestions (that's NOT 'switch to mIRC' or something related!) please tell me. Version information: TrillianPro3, U3-USB edition Thanks much!
  7. Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this, but I was looking around for a place where we might be able to discuss the chat etc. like if we have problems connecting. The reason I came up with this idea is because, while attempting to connect to the network I got this error message: (1:29:46 pm) * Connecting to irc.defianceuo.com (6667) (1:29:47 pm) * Unable to connect to server (Connection refused) So yeah, if anyone can help it'd be greatly appriciated Thanks.
  8. I know a couple of members here, you may recognise me from the chat on the occasion. Unfortunately the nick Dragonite is already taken so I couldn't use it, and went for my secondary nickname. RJFLA convinced me to sign up so I did So yeah, hi guys, maybe see you around on here and on IRC!!
  9. I think Project-Pokemon should have a Irc it would be a better way for everyone to chat ect. It could be used to find quick battles instead of having to post. Or you could add the inferno shoutbox to the Forum it's a vB mod :kikkoman:.
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