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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all! I have been reading the forums on Project Pokemon for a while, but just now have finally decided to sign up after perfecting my battle tower team in the Emerald Battle Frontier. Its gimmicky, but very fun. Ive found my favorite way to play with baton pass. There is guides to this, I already know. However, I feel as if I put a spin on this that makes it much more reliable, and my combo is structured and linear, rather than the many ways to possibly build this. As of March 2011, Ingrain is illegal on Smeargle in Smogon Tours, which makes some of its main sets obsolete. As of August 2019, Baton Pass is illegal on Smeargle, which makes some of its main sets obsolete. I included Smeargle in the team, as this is for the Battle Frontier. Not intended to be used in Smogon Tours. Now to get into the Team: Smeargle ( Quick Claw ) Jolly Nature IVS: (31,31,31,31,31,31) EVS: (68, 1, 0, 1, 188, 252) Spore, Ingrain, Substitute, Baton Pass The biggest difference of my team is that I lead with Smeargle. Immediately start with Spore to render them useless between 1-6 turns. Smeargle has max iv/ev for speed (+ a quick claw), which makes it likely that Smeargle will move first in the Battle Tower. Then use Ingrain, to secure not being forced to switch via an opponents moves throughout the battle. It will also give Leftover like effects which is great! After that, set up the substitute on the 3rd turn, and then the 4th turn, baton pass to Ninjask. By the time Ninjask comes in, the opponent may be asleep, your substitute should be active, and Ingrain should be active. Ninjask ( Shell Bell ) Jolly Nature IVS: (31,31,31,31,31,31) EVS: (0,255,0,0,0,255) Substitute, Harden, Shadow Ball, Baton Pass When Ninjask comes in, the enemy Pokemon may wake up somewhere around this point and break the 1st substitute. Anytime a substitute is broken, replace it to secure the chain doesn't go into jeopardy. The point is to stall turns because of Ninjask's speed boost ability. The shell bell is life gain to support the Ninjask during its mission to get to Mr. Mime (who holds the admittedly superior leftovers). I also put Shadow Ball on Ninjask because it is a powerful and accurate move that potentially can lower SpD (helpful as well). Shadow Ball is for a pesky Shedninja also, as you never know when you will run into wonder guard. When Ninjask is not behind a Substitute, put a substitute up, then Ninjask obtains 1 speed boost passively. When the substitute is up the next turn, use harden to raise the defense by 1, then the Sub will probably be broken (repeat this six times to max the speed and defense buffs on battlefield) Then baton pass to Mr. Mime (with a sub up) . You should have all speed boosts, all defense boosts, ingrained in the chain, and a sub up on Mr. mimes entry. Mr. Mime (Leftovers) Calm Nature IVs: (31,31,31,31,31,31) EVs: (252,1,1,60,196,0) Calm Mind, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Baton Pass This is the big hitter of the combo. This Mr. Mime will come out, and then use Calm Mind to buff up the SpA and SpD 6 times. It should be able to do that no problem, as it has ingrain and leftovers together which regenerates a ton of HP! It also has been hardened 6 times at this point, and has a high base SpD. After Calm Mind (6 times), Mr. Mime on the Battlefield should be ingrained, maxed Speed, Defense, SpA, & SpD. It has soundproof, so it isn't getting forced off the battlefield. It has Raikou-like stats before stacking boosts. Mr. Mime has 2 Attacking moves that use the SpA stat we just boosted. (Psychic & Thunderbolt) Baton Pass is the 4th move on Mr.Mime just in case we need to roll the ball of stats back over to Smeargle or Ninjask. Both are very powerful and accurate moves that are special attacks (utilizing the stat we maxed). As two moves is vital on a hard hitter because of type effectiveness. Both moves SHOULD 1HKO any Pokemon if you reached the end of the 3 poke BP chain with no issues. Let me know what you think! Ill also share the Pokemon PK3s if you want to try it, I put quite a bit of effort into creating this, and then sharing my information. I personally use a R4 and NDS to backup and restore my .sav and use PKhex to modify the .sav file. 235 ★ - SMEARGLE - 89047878CB05.pk3 291 ★ - NINJASK - D09E2A50992B.pk3 122 ★ - MR. MIME - 92AF08CEBBB3.pk3
  2. Hello everyone, basically as the title states- I'm able to trade these pokemon but having issues when I try to battle online-- I'm greeted with the "there's a problem with the pokemon you selected..." and can't do any online battles. Hoping someone can take a look and find where I'm making my mistake(s) Thanks in advance! 248 ★ - Tyranitar - 4E0B53AE57A6.pk8 423 ★ - Gastrodon - 6A3C942EAFC7.pk8 468 ★ - Togekiss - 966B17F65699.pk8 530 ★ - Excadrill - C614BFF0B30B.pk8 598 ★ - Ferrothorn - 000EF6156D35.pk8 887 ★ - Dragapult - B29A44502901.pk8
  3. I had this in mind for a bit since I came into this forums..and also was the first thing I was looking for when I came here . The idea here is pretty simple. We separate the battlers of this forum into teams and we organize competitive events. The teams can be started by anyone...but must be organized and approved. I'd like to see a limited amount of teams..not 10 teams and 6 of them are inactive, the amount of teams for now should be preferably 3-4 teams. There will be events that will be organized by team leaders and what not. The battling can be done by wi-fi or shoddy. What I wanted is that after the teams grow significantly we can organize inter-forum competition..and it can get real big! With that it can help with advertising and we can get more members and what not. Hope this will be considered and accepted
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