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  1. Lets say someone gets a misdreavus in Platinum (by trade from Pearl) and breeds it to get an egg. Then they do an egg swap with another person with Pokemon Platinum. What would the TID and SID of the pokemon be? The trainer who originally had the egg, or the trainer that the egg got swapped to? Also, what would you put in the met in place box for a swapped egg?
  2. Based on what I know, there are no single PID types. The PID is just mixed values which idividually, may have types. Maybe this is what you wanted: Save Slot? That doesn't have to do with making a pokemon legal.(Unless someone is reading the "journal" part of your bag and sees that it never says you got a pokemon that you have) --------------------------------------------------------- Class? Classes are a pokemon's ability. Depending on what ability you choose, you have to have a class to match it. --------------------------------------------------------- Trainer type in PPTE? (even though you said Pokesav Platinum) Can't help you with PPTE. If none of these values helped, this site might have what you're looking for: http://www.smogon.com/dp/articles/pid_iv_creation
  3. I have 3 questions about rotom. To make it legal: Should I check the "fateful encounter" box? What should its 85h be?(in diamond) In platinum, is it caught at level 20 and in diamond/pearl is it caught at level 15?
  4. People have told me that eggs and PIDs have nothing to do with eachother. Would a hatched pokemon still be legal if you made it's PID match it's IVs?
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