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  1. This is just a question: How has this team fared against Earthquake? Your entire team is weak to it with the exception of Celebi.
  2. Without an Agility Passer there is little point in investing in Speed at all with Machamp. Unless he's scarf'd, his speed sucks regardless. He'll almost always go second to other leads which have much higher speed. You said it could OHKO a Latias, but with one Stealth Rock, Heatran is at 50%. Then a Latias can easily surf/draco (still packs quite a punch w/ a Choice Specs)/thunderbolt, whatever a Latias has to attack it with, since it outspeeds Heatran. Your Heatran is at Modest Nature, reducing his speed considerably. Even with a Speed Nature, Latias outspeeds him w/ a max of 319 Speed w/o nature anyways. You said you can predict well, but it doesn't matter if your opponent can easily just Baton Pass a Latias in or get it in before Heatran comes in, since it's not your lead. But actually, the Heatran looks pretty good to me. I was just making that comment. Haven't bothered looking at the rest of the team. Doesn't look bad at all though.
  3. Okay so I have one question, since this was completely ignored probably due to the fact that it wouldn't be used competitively anywhere. Hypnosis or Thunder Wave on Mime Jr.? I'm gonna be using him to set up, but I need to know if I should use Hypnosis, since that guarantees me a free few turns for setup, or paralysis which has some shot while slowing the opponent down considerably? Either one will let me get the sub up, but I'm asking which one would be more reliable, generally?
  4. A lot of my friends do it just to **** around. So shut up, no offense, cause people play for different reasons and find different things entertaining. Don't judge another just because you don't follow the same way of thinking as another. That's extremely immature of you. Especially if they're friends, they'll know how to take a joke. Which this basically is.
  5. So my friend and I decided that we wanted to do a baby battle, which as the name suggests, uses only pokemon classified as babies. This means pokemon like Pichu, Elekid, Cleffa, and not normal first stage pokemon like Charmander and the like. So there's not that much of a pool to select from, but we thought it would be a cute and fun thing to do. I've made a team designed to do random things, but I feel that I need some help with final touches, movesets, and even possibly EVs since I just tend to dump 252 into two stats. Mime Jr. @ Leftovers Nature: Calm Ability: Filter EVs: 252 spdef, 252 hp, 6 defense Role: Not sure what it's called. - Nasty Plot - Substitute - Thunder Wave - Baton Pass Comment: As the moveset probably tells, I'm using Mimey here to nasty plot and then baton pass to my Pichu, which is basically my little MVP of the team. Thunder Wave is to cripple the enemy so that I could set up, and Substitute helps with survivability in the case my opponent happens to be a sp.atker. Leftovers is for added recovery, since Mime Jr. is really only used for support. Which leads me to ask: Leftovers or Focus Sash? Cause it would be a complete waste of a pokemon slot if I end up using Mime Jr and I don't even get to nasty pass to my Pichu because my opponent ended up being a strong sweep (Swords Dance Riolu is pretty damn tough imo). Magby @ Life Orb Nature: Rash Ability: Flame Body EVs: 180 atk, 252 speed, 78 atk Role: Attacker? - Flamethrower - Thunder Punch - Brick Break - Will-o-Wisp Comment: He's kind of a mixed attacker, I guess. I designed him to be able to try and take out as many pokemon as he could alone. Flamethrower is good cause his sp atk stat is higher than his patk. Thunder Punch and Break Break are to take out any water types, since Mantyke is pretty beast, and Brick Break for the normal types. Will-o-Wisp is just so I could cripple my opponent's attack. There was no other move left, and I doubt giving him sub is a really good idea. Riolu @ Focus Sash Nature: Jolly Ability: Inner Focus EVs: 252 atk, 252 speed, 6 hp Role: Sweeper - Swords Dance - Ice Punch - Drain Punch - Earthquake Comment: He's my sweeper, generally. Focus Sash allows him to survive at least a turn if my enemy turns out to be strong so that I could at least sneak in one swords dance and an attack. Unless I'm up against a scarf'd pokemon, Riolu is generally not going to be out sped. Ice Punch covers any flying types, although there aren't really any flying type babies save mantyke. Drain Punch has stab, is reliable, and can even recover Riolu's health. Earthquake is just a generally strong move that I could use in case it'll hit the supereffective against pokemon like elekid and magby. Azurill @ Leftovers Nature: Adamant Ability: Huge Power EVs: 252 atk, 252 hp, 6 defense Role: idk - Substitute - Return - Sing - Encore Comment: Honestly, I ran out of ideas for a sixth pokemon and just mixed together a set for azurill. Sing is unreliable, but if it works, I can sub and then Return. Return is strong since Huge Power doubles its attack, and since Azurill gains STAB for it. Mantyke @ Leftovers Nature: Gentle Ability: Water Absorb EVs: 252 spdef, 252 hp, 6 def Role: Wall - Substitute - Confuse Ray - Toxic - Bounce Comment: He's my little waller. With 307 spdef, I feel he's pretty beast for a baby. I can confuse ray, sub up, and then toxic my opponent. Afterwards, just keep bouncing until the opponent dies, and rinse and repeat as long as I can. I was generally going to pick him as lead, but I want to try and see if I can sweep my friend's entire team with a Nasty Pass'd Pichu. But if that risks me losing, I think I'd rather lead with him and see how many I can take out as fast as I can. Pichu @ Choice Scarf Nature: Modest Ability: Static EVs: 252 spatk, 252 speed, 6 hp Role: Sweeper - Thunderbolt - Thunder Wave - Wish - Substitute Comment: I was originally going to use Expert Belt on this guy, and use a subwish and wave thing to cripple my opponent and just keep thunderbolting and wishing behind a sub. But Pichu has unreliable speed and defensive stats and is easily out sped by Riolu, Elekid, Magby and is quite possibly OHKO'd by some of these guys too. So I switched over to Choice Scarf, making it my little speed demon. Nasty Pass'd, my Pichu will have a ridiculous spatk stat to work with. The only resistance met is against Bonsly out of all baby pokemon, which is a rock type, so I can expect some damage reduction if it's used against me, but I really doubt a bonsly would survive a thunderbolt w/ three plots anyways. But there is the chance that I'll only get in one or two plots, which would suck. Oh yea, and I'm wondering. Should I get Confuse Ray on Mime Jr? Or is Thunder Wave the better choice?
  6. You can't just change it from Haunter to Gengar and just expect to be finished. You have to go to STATS and hit the max all to refresh the stats. It's that, or you can deposit your gengar into your PC, as the stats are recalculated or something there.
  7. I know that a pokemon's stats are recalculated when put into the PC. But does that also go for trades? If I ask for a pichu with 999 in all stats, will it revert to normal after I trade it in terms of the stats?
  8. Sorry for asking for six pokemon, but do you guys think I can have this team made and traded to me? I made them in HG/SS Pokesav, but does it matter? I honestly don't know LOL Friend Code: 3566 7741 6296 I need them by Wi-Fi, and thanks in advanced. PS. Please PM me when finished, as I may neglect this page if it ever slips my mind. Heatran (Lead).pkm Vaporeon (3rd).pkm Salamence (Final).pkm Scizor (2nd).pkm Magnezone (4th).pkm Gengar (5th).pkm
  9. I see no such option in the FAQ. I only see how to convert from .sav to .dsv, but not the other way around. Could you please point me in the correct direction?
  10. I tried using a bunch of converters and stuff, but it's been awhile since I've used pokesav, so I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. What exactly do I have to do to use Pokesav with DeSmuMe? .dsv files are weird...
  11. Hey guys, can anybody send me a pokemon team via Wi-Fi? Thanks in advanced. Name: Tsukasa Friend Code: 3566 7741 6296 Blackjack Absol.pkm Calm Mind Gardevoir.pkm Choice Scarf Typhlosion.pkm Curse Umbreon.pkm Swords Dance Lucario.pkm Underworld Darkrai.pkm
  12. So I should be good as long as movesets and EV's are legal?
  13. Hey guys, I'm just wondering, but will pokemon on Pokemon Battle Revolution become Bad Eggs if they have All 31 IV's?
  14. Oh, just register as Tsukasa! And thanks!
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