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  1. That code was taken directly from pokesav for diamond and pearl. Is there any problem with doing that request? is it formatted properly, or adequately? Or, if you'd prefer, the actual list. if you could trade those 6 to me that would be awesome. if you need me to write out the sets manually I can do that also, please pm me if you can help. Thanks.
  2. Yep. I will try to snipe for tonight, but it may be a wait till tomorrow.
  3. Sorry bro, my friend's over. Don't sit around waiting for me, I'll pm you when they're ready.
  4. In celebration, the next three people who post here will be able to each get six hacked pokemon from me of their choice.
  5. Are people more likely to produce pokemon if I have the code ready? i want to buy an AR today but it was sunday and stores were closed.
  6. Thanks man. That'd be great. Did you make it or do you just have a spare one? The situation I'm in is that i haven't got an online team - so while starmie is helpful, I can't really do anything with just starmie.
  7. The reason I picked pokeballs is so they look legit. As for level, it doesn't really matter. 1 for everyone but heatran, and 86 for heatran.
  8. If some wonderful person has the time to produce these on pokesav, I would appreciate it. Thanks. OT for all these guys is Nick.
  9. HassanX

    Small Code Request

    I need two code, one for running into shiny bold eevees and one for shiny timid eevees. Can someone help me out?
  10. <p><p><p><p><p>Dude, are you around?</p></p></p></p></p>

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