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  1. Ok, I have a pokemon request to make. I couldn't find any place where the spoiler BBcode was mentioned so here are the 4 pokes for which I require a code. OT name = PSYCE OT number = 19321 1)Shiny Garchomp Nature: Jolly Ability : Sand Viel EV = 252 Atk/4 Def/252 Spd Stone Edge Dragon Claw Earthquake Fire Fang 2) Metagross Nature : Adamant Ability: Clear Body EV = 252 Atk/4 Sp.Def/252 Def Explosion Zen Headbutt Meteor Mash Brick Break 3)Shiny Spiritomb Nature : Modest Ability : Pressure Ev 252 Sp.Atk./4 HP/252 Sp.Def Dark Pulse Psychic Shadow Ball Shock Wave 4)Shiny Spiritomb Nature : Modest Ability : Wonderguard Ev 252 Sp.Atk./4 HP/252 Sp.Def Dark Pulse Psychic Shadow Ball Shock Wave
  2. Gaming: Pokémon Remakes Heart Gold and Soul Silver Confirmed! Posted on May 5th, 2009 10:21 PM by fenzo666 Comment on this news here! Read This Article... Heart Gold and Soul Silver... here we come!
  3. Can someone make the following for me?
  4. HI Need some one to battle and trade with my game is platinum Name: Kyle FC: 1247-5270-6340 please need someone to beat...uh....i mean battle with and trade I am very good slight chance u can beat me and i do not use cheats to win battles with people over wifi so please give me your friend code oh and i have awsome pokemon to trade like some legendaries
  5. I know if you have read my 1st post about this than heres link that will prove it to you:http://pokedream.com/. I am trying to find a video so there you have it.
  6. HI Need some one to battle and trade with my game is platinum Name: Kyle FC: 1247-5270-6340 please need someone to beat...uh....i mean battle with I am very good slight chance u can beat me and i do not use cheats to win battles with people over wifi so please give me your friend code
  7. As you know you can get spirtbomb from the odd keystone but there is a glitch. You can get a level100 shaymin instead. How? You do this: have chimchar as your starter have chimchar or its evolutions hold a potion do what you do for spirtbomb except meet 50 people underground then when you go to the tower you will see shaymin
  8. Helloo there. Is there a .PKM file for the Colosseum Bonus disc Celebi? I really want it. And when I try to import wondercards, it always says: you've already recieved this gift before. And the only thing I can do is trash and exit :mad: Thanks
  9. If you randomly generate a Vespiquen in pokesav, there will be a 87.5% chance it will be illegal. Why? Vespiquen evolves from female Combee only. Since there is no way to obtain a legit Vespiquen in the wild, all Vespiquen's must have been female Combee's at one point. Since a pokemon's PID never changes, 87.5% of Combees can never become Vespiquen's. This means that even though Vespiquen is an all-female species, it must have a gender number that corresponds to a female Combee (roughly 12.5% chance). Same thing with Gallade's and Froslass'. All Gallade's come from male Ralts or Kirlia, and all Froslass' come from female Snorunt. If you randomly generate a PID for Froslass or Gallade, there's a 50% chance it will be invalid. As far as I'm aware of, the legit checker DOES NOT detect this. Pokemon whose entire evolutionary lines are gender-exclusive are not affected. Blissey can have any PID because Happiny and Chansey are also 100% female.
  10. wraith89

    Pokemon Class ID

    I've seen so many people with this problem, so I'm willing to help here. Anyways, when someone edits their Pokemon like, let's say, Ponyta, with Run Away. But most people don't want that ability. They want her other uberw00tpwnage awesome ability, Flash Fire. So they do that quick editing in Pokesav. Then Ponyta evolves... into a Rapidash. Then you're in battle and send her against a, I don't know, an Infernape. That Infernape uses Flamethrower... and you're expecting that boost, but it hits Rapidash instead! So you're like "what?" and check its ability. It's RUN AWAY! Now what just happened here? While you fixed the pony's ability, you haven't fixed its class (Class 1 or Class 2)! So Ponyta was Class 1 and you fixed its ability to Flash Fire, but you forgot to change it to Class 2. So once it evolves, it retains its property of being Class 1, and Class 1 Rapidash is Run Away. That's why it's important to change to Class 2 (use PID generator for this). So how do I know which Pokemon's ability is Class 1 or Class 2? Here's where the list comes in. Obviously, Pokemon with one Ability is not mentioned. This list is in Pokedex order (except evolved Pokes are grouped with their respective cousins). Have fun. FAQ Tell me if you find any errors. Thanks Click here for damio's downloadable version in Excel Spreadsheet References 1. PID/IV Creation 2. Pokemon Platinum Version Soon to Cover: Generation V Pokemon (Finding this manually is a pain) Better Interface Dream World Abilities Scrap Notes (do NOT use the information here... yet):
  11. Hey guys, I know how to use platinum pokesav editor but I've been just wondering if there is already made save that has all pokemons on it? I do not want them to be lv 100 or watever. I just want them to be lv 1 or something. Or I dunno is there a way to upload all of them to your save file? Or is there a option is save editor to add all pokemons to your storage and so? Thanks~ EDIT: All also is there a pokedex that would show all that status for a pokemon at a certain lv? Cause I only see at lv 50, 100 and base lv and then im confused what status should I give to a certain lv so I does look normal!? Or all the other info like catch lv and such...
  12. Hello there, I found the so-called "Shiny code" in the official code list. It seems that it forces the game to calculate a PID that results in a shiny Pokemon. Obviously, the code was made for a US copy of Pearl. Now, are there any operating system independent methods to port the code or even better, is anyone willing to port the code? I am running Linux and have no Windows available anywhere, wine/mono do a terrible job sometimes, especially in stuff like emulators. However, I do not need any possibility to get shiny wild pokemon, so that could maybe simplify the job a bit. If required, I can give an already-completed German Pearl savestate. EDIT: The code from the url stated in http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=2111 does _not_ work. It simply crashes the game if I activate or deactivate it and encounter a Pokemon or hatch an egg. EDIT2: 02064F24 47104A00 02064F28 02000031 94000130 FCFE0200 02066E14 47084900 02066E18 02000001 02066BE4 47084900 02066BE8 02000051 12066BD8 000046C0 D2000000 00000000 94000130 FCFE0100 02066E14 95019000 02066E18 90022000 02066BE4 43200400 02066BE8 1C28900D 12066BD8 0000D107 D2000000 00000000 62000000 95019000 E2000000 00000080 95019000 90022000 1C28B40D F0684907 1C01FD7B 2901BC0D 4902D101 49024708 00004708 02066E1D 02066DFB 00000000 95019000 69384A04 98046010 4B019A09 00004718 02064F2D 0200002C 00000000 43200400 4907B401 F0686809 1C01FD55 2901BC01 4904D001 900D4708 49031C28 00004708 0200002C 02066BDB 02066BED D2000000 00000000 seems to work. I don't know yet whether it just overwrites the PID with some generic value or if they're really correctly generated. It looks fine to me, though. Thank you very much
  13. I've asked this already on another thread BUUUUT..... Can someone gimme a link or do a quick guide on HOW to use some of the cheats on NDS for plat.....like what number 1 is for nature or how pokerus code works....help? THANKS!
  14. K guys i've learnt how to use pokesav now im onto legality checker :biggrin: now, i heard you drag it onto the legality checker and then boom! it tells you if it's legal or not. well i did that and it just said like c drive, documents etc.... nothing popped up after that. so do you like press a certain key or what? am i doing anything wrong.... can somone give me a example please? thanks to anyone who can help -AgeofSpartans P.S soz if this is wrong part of the forums to post this
  15. I don't know how many of you would actually be interested in this, but I thought it would be fun to note how lucky or unlucky we are with Honey Tree Pokemon. I know that there are a few of you out there actually hunting for Munchlax off the trees instead of breeding one, and with that 1% chance of finding one, you'll probably be looking for a while (Just like me). July 3rd, 2009 (Platinum) Attempt 1 - Fuego Ironworks: Burmy Route 210 (South): None Route 211: Burmy Route 215: Combee July 4th, 2009 (Platinum) Attempt 1 - Fuego Ironworks: Wurmple Route 210 (South): Combee Route 211: Combee Route 215: None Attempt 2 - Fuego Ironworks: Aipom Route 210 (South): Cherubi Route 211: Cherubi Route 215: Burmy
  16. Finally :kikkoman:
  17. This is the famous Greencat's Clefable, which I tried to "create" for Platinum. It should be trash normalized and all stuffs are correct (well, I suppose) and when I had a check with my legality checker everything was ok. Trash bytes valid and type was "Uncommon GBA". When traded to another game and then checked the trash bytes appeared invalid and the type "Unknown GBA". Can you please tell me why? I'll attach the pokèmon file for further information clefable.pkm
  18. Hey there, I'm new here so be gentle. I just want your guys's opinion on this. I read the website here and this is all perfect for my plan to get those event pokemon that I cant get for obvious reasons. I just want to know if I am doing this right. I am planning on buying an Action Replay DS and then downloading Pokesav in order to get the event pokemon for my retail version of platinum. Now as a noob to this process is there any helpful info or other insights that you people of a higher intellect can bestow upon me? Anything would be helpful at this point.
  19. So people, have you ever wanted to create your own Pokemon? Yeah, lame and all, I know. So I got a PM from Pokemonfan saying in a nutshell "hey, we should create something like Smogon's Create-A-Pokemon". Eh... no, not Smogony, but why not create our own Pokemon just for fun? So the rules are simple... we create a Pokemon, and then once a Pokemon's been created, members will give feedback to the Pokemon regarding its balance and personal opinions and whatnot. Idea of this thread is accredited to pokemonfan. So what is the format? Sprite (put only if you made one) Pokemon Name Pokemon Classification Type Gender Distribution Abilities (and its description too if it is custom) Held item (if any) Egg Group Height Weight Pokedex Data Base Stats TMs Move Tutor moves Hereditary Moves If there are any evolutions, denote that by using the arrows. Okay... I think I'll start. And make sure you SPOILERIZE ([noparse] [/noparse]) your Pokemon. This Pokemon needs some balancing :-/
  20. The idea has been circulating softly through the artists of this community. Some want to be given a Helpful Member's badge, for their creations of avatars and signature banners. But here's what I'm suggesting. Maybe more than just the badge given for being a helpful member to the community, there should be a badge for the creativity of the individuals behind these projects. But that doesn't just mean this badge would be given to anyone who posts a piece of artwork and calls it a day. No, this badge would be more of one of honor and dignity for the true artists, like any other badge given. For the artists here that work hard to impress and please those requesting these small pieces of art to treasure and call their own on these forums and around the community. I've brought this up before, But I think it deserves more than just that, it needs some healthy discussion. So, what I guess I'm asking, suggesting, whatever this is...would it be possible for this badge to be instated? Should these hard-working people be given the credit they feel they deserve? Here's a look at what the badge could be: Editted by yours truly. :] I've talked to several people about it already, but it's time to see what you as a whole community think. Yay or nay, Project Pokemon?
  21. I visit a handful of Pokemon websites, or related gaming websites with some type of Pokemon community. My first was the Something Awful forums, which has a general discussion thread in their Games sub-forum, and sets up tournaments and conducts trade in a separate sub forum and an IRC channel. It's a generally laid bag envrionment, a mixture of people knowing a bunch of knowledge about game mechanics and people who play Pokemon because it's cute monsters who battle to the near death. There's always someone willing to help, with game help, trading, battling, and so on. It's a great way to start. The first Pokemon specific website I visited is Serebii.net and I registered on both the forums and the chat. I've traded in the chat for quite some time, but later learned that most of my stuff was hacks that have been floating around a long time. Mix that in with people who know nothing about competitive battling (I used a Ninetales with Energy Ball and was called a hacker), and it isn't a great experience. I'll be honest and say I rarely visit the main page. It's great that it's updated every day, but I can get most of what I want to know elsewhere. But for pre-release information concerining games and anime stuff, I don't think there's a better source. The forums are...a bit better. There are numerous very helpful threads related to the games, ranging from game mechanics such as EV training and breeding and competitive battling, to more basic general help questions and daily/weekly events. There are dozens of posters willing to help out those in need. And in the off topic forums, dozens others who provide great non-Pokemon discussion. But to balance the dozens of great users are people who use it as their Twitter or personal blog, or just post flat out wrong information. This in no way means the forum is inherently bad, or the people who run it do a poor job (they don't, they do it very well) but because it is popular, the bad posters far outnumber the good. I've also registered, posted, traded on, and battled within Pokecommunity.com. As Pokesav.org, I believe we've had some heated discussion about events and all. Generally, it seems to be one of the more popular forums. And it really is well done. But considering all it is is a forum leaves a lot to be desired. I'm probably "known" for being a anime fanboy there, but that's only because the anime forum is filled with negative pessimistic posts wanting Pokemon to be their own personal fan fic. Rather than actual discussion, it's filled with bashing, so I just try to discuss rather than bash. I do some editing over at Bulbapedia and I've posted a handful of times on the Bulbagarden forums. From what I've heard, the forums here used to be the go-to forum for Pokemon fans, but it doesn't offer anything that I don't already get from other forums/sites. As for pedia, I'm slowly working my way through it. But I more correct/defend stuff than write entire pages/articles. I've also lurked at LLegendary Pokemon and Marriland but I rarely go to either. Overall, PP, Serebii.net/SPPF, and Bulbapedia and something awful serve most of my Pokemon needs. EDIT: I also read Dogasu's Backpack, which compares the dub anime and the Japanese anime. Very useful. I also visit pocketmonsters.net and Pokebeach semi-regularly for anime related info. Also registered and sometimes post over at Smogon, though I use the site much more than the forums.
  22. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows why pokesav for platinum (english version) does not allow you to change the score on your trainer card, unlike the one for d/p. If anyone knows the code for max score on your trainer card in pokemon platinum (i.e.999999999), then can you please let me know.
  23. Source: http://pokemonkorea.co.kr/html/event/event_view.asp?idx=50&EventPeriod= A new pokemon event has been announced at Korean Time of July 2nd, 2009. The name of the event in English is directly translated into "2009 Pokemon, Exciting Adventure" [Korean: 2009 포켓몬 두근두근 어드벤처 = 2009 Po Ket Mon Du Guun Du Guun A Du Ben Chur]. As far as I know, there will by total of three events that will be distributed. There are five zones/areas where the visitors can attend in this event. Five zones are Stage [스테이지 = Su Te I Gi], Shaymin Zone [쉐이민존 = Shae I Min Zone], Play Zone [플레이존 = Ple Le I Zone], Game Zone [게임존 = Ge Im Zone], Friendly Shop [프렌들리숍 = Pu Ren Dul Li Shoup]. DATE: July 24th (Friday) ~ July 26th (Sunday) TIME: 10 AM ~ 6 PM (Friday and Saturday [8 Hours]), 10 AM ~ 5 PM (Sunday [7 Hours]) PLACE: Seoul, South Korea, COEX 3rd Floor HALL C (Hall of Atlantic Ocean) and HALL D (Convention Hall) [seoul Character and Lie Sun Sing Fair 2009] My Pokemon Booth If you want any details go to WWW.CHARACTERFAIR.CO.KR L Official Site shows this but currently, the website does not exist. I will wait and see. 1. Stage [스테이지 = Su Te I Gi] There will be guys who dressed up as Pikachu and Piplup in the entrance of this zone. They will greet the visitors. At different times, there will be pokemon game, TV Movie, and animation quizzes. If you win one of this quiz, you will be able to get 'Pokemon Present Set'. I don't know if they are toys or something else. 2. Shaymin Zone [쉐이민존 = Shae I Min Zone] There is an event noting that visitors can write a letter thanking another person. This letter can be summitted to the staff of the event. Since Shaymin is a thanking pokemon, they are holding this event. The website says as more letters are summitted, the visitors can see the appearance of Shaymin changing. Furthermore, among the people who summitted the letter, 10 people will be chosen. Staff will be giving a Bouquet from the movei 'Shaymin and the Sky Warrior' and Shaymin Gift. 3. Play Zone [플레이존 = Ple Le I Zone] There will be five attractions and you get to collect stamps. The stamp you will get is determined by the teamwork of your 4 friends in each attraction. If you obtain all the stamps in the event, you will be able to get a limited special gift. 4. Game Zone [게임존 = Ge Im Zone] A place where you can play pokemon trades and battles with other visitors. In the game zone, you can get special event pikachu and secret key for Platinum. 5. Friendly Shop [프렌들리숍 = Pu Ren Dul Li Shoup] Place to buy pokemon plush dolls and Shaymin dolls. NO interesting details of BATTLE SERIES 2009 and Event Movie Shaymin is released.
  24. Hey guys I know it sounds silly but I was wonder when one day the Pokemon Anime eventually comes to an end. I was think what if they can make Pokemon alive on the silver screen with state of the art CGI like the ones they used in Transformers. This is also for a fic I am coming up with. I just wanna see what the fans think.
  25. Hi I am Poke888. I am a newcomer I just joined becos I like hacking my roms. And also I am in need of some opinions on a life action Pokemon movie fic
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