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    Pokemon Class ID

    Just want to know if the PID being irrelevant (meaning you can make any via the Generate button) for hatched Pokemon is still the case for Heart Gold and SoulSilver. Thanks in advance.
  2. I started up SoulSilver and opened the save in Pokesav. My character is male, my trainer ID is 45487, secret ID is 50732, and the multiplayer avatar is Psychic (70). I saw Ace Trainer (Male) on the list and decided that I'd rather be that. Scouting for information on that, someone on GameFAQs brought this calculator to my attention. 45487 gave these results: Youngster, Juggler (Secret Base, Union Room, respectively). Seeing how that had nothing to do with Psychic, I decided to enter my secret ID instead and got Cool Trainer, Psychic. From there, I'm guessing the avatars are actually based on
  3. Crobat is easily corrected by making a copy of frontnormal/mcrobat since male and female Crobat have no difference in appearance. Male and female Weavile do differ though; the male has longer ear feathers. I don't know if I'm technically allowed to do this (if I'm not, let me know), but I got Weavile's female sprite from Bulbapedia. The problem though was that it was 80*80 pixels, which is Bulbapedia's standard. It needed to be reduced to 56*61. So, I opened up Photoshop and decided that I would just throw this sprite on top of frontshiny/fweavile only to find that this Weavile was actually w
  4. <p><p><p><p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;"><span>Oh wow. Totally did not expect this. Thanks you two.</span></span><span style="color:#FF0000;"> </span><img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p></p></p></p></p>

  5. I'm waiting for the Pokemon edit parts to be ready, but I'm happy to see this up. Great work and I can't wait to see this fully functional.
  6. Read through this topic. Maybe someone should sticky something regarding what to do for this "Pokesav is oversized! Help!" case if it's a frequent problem.
  7. Infernape. I like things that can frenzy well. I can't imagine anything doing Close Combat cooler than Infernape would (it's obviously more than just punches) and that's just one of many reasons I find him cooler. I will admit that Blaziken has a much cooler shiny form though and Sky Uppercut is kind of cool. Not to mention, Infernape could never do Blaze Kick as cool as Blaziken would.
  8. Let's go with "JP" over "JAP" for subtle reasons. You can use Japanese with Pokesav by following the steps in this topic. I always run Pokesav in Japanese via a shortcut generated by AppLocale since I have yet to encounter a reason not to. You do not need AppLocale if you have Vista, but it's much more convenient.
  9. I used a cheat to obtain the National Dex prior to loading up this Arceus, so I'm going to guess it's because I have not beaten the game or reached Canalave City yet.
  10. The Arceus will not trigger the game event in Platinum with the miner. Could it be because Canalave City is not an area I've reached yet (I'm only at Eterna City) and/or because I did not get the Wonder Card data?
  11. Yes. I love this game. I have it, Pokemon Puzzle Challange (GBA) and Planet Puzzle League. Panel de Pon is good stuff and I do see myself getting any future titles in the series. It's too bad Planet Puzzle League is so bland. In PPC, I liked using Giovanni and his Persian. It's too bad you could not use Puzzle League Gary. His Nidoqueen made awesome sounds. I'll play anyone in the DS one if he or she has it. I pretty much go for garbage battles over anything else.
  12. Hm. See, I have made a Blastoise named Islesabot and I gave him Seismic Toss. The only way he can have Seismic Toss is if he learned it in FR/LG/E, so I had to make him from Pal Park. In this case and very similar ones, you're saying that I just need to change its name back to the original name to normalize the trash bytes, right? What if I were to then make a future modification in Pokesav (a move, its IVs, anything...)? Would I need to repeat this step again?
  13. I am wondering where one can download the Trash Byte Normalizer mentioned in Greencat's Pokemon Legality Guide. I've asked about it a few times before, but I did not get any replies yet so I felt I'd just make a topic. EDIT: I found it. This thread can be locked.
  14. I still like Site Theme best. The lack of a "Remember Me?" checkbox is quite a nuisance. I almost lost a huge RMT post I was doing because it logged me out while I was typing it.
  15. It's Gliscor. If it has Yache Berry, you're sort of in trouble if it then Ice Fangs in response. That is, assuming it has Hyper Cutter too. Speaking of physical Ice moves, you won't like lead Metagross with Ice Punch is a similar problem. Worse, actually. In both cases it may be a OHKO, with or without Life Orb damage. Your Earthquake won't OHKO Metagross unless I'm really overestimating his defense. If you do have a sliver of life left, its Bullet Punch may deal with that, so be wary. You really can't do anything to Bronzong and I know you have hopes of getting tricked something nice from
  16. Interesting. That's more than I expected. Realistically, Rhyperior would switch in on the first Dragon Dance and then probably survive the Waterfall if Gyarados decided to stick around. If the Gyarados is lucky, Stone Edge will miss, or Waterfall will make Rhyperior flinch.
  17. Good for a first try, I think. I've not been playing for too long, but right off the bat, I can tell this team needs some work. This doesn't do anything to lead Azelf. It will set up Stealth Rock and then it will probably leave since it has Explosion duty later in the match. I was not aware of Gengar being used as a lead unless it was for the fast Hypnosis (Crobat does it faster) and the Fake Out immunity. Speaking of Hypnosis, that's what I remember most lead Spritomb doing since it can afford a miss, unlike Gengar. Will-o-Wisp and Pain Split are good stuff. As you see on the Smogon set,
  18. Awesome topic. I am not sure if I needed this to load up and make modifications (not to its name) to the Nintendo Zone Jirachi, but this is still great to have. I don't see how you would be using Pokesav on a Mac anyway. There isn't a Mac version out there, right? All I remember seeing was the EXE file which is a Windows application, of course. That being said, I guess you would need BootCamp and have Windows XP/Vista on as the second operating system. Once you have either of those, you would just follow the steps in the first post and be good to go. Nope. You've got to take the steps in
  19. I think I like EXE 6 the most, followed by EXE 3. EXE 2 was fun, but multiplayer was horribly unplayable without restrictions. Essentially, between me and my friend, it would often be the case that whoever pressed A first won the match. Forte V# +++++++++... hurts. Never got around to EXE 1. I may someday. Let's put our hopes in Operation Shooting Star. I don't really care for Shooting Star Rockman, but if EXE has to crossover with that to get some sort of revival, so be it.
  20. I started with Pokemon Yellow which was my first game for my first handheld (Game Boy Color. I still have it). Then I got Pokemon Silver, Crystal, Sapphire, Leaf Green, Emerald, Pearl, and now Platinum. Due to my rush to the competitive scene, I haven't actually completed Platinum yet, but I intend to since I hear it has revamped the Gen. IV storyline quite nicely. Even though I'm just at Eterna City, I like the changes so far. Punisher! The Heavyweight battle setting for multiplayer matches in EXE 3 would sometimes put you on a stage where Guardians frequently respawned (indicated by a ti
  21. With the release of Pokemon Platinum, I finally decided to try getting competitive with Pokemon. It was then that I heard about Pokesav and then I eventually ended up here. I hope to have fun here :cool: . Oh, I'm not 100% new as you can see from the post count, etc. I just thought I'd make an introduction topic anyway. There are two things I need to ask. One is an opinion based thing, and the other is possibly something that I could ask somewhere else, but I'll go for it anyway. Notice the color change? See, my default color on any forum, instant messenger, or anything like that is 255, 0,
  22. On the current SoulSilver edition skin, my font is actually larger than the default font that most (from my observation) users use. I have the ability to be very helpful or extremely cold as much or more than most do. Regardless of what it is about, I always expect queries, curses, accolades, etc to just look reasonably neat. Pardon my unbearably harsh standards? Anyway, most of my Pokesav use has been on Vista and I almost always press the "input own OT" button out of habit before attempting to modify it. I take it you have a retail cartridge for Platinum and not a flash card? If you do h
  23. I know what you're asking, but I'm going to pretend I don't due to the horrible grammar. Clean up what you meant to say and I'll happily help you.
  24. I see Sabresite's Legality Checker there, but not his Trash Byte Normalizer. Does anyone have a link to its new location, or did I just not notice a link to it buried somewhere in that area? EDIT: I just found it. damio posted the download link on the Legality Checker forum about a week ago. Someone may want to put said link in the first post, or perhaps a link to the wiki, which also happens to have it.
  25. I haven't checked this file myself, but perhaps this is a Wishmaker Jirachi. I got that from the PKM file list on this site. I'm pretty sure the secret ID does not matter. As for where you met it, I believe you had to transfer this kind of Jirachi to Ruby or Sapphire, therefore make its region Hoenn and have it come from Pal Park. Be sure to check one of the stickies to know what hidden values it should have among other things.
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