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  1. So when is this idea going to be applied? We could make a special thing on shoddy for it too.
  2. I say it's a good idea..only if it's an option for people that aren't familiar with competitive battling. After they're used to it..they can probably easily slide into the competitive scene.
  3. Ooooh I forgot all about Ditto! It would replace prostitution.
  4. Just curious are you the Hellsing who got banned from Serebii recently?
  5. Please refrain from unnecessary flaming. Thanks. ~Illithian Shoddy Name: Substitute Time Zone: Mountain time Time Preference: Pretty flexible Day Constraints: Mornings on week-ends
  6. Diamond trade That'll be it thanks in advance.gliscor.pkm
  7. I want something HUGE..something unrealistic..like a Wailord following me! That thing is HUGE!
  8. I've actually never liked Ho-Oh...Lugia looks much better and outclasses it IMO..and that x4 SR weakness is disgusting.
  9. An explanation on your pokes would be useful..
  10. We all worship the same God..Allah means God. But I wouldn't say Judaism is outdated..no truth is outdated. There is many things in it that both Christianity and Islam have in common with Judaism therefore it isn't outdated. As for worshiping us Muslims we pray 5 times a day (which I don't do often I must admit) and we fast during the holy month of Ramadan (It started today). But all three religions are very close historically and in matter of faith.
  11. You are right..but I'm not sure about the whole Ismeal thing though..I'm not informed about it. But however, Christianity,Islam and Judaism are three religion that are very close in the matter of beliefs...and I find it quite ironic that so many Christians are bashing Islam..the basis of the three religions are the same. Islam is closer to Judaism then it is to Christianity because Christians believe that Jesus was the son of God which we don't. The splitting point and the main different about these three religions is quite simple. Muslims, Christians and Jews believed in Moses as a prophet and they believed in his message. Then Jesus came which we Muslim call Isa. The Jews didn't believe in Jesus and rejected his preachings..the muslims didn't exist that point but they believed in Jesus..until people thought he was the son of God. That was when some people have divided themselves out of Christianity. Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him) came much much later and both Christians and Jews didn't believe in his message..but however his message was very close as the message that Moses and Jesus have preached. So pretty much the basis of those three religions are very alike...
  12. First thing first..there is no such thing as an Islamic person..but people that follow the religion of Islam are called Muslims. Small correction . But what you say is very true..but what I find ridiculous is at how people seem to bash a religion..not an ethnic group..a RELIGION! Because a few terrorist claiming they practice that religion..What I don't understand is..Why don't people read about things and learn things than more than just one side of the story.
  13. Well..lately and for a while..I see people talking about my religion,Islam, in a negative way..without having any knowledge about it..and basing their beliefs about this beautiful religion about what they see on TV and some terrorist that are calling themselves Muslims. He's a thread filled with ignorance in serebii (I'm Icup btw): http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=413539 Post your views on not only the given subject in the thread but about the religion itself here. And please...no flaming or baseless and ignorant comments.
  14. Welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay
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