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  1. @ Toffeuy. Scizor has Superpower to go with CB and uses it to counter steals rocks and ice. it isn't going to stay in on skarmory and i couldn't change moves other wise. @ Psycho K. Salamace has faced many leads and destroyed them. a strange Bronzong Screen lead was my only problem so far. But t I realy am starting to miss SR later in the game. And also thanks for sticking up for Big Red. He is one of my best Pokes. @ Dimi. very nice rate and ideas. That latias set would have saved my butt twice now from a DD Mance late game. Definatly changing that. I'm gona toy with the meta lead and a new mance but i'm only sold on the latias and kingdra changes for now. And with the Changes to latias heatran is getting changed to HP Grass. exactly what set though i'm still debating. scarf has saved my butt many many times. Status hasn't been as much of a problem as i thought so i am going to change to hydropump on Drache
  2. This team is designed for OU competative play and is focused on luring out apozing steels and threats to my dragons so that I may kill them and then allow my dragons to continue to sweep on. Here is the line up in a glance: First up Salimance (Draco) @ Life Orb Nature: Mild (+SpAtk / -Def) Ability: Intimidate EVs: Atk 72, Spe 220, SpAtk 216 Role: Crushing Lead Draco Meteor Outrage Hidden Power (Ice) Earthquake Draco has three simple jobs. To crush the oposing lead, have the opponent show their dragon counter, and optionaly to return later as a wall breaker. I know i will get a fit over not having a SR lead but the point of this is to throw off my opponent. This Dragon also handels the two most common leads easily. Taunt leads are normaly frail and suicidal already and if they expect to stop a DD Mance they are sadly mistaken. If it is a trick lead I will benefit all three ways! I get a scarfed Mance, Band Mance, or a Specs Mance! Now were is the problem with that? Hidden Power Ice is effective against more Leads than Fire Blast (Aerodactyl, Togekiss, Glyscore to name a few) and the EVs were only moved slightly to Beat out all base 95 pokemon who chose a speed positive nature and max out the speed stat. (Like glyscore leads) Next is Metagross (Meta) @ Expert Belt Nature: Naughty (+Atk / -SpDef) Ability: Clear Body EVs: Atk 252, Spe 134, SpAtk 124 Role: The Trick Meteor Mash Thunder Punch Hidden Power (Fire) Grass Knot Metagross is so common that many teams carry a counter. This counter would normaly be a bulky water and is used to counter all steels and some dragons. Metagross is setup bait to some of those with the wrong set. Meta has a set designed to counter these counters though and clear the way. and he can use HP Fire to dent any steel dumb enough to come in as well. This opens the way for Scizor, Kingdra, and also scouts the team to a good level that i should know at least one or two partners to the bulky water or the lead that has not come out yet. My only question is should i add earthquake over meteor mash to counter absolutly everything that may come in? (heatran and magnezone come to mind) Now the fun parts (and yes we are still in Hoenn) Latias (Purity) @ Choice Scarf Nature: Timid (+Speed / -Atk) Ability: Levitate EVs: Hp 80, SpAtk 252, Spe 176 Role: Dragon / Gyara Counter Draco Meteor Surf Thunderbolt Trick This Latias is now changed to handel DD Mance and DD Gyara as well as some other common threats to the over all line up. (Thanks Dimi) The Alternate Scizor (Big Red) @ Choice Band Nature: Adamant (+Atk / -SpAtk) Ability: Technician EVs: Hp 248, Atk 252, Spe 8 Role: Latias Partner / Mid game Sweeper / Scout / Revenge Killer (A lot I know lol) Bullet Punch Pusuit U-Turn Superpower As I said in the previous paragraph Big Red's main job is to counter latias's counters. He also scouts for me with U-Turn. Revenge kills alot with Bullet Punch + STAB + CB + Technician. Destroys with pursuit. And finaly sweeps later game with moreBullet Punch + STAB + CB + Technician. The last Dragon of Johto Kingdra (Drache) @ Leftovers Nature: Naughty (+Atk / -SpDef) Ability: Sniper / Swift Swim EVs: 252 Atk, 232 Spe, 24 SpAtk Role: Mid Game Sweeper Dragon Dance Outrage Waterfall Hydropump Drache is dragon in German if the name confused you. Drache is only resisted by empoleon and shedinja so late game should have no problems with only dragons as his weakness. If an opening comes up early I take it though. The Speed EVs are just enough after one DD to out speed base 130s. Sniper is nice with a Critical hit but Swift Swim will let me abuse Rain Dance teams... Advice? The only Native to the Region Heatran (Hot Head) @ Choice Scarf Nature: Naive (+Spe / -SpDef) Ability: Flash Fire EVs: Hp 6, Spe 252, SpAtk 252 Role: Fire Counter / Steel Counter / Revenge killer Fire Blast Earth Power Hidden Power (Grass) Explosion Hot Heat gets out early in the game but I just like to keep things organized. He generaly comes in on the steels that came on one of my dragons or he took the heat from a fire type that came out on my Metagross or Scizor and got Flash Fired. He helps round off the team and keeps things flowing. I would like to thank you now for taking the time to comment on and rate my team. All advice is greatly apreciated.
  3. I was on vacation but have returned. I see what was meant about ttar too. I just wasn't using the right set at the time but i have revised that. Changes: Ttar is back in over hippopowdon but now with substitute, Crunch, Flame Thrower, and Focus Punch Gliscore is also back over vaporeon as she was not countering due to metagross's coverage. and I need earthquake back! Trouble with bulky flyings coming in on aerodactyle please advise. And also magnezone trouble with metagross. (he has been blasted three times now by thunder bolt. Hp Fire takes away about 3/4 of magnezones health but i don't know what to do...)
  4. Latest update includes... Vaporeon is in for Gliscor now (thanks for the advice) Hippowdon is in for ttar because ttar didn't do very much for me except setup a storm Fire punch in for ice punch on lucario because steels were a problem
  5. i am using pokesav and other aquired tools so please feel free to make any recomendations
  6. I can get any hidden power so its fine to recomend any hidden power
  7. This team is designed for competative Wi-Fi via MLG. Please rate, comment, and give addvise to this team. Aerodacty @ Focus Sash Nature: Jolly Ability: Pressure Evs: Hp 4 Atk 252 Spe 252 Role: Lead Taunt Stealth Rocks Rock Slide Earthquake Before anyone reminds me, yes i do know i have rock slide over stone edge. I prefer the greater accuracy and the possibilty of a flinch that rock slide brings to the table. Other than that though its a standard Taunt + Stealth Rocks Aerodactyl. Just Taunt Stealth and then fight till she faints. (Bulky mance, drogonite, and other bulky flyings are giving trouble. rockslide takes down the offencive sweepers but has trouble on defencive bulky flyings. would stone edge be better? even if riskier?) Tyranitar @ leftovers Nature: Bold Ability: Sandstream Evs: Hp 252 Atk 52 Spe 30 SpAtk176 Role: Sandstormer / Sub + Counter Substitute Crunch Focus Punch Flame Thrower She is my sandstorm setter and also a good wall. This new and improved ttar is now helping me deal some damage and weaken the opponent. Hippopowdon did her job of toxic and roar but it just didn't fit as well with the team Metagross @ Expert Belt Nature: Naive Ability: Clearbody Evs: Atk 252 Spe 134 SpAtk 124 Role: Wall Breaker Meteor Mash Thunder Punch Hidden Power (Fire) Grass Knot Metagross mainly goes up against Bulky Waters and other Steal Types that may try and get in my way. Thunder Punch is in there for gyarados and flying dragons like mence and dragonite.(currently having trouble with magnezones. should i move more into SpAtk?) Empoleon @ Petaya Berry Nature: Modest Ability: Torrent Evs: Hp 12 Def 12 SpAtk 252 SpDef 234 Role: Late Game Sweeper / Dragon Counter Agility Substitute Surf IceBeam Standart SubPetaya Empoleon. Substitute and Agility untill Petaya Berry is used. Then with Petaya and torrent boost procceed to sweep. Gliscore @ Leftovers Nature: Impish Ability: Hypercutter Evs: Hp 252 Atk 40 Spe 216 Role: Tank Sword Dance Roost Rock Slide Earthquake Dance roost and sweep, simple as that. Vaporeon just wasn't working out. Metagross was handeling waters (even gyarados) just fine; and i was missing my flying friend against some of those electrics and steels. Lucario @ Life Orb Nature: Adamant Ability: Inner Focus Evs: Atk 252 Def 4 Spe 252 Role: Revenge Killer / Late Game Sweeper Sword Dance Close Combat Extreme Speed Fire Punch Lucario is my revenge killer and late game sweeper. Extreme speed is my revenge kill move. Sword dance and close combat to sweep late game. Steels were becoming a problem so fire punch was added. (This has been esential as a scizor counter) The BOLD is the most recent changes made.
  8. My team has now been updated. changes include: Lead style metagross, a more revenge style gengar, Polishing rhyperior, a new wall umbreon in for abomasnow, a wall breaker salamance in for zapdos, and scizor in for gyarados as a sweeper. also should i have kept gyarados instead of scizor for more balance?
  9. thanks for the reveiws and advice so far. i will switch out zapdos for electrovire and adjust the evs and moves. I will also probably switch salamance for garados. what evs would you recoment for a salamance with outrage-aerial ace-dragon dance-roost?
  10. The main goal of this team is to be offensive, i have added a wall for when the need arises but am still not sure of this desision. Please also note that this team is deesigned to MLG specifications and rules. Metagross @ Occa Berry Nature: Adamant Ability: Clearbody Evs: Hp 252 Atk 236 Def 12 Spe 10 Role: Lead Stealth Rocks Earthquake Bullet Punch Explosion Note: He can get up stealth rocks but then i generaly just resort to explosion with him. any advice on modifications or another offensive lead to use are greatly appreciated Umbreon @ Leftovers Nature : Sassy Ability: Syncronize Evs: Atk 252 Spe 252 SpDef 6 role: wall Curse Payback Taunt Wish / Moonlight Note: She gets sent in on a slow or week enemy and sets up curse. if i can get enough set up there is little anyone else can do. i am still trying to decide though, wish or moonlight? Gengar @ life orb Nature: Timid Ability: Levitate Evs: Spe 252 SpAtk 252 Def 6 Role: revenge killer / kamaikaze Shadowball Destiny Bond Focus Blast / Energy Ball Thunderbolt Note: gengar is used to hit fast and hard. i send him out against low HP opponents and those that are to strong and need to be taken down kamakazy style. please help me decide focus blast or energy ball Rhyperior @ Liechi Berry Nature: Jolly Ability: Solidrock Evs: Atk 252 Def 48 Spe 156 SpDef 54 Role: Sweeper Earthquake Stone Edge Megahorn Rockpolish Note: he is mostly generaly for mid game sweeping, rockpolish and sweep pretty simply Salamance @ Life orb Nature: Mild Ability: Intimidate Evs: Atk 84 Spe 208 SpAtk 216 Role: Wall Breaker Draco Meteor Outrage Fire Blast Earthquake Note: he pretty much does what he says, breaks walls, send him out to break a wall then switch in a sweeper or outrage the next pokemon Scizor @ Life orb Nature: Adamat Ability: Technician Evs: HP 32 Atk 252 Spe 224 Role: Late game sweeper Sword Dance Bullet Punch Brick Break X-Scissor Note: He is my late game sweeper but sometimes i send him in mid game, sword dance and sweep pretty simple I am currently toying with the idea of switching ryperior or scizor out for a special sweeper, any advice on which one to switch out and who to put in or just to keep it as is is greatly apreciated. I would just like to thank you all now for your advice and will take it all into consideration.
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