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  1. hey what Met At Level #' do you want them to have been at when you first 'caught them' before they reached level 100? And do you want some of them in the different types of pokeballs other than the plain old red and white ones?
  2. I think if you want the pokemon your trying to create to show up as having hatched from an egg, is to put it already in an egg and have both the Met in Place and Egg hatched listed as coming from the Daycare Couple, and hatch the egg the old fashioned way, and have whatever evolution version of the pokemon you want hatch directly out of the egg.
  3. I'd be willing to create them for you, but you need to fill in some spots I think. Like the Level Met At needs a number, to show what level the pokemon was before you 'raised' it up to the number it is now. All you have there is the word None. Plus would you like to have them in just the plain old pokeballs or have some of them in the other ball types as well? And if you want to be seen as Legit in your tournament, I think you should pick better locations where they suppsedly were caught at. Take Tentacruel for example, since there's no water anywhere there, Mt. Coronet is definitely out when it comes to the location that you 'caught' Tentacruel at. *lol* Unless they had hatched in those locations from eggs that is.
  4. Hi, is there anyway you could please either post the hex format numbers of the Pokemon's pokedex numbers either here or send them to me in a PM or e-mail? I don't think I'll be able to get them all right if I tried it on my own without major help... *lol*
  5. Any news about whether or not movie Raikou, Entei and Suicune could open up special events in HG/SS?
  6. I'm glad to see that the HG/SS pokesav has been updated so quickly to accomedate the games, but when will it be updated so that the items and/or locations match whats in HG/SS and not what's in D/P/Plt? *lol*
  7. I'll be willing to do it for you if no one else has. But I have a few questions about your requests. What genders do you want each pokemon to be? All boys or some of them girls? What trainer ID # do you want attached. And your Trainer Name. And for the ones who have more than one ability, do you want a particular one? And you want all of them to have Hasty natures?
  8. (I don't know if this is the right thread to put this in, so if it isn't could someone please move it to the right one?) I just tried to make a Pikachu colored Pichu wonder, and I did everything right. I double checked to make sure that the shiny button was selected and the 'Met at' had Pokemon Event listed, and everything else that was needed. But when I downloaded the wondercard into my game, everything looks fine right until after I pick up the Pichu from the pokemart. The Pichu isn't shiny, and it says Lovely Place instead of Pokemon event. Except for those two, everything else is fine. I've tried going back and redoing it, but nothing I try will change it.
  9. Do you have a Nintendo Wifi USB Connector attached to your computer, and if you do, is a light flashing on it? Plus if you unplug it and put it back in, does a message on the bottom right corner of your computer screen appear with the WiFi Logo saying that your now connected? You might just need to unplug the connect unit until it finally lets your DS online. *lol*
  10. still here and already at the trading center... do you have any eevees? Otherwise I'll take whatever you are willing to part with. My FC is 2923 0899 4242
  11. hi, sorry for the long wait, but she's ready to trade if your still online. If not we can try tomorrow. I'll take whatever pokemon you are willing to trade for her.
  12. what do you want on it? Attacks? date you 'caught it' The level it was when you first 'caught' it before it became level 100. What trainer Name and ID # do you want attached? Need more info about what you want on it. You should copy and paste the form at this link, and fill out the info on what you want your pokemon to have. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?1131-Pokmon-Request-Rules, so you can have exactly the type of LAtias you want. *lol* If you don't know what particular attacks you want for it, go to serebii.net to check out the pokedex entry for Latias to find out what attacks you could chose from.
  13. Okay. My Friend Code is: 2923 0899 4242 Just call me Angel. I'll take whatever pokemon you are willing to part with in order to get the ones I'm giving you.
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