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  1. I think that with hatched pokèmon any combination works because it's impossible to recognise the difference between a RNG hatched pokèmon and a pokèsav one even with an in-depth look. Btw, I'm trying to pokèsaving pokèmons which should look as if they were obatined using the RNG method. Using the PID/IV generator provided by Smogon I'm able to obtain a legit PID/IV combo but the problems come whit the shiniess. To make the pokèmon shiny I use the "ShinyvisSID" program that I've found here, the pokèmon looks perfectly legit but my SID changes every time I generate a pokèmon. Can the pokèmon still look RNG abused or the fact that the SID is different anytime underlines that the pokèmon is hacked?
  2. That's probably because I had to change my SID to make those pokèmon shiny. Can this thing can be considered illegal?
  3. I'll try later but to make you understand better: when you open up the INFO section of a pokèmon you'll notice that the level and the place where the pokèmon was catched show up. For pokèmon caught in-game and never pokèsaved it says "obtained at level 50" (for example). While for pokèsaved pokèmon, which look legit in the legality checker, it says "probably obtained at level 50" insetad of "obtained at level 50". I'm trying to understand if this is something that underlines that the pokèmon has been pokèsaved or not.
  4. Despite looking completely legit on the legality checker, some pokèmons have the "probably obtained at" sentence in their INFO section. Does that mean they are illegit? I don't know if this question was already asked, if so I'm sorry but I couldn't find any answer by googling this problem. Thanks.
  5. Absolutely my Steelix or Tyranitar. Big pokèmons are the best ones!
  6. When a generate a PID for a pokèmon that can have 2 different abilities, which type of class and which type of algorithm should I choose? Never understood this. Thanks.
  7. I think the legend was created and then just leaved as it was, I mean that probably is something they just created to explain why the three dogs appeared in the new games as legendary dogs and not as normal pokèmons. But the theory of the eveelution seems interesting. Nintendo should develop such things.
  8. You're welcome, I had the same problem when I started pokèsaving eggs and there was no guide to help me, so I had to try and re-try many times
  9. You should put "Day Care Couple" (the code is 2000) under the "egg hatched at" field, and then put the route where the egg may hatch as the guide states, so for example route 209 (for D/P/Pt i suppose). In this case the guide is correct.
  10. Thanks for the guide you posted wraith but how can I know what number denotes any location in HG/SS? If I always put 3002 (farawayplace) then I cannot change this number into a hexadecimal number in order to fill the 46h/47h. For example if I would like to make a Pikachu look as if it was catched on route 39, how can I know which decimal number corresponds to "route 39" if in the pokèsav this place is not showed?
  11. Hello guys, I hope you can help me with this problem. When I try to generate a pokèmon that was caught in the HG/SS game I realise that under the "Met place" there are all places that refer back to the Platinum and Diamond version of the game, how can I put places of the HG/SS game?
  12. Yesterday I traded it and when another guy tried to the legit check it appeared Unkwnon GBA. Strange.
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