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  1. The site founders (?) removed them temporarily to ensure that all of them are legit. Apparently some were not like this, hence the page removal. You're not alone bakasta. I want the page back too.
  2. You need Asian Language Support installed to see Japanese characters. AppLocale should do it. Works on Vista, but I'm not sure about 7. A translated version is already out, in full English. Cheers to da_letter_a for the translation!
  3. +1 Everything is English naturally, so that's a HUGE plus! Turns out what I thought was Full Restore was actually Burn Heal LOL.
  4. da_letter_a, you da man! Thanks a bunch for this! Will you be continuing to translate HGSS Pokesav when COM updates his?
  5. Most of you may have already figured this out, but why not use the D/P/Pt Pokesav programs to make Pokemon for HG/SS, and just import them when the games come out in English? You have almost all of the knowledge about HG/SS now (like these new hidden values), so you'd be more prepared than other players.
  6. My apologies then. Thanks too for the Bulbapedia list. It could be useful.
  7. The language would be English, and this includes the hatched Pokemon's name (you'd get the chance to name it anyway). It would probably say "Link Trade (Arrived)", because the Egg arrived on your game and hatched there.
  8. Well I hope Nintendo release a second PBR-like game that works with all the Pokemon and all of their forms. Because this is just nuts! Hey why not release a DS-oriented PBR-like game? Sure the Wii is superior graphically, but it could still look awesome nonetheless!
  9. Is the Ageto Celebi supposed to be GBA Unrestricted? Also, does romanizing a Pokemon's name destroy it's legality? Just wanted to make sure, because I did this for the EIgakan Darkrai and Shaymin, and they passed through PBR OK!
  10. Hey, I'm no Frenchman, nor translator of the language, but I think some of the program may be incorrect. In particular, I've noticed some of the moves are wrong. "Tackle" is named "Charge" for instance and is definitely not the "boost-next-electric-attack" move. Just thought I'd point that out. I do understand you're translating from Japanese to French though, which I'd imagine is somewhat difficult. ----
  11. Hang on - new cart structure!? Is it because of the cart's interaction with the infrared Pokewalker? Until a solution is found it seems that AR codes are the way to go *hates Vistax64 for not accepting the ARDS* I just hope that HG/SS don't have the same "we can only transfer half of the save" problem that Platinum did.
  12. Could be why the code didn't work for me. I had it on but all of my Rotoms (except the original) turned into the original form when I entered the room. If the ARDS had 64-bit drivers I could test the code just as the OP did.
  13. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=583 This link may help you. It helped me. It's coreycubed's tutorial on how to get around the weird save issue that Platinum presents. Good luck!
  14. Two things dude: 1) What game are you playing? 2) If answer to #1 is Platinum, how far have you progressed?
  15. You could just make an egg that will hatch an Alakazam, and then go catch some weak Pokemon like Starly. This will make a record in that "last 12 Pokemon caught/traded" Poketch app. Lastly, just change your Kadabra into an Alakazam with Pokesav. Problem solved!
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