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  1. 1- There's a program called crystal tile 2 that let's you do it. There are some nice tuts on youtube on how to do it. However, you can't insert MIDI files, you have to convert them to .sseq (easily done by using midi2sseq converter, again, google is your friend.). However, to play it well, you'll need .snbk and .swar files too, as they contain the instruments for the .sseq ( a sequence file, which tells the DS what instruments should be played in what order, essentially the music piece) 2- I'm wondering this too for myself. I know that walking through walls to Kanto from Johto, and then getting in a regular trainer battle will still yield the standard Johto battle, even though you're in Kanto. It may be based on trainer class, but it can also be some variable in the trdata.narc file, which is seperate for every trainer. 3- I'm sorry, I''m not experienced at all in spriting
  2. Thanks, this is very interesting. It's a well written tutorial . I was wondering if you could help me. I'm trying to get different music to play during trainer battles. For example, the rival battle theme every normal trainer battle. Do you know what determines what music is played upon battle? Does every trainer have a value which points to a certain music file? Is it dependant on the class? Thanks in advance.
  3. I have some documentation for you. I made this myself, and it was a pain in the ass. It works like this: The row number is the trainer number in PPTE. In each row, I wrote down where this trainer can be found. I also made a document in which I sorted the trainers in the order you fight them (green means you cannot access them the first time you get to that route/place). if there is only a number, that means that it's a certain route. For example, if it says 28, it means route 28. If it says 28 2nd, it means the second battle in a trainer's rematch roster, the same goes if there is 3rd or 4th after the location. Rocket admins still have their japanese names. Lambda = Petrel, Lance = Proton, Athena = Ariana The SS aqua has 2 batches of trainers, one for the first time you go from Johto to Kanto, and after that, 2 batches, one for Kanto to Johto, and one for Johto to Kanto. SS aqua JK means Johto to Kanto, KJ means Kanto to Johto. The word tm means .... to .... in dutch, so if you see 205 tm 210, it means numbers 205 up to and including 210. However, if you see "niet 207" behind it, it means "excluding 207" If you have any questions, just post Oh yeah, and please give me credit if you give this to someone/post it somewhere else. This list has cost me quite some time and effort to make Documents.rar
  4. I am willing to contribute to this hack, as I already have quite some useful things for you. First of all, you might have noticed that PPTE doesn't work with all trainers (to be exact, trainers with a trainer ID of over 105). I fixed it by extending the trainer ID list and re-compiling the source code to an executable (though trainer classes still don't match their HG/SS counterparts). HG/SS use the Platinum trainer format. Secondly, I have mapped the trainer files, so finding a specific trainer shouldn't be too hard anymore. Thirdly, you might have seen my HG/SS upgraded trainers hack. This is basically what you did with Platinum: making the game harder. The Elite Four now has levels up to 62 in the first run, so you'll get the idea. If you would like to have them, just tell me so and I'll upload them.
  5. I use a version of PPTE that I fixed myself. I have everything done right now. All of Johto and Kanto have been updated, however I still need to do the rematches. I'm also going to test compatibility on English versions, as I built my version on an English patched Japanese version. I'll upload it soon.
  6. I must admit, the first time I played it, there were indeed some places where the game was incredibly easy (level 2 voltorb @ route 35, anyone?), and other places where the game was frustratingly hard, like Whitney's miltank and Clair's kingdra. The problem, in my eyes, with this game is, that they've set the levels too low. As a result, the experience gained is also lower, resulting in your pokemon being a lower level. I am now somewhere halfway through Kanto. I've completely done Johto, and have had no problems with a level 62 Dragonite in Lance's team. My pokemon where level 50-ish when I started the E4, all thanks to the higher levels throughout Johto. Just to compare, Lance's highest level is 50 in HG/SS, while Gary's highest level was 65 in FRLG, and, if I remember correctly, both Steven's and Cynthia's highest levels were 58, which is quite a difference. For that reason, I started this hack. And it turns out that it is very well possible for this game to have higher levels, just like it's counterparts in the series. And of course because I have a lot of fun doing this :cool:
  7. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Upgraded Trainers Summary In this hack I will update the levels of the trainers in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. The levels are just too low, and this hack will hopefully improve the game a lot. Editing levels of wild pokemon has been schemed too, although finishing the trainers' levels is first priority. Polls Using polls, I will ask you some things about the hack. I ask you to give your opinions on subjects. Progress _________________________________________________ version 1.0. -Upgraded all trainers up to and including the Elite Four, so all of Johto can be played! -Some of Kanto has already been done, but not tested yet, so it is advised not to go to Kanto yet. -Again, Rematches haven't been done yet _________________________________________________ Version 0.3: - Upgraded all trainer levels up to Ilex Forest. - Rematches haven't been dealt with yet, but will be after E4 _________________________________________________ Questions and requests can be posted. Upgraded trainer HGSS 1.0.rar
  8. To change the gender of your pokémon, you will have to edit the PID. Could you tell us what you exactly did and post the .pkm here so we can have a look at it?
  9. That's correct, but remember that you can only do that with pokemon in your party Good luck
  10. It is possible, but only if you reset the stats to something a Floatzel would have every time you level your Buizel up. Leveling up and string into the pc recalculates stats, and the game will then calculate the stats based on level, EVs and IVs, thus resetting it to a normal Buizel's stats. This is no problem if you have no problem opening your save and resetting the stats to the stats a Floatzel would have every time it levels up. This is quite a lot of work, and I recommend you to just evolve it to Floatzel, as that will save you a lot of work (you can make an egg of EVERY pokémon, even evolved ones.) Good luck, if there are any questions then just ask them.
  11. I can provide you with the data. I have all 16 badges now, so I'll just retreive my Rainbow wing and get going to the Tin Tower EDIT: Wow, that was quite a battle. Got Ho-oh though, 85h byte is 09
  12. Thanks for the translations. I'll add them. As far as I know the list is complete now
  13. My Lugia's 85h value is 07. I assume Ho-oh's is the same.
  14. I've compiled a list of HG/SS values. If it could be stickied then thanks
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