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  1. shiny garchomp lvl 100 Stats: lvl: 100 attack: 376 defense: 212 speed: 247 hp: 334 sp attack: 187 sp defense: 186 Ev's: attack: 252 defense: 75 speed: 55 hp: 125 sp attack: 0 sp defence: 0 Iv's: attack: 29 defense: 26 speed: 28 hp: 30 sp attack: 19 sp defense: 21
  2. I suck at pokesav; I admit it. :bidoof: I need someone to explain how to create a hacked pokemon look as legit as possible. BUT PLEASE EXPLAIN GOOD. Either explain it good, or dont post at all. ***Also i have the most trouble giving the pokemon its stats, ev's, and iv's, so please explain that mostly.*** Ps: dont say "go to youtube, they will explain it to you", because they just do the basics (and theyre not good at making a legit pokemon). I just want to know how to create a hack pokemon as legit as possiblle. Just tell me what i need to know and how to create a legit pokemon.
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