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  1. To begin, I would like to emphasize all of the seventeen Pokémon types in the game. They are the Normal-, Fire-, Water-, Grass-, Electric-, Ice-, Fighting-, Poison-, Ground-, Flying-, Psychic-, Bug-, Rock-, Ghost-, Dragon-, Dark- and Steel-type. Each type has its own advantages and weaknesses. Well, I've been playing Pokémon RPG for almost 6 years already. Building a team, "my way" is quite hard and takes a lot of effort for this works strategically. From Pokémon Yellow all the way up to Pokémon Platinum, I've established many great teams that could outwit all the Pokémon types. At this time, my team Pokémons are: Weavile, Lucario, Swellow, Arcanine, Milotic and Tyranitar. I will use my team as an example on how I create teams. To make things easy, let's refer on the chart. Type -------> Effectiveness Normal-----> x1 Fire-------> x5 Water------> x1 Grass------> x5 Electric---> x5 Ice--------> x3 Fighting---> x3 Poison-----> x5 Ground-----> x2 Flying-----> x3 Psychic----> x4 Bug--------> x4 Rock-------> x6 Ghost------> x4 Dragon-----> x3 Dark-------> x1 Steel------> x6 For my Weavile, I have the moveset: Dark Pulse, Psychic, Ice Beam and Earthquake. This enables my Weavile to outwit Fire-, Grass-, Electric-, Fighting-, Poison-, Flying-, Psychic-, Rock-, Ghost-, Dragon- and Steel-type Pokémons. Weavile is immune to Psychic-type moves. For Lucario, I have the moveset: Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse, Earthquake, and Flash Cannon. This enables my Lucario to outwit Normal-, Fire-, Electric-, Ice-, Poison-, Psychic-, Rock-, Ghost-, Dark- and Steel-type Pokémons. Lucario is immune to Poison-type moves. For Swellow, I have the moveset: Aeroblast, Fly, Air Slash and Earthquake. This enables my Swellow to outwit Fire-, Grass-, Electric-, Fighting-, Poison-, Bug-, Rock- and Steel-type Pokémons. Swellow is immune to Ground- and Ghost-type moves. For Arcanine, I have the moveset: Magma Storm, Crunch, Power Whip and Flamethrower. This enables my Arcanine to outwit Water-, Grass-, Ice-, Ground-, Psychic-, Bug-, Rock-, Ghost- and Steel-type Pokémons. For Milotic, I have the moveset: Air Slash, Surf, Ice Beam and Earthquake. This enables my Milotic to outwit Fire-, Grass-, Electric-, Fighting-, Poison-, Ground-, Flying-, Bug-, Rock-, Dragon- and Steel-type Pokémons. For Tyranitar, I have the moveset: Rock Slide, Crunch, Earthquake and Dragon Pulse. This enables my Tyranitar to outwit Fire-, Electric-, Ice-, Poison-, Flying-, Psychic-, Rock-, Ghost-, Dragon- and Steel-type Pokémons. Tyranitar is immune to Psychic-type moves. Well, there it goes... I hope that you get the point on how I make good teams. I have made a bunch of teams and I would be happy to share it with you guys. I can supply them to you by either giving you the .pkm files or by using an ARDS code. This guide emphasizes only one aim and that is to outwit all Pokémon types by just 6 Pokémon. Send me a message or a post if you have any comments... Thanks!!! God bless ProjectPokémon!!!
  2. Uhm... I have quite a good way to build teams... I'm preparing the wordings for that guide so I didn't post it here yet... If you like, wait for my thread... Is it ok for you? Well, I've build almost countless teams of 6 Pokémons that can outwit all of the 17 Pokémon types in the game... Just wait for it ok??? Nice chatting with you... I hope that my guide would fit your needs... ---------- Post added at 02:11 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:04 PM ---------- - Greencat @ 12:51 AM *Fragment of original post removed* Please refrain from providing false information such as illegal teams.
  3. Uhm... Heheheh... Hi guyz!!! My top 5 Pokémons are: 1. Weavile 2. Lucario 3. Arcanine 4. Milotic 5. Tyranitar :creep:
  4. Maybe, you try a Lanturn... hehehe... It's both Water- and Electric-type... It would do great with your Rain Dance move... If you are able to hack it... You can even make it's ability "Drizzle" to make it rain infinitely... That should make you Thunder move hit without fail... Hehehe... Plus, because it's also a Water-type Pokémon, you have great advantage because of the rain... Well, I hope I could give greater advices... See yah guys!!!
  5. Aw... Ok... Hehehe... Sorry about that... I'll just post a new thread about my quests and other things that concerns me... Thanks for the chat...
  6. I can make one of those with all Stats 999, maxed IVs, EVs and all other stuff. Hmm... I'll try to make them with my won moves and rate it. Is it ok? This is just for a trial...
  7. Uhm... Are you playing with the original NDS or just an emulator??? I'll try to create and Action Replay Code that could help you with your problem... But, it will take quite a time for I will be testing it for sanity. Well, do you have AR with you?
  8. Uhm... I have couple of hacked Pokémons that could help you... I also have my own way on building my teams... My favorite team is Weavile, Lucario, Swellow, Arcanine, Milotic and Tyranitar... I've balanced them and hacked their moves to make them invincible in almost every battle. Well, how may I help you???
  9. Hello... Can I ask a favor??? I'm wondring if you can make an AR code that could make all the scores maxed... What I mean are the (Pokémons met while fishing, Eggs hatched and the rest of it...) Heheheh... That's the only thing left unfulfilled in my game... Thanks a lot and I hope that you can accept my request. By the way, the game I've been talking about is Pokémon Platinum (NA) Version...
  10. Hello again guys!!! Uhm... I've been wondring... Do anyone here who has a quick way to maxed all my Scores in Pokémon Platinum (NA Version). Just wanna ask you guys 'cause I have finished the entire thing... I've even completed my Pokédex, all the Pokémon's formes (including Rotom's, Giratina's, Shaymin's and the rest...). I'm just hanging around the game rebattling all the trainers just to max my Scores... Hehehe... Anyway, if anybody wants my saved game, e-mail me @ chartreuse_LJC@yahoo.com and I'll send my .SAV file to you... Thanks again... Hope that my problem will be over... heheheh....
  11. Hi to all!!! I'm Pokémon trainer Jon from Digos City, Philippines... I'm an excellent fanatic of Pokémon. I'm looking forward to meet new friends to share with my interests. Just wanna drop by and say thank you for accepting me in your forum. Hehehe... Thanks guyz!!!
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