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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I had a strange dream tonight and thought it can be a really good idea in fact: a contest for the best idea of event Pokemon. The purpose is to think a little about event, what do they represent for GF, why some Pokemon distrib will be a good thing or not. In order to make it fair I thought it'll better like this: -from today to January 25th all entries are welcome and people can discuss a bit about them. -from January 26th to January 31st we'll vote for the best idea. If it's a Pokemon you can legally obtain I propose to distribute it, if it's not we'll only create the file. The winner will have an exclusive present: a hidden grotto Togetic from Black2/White 2. Hope you'll enjoy it. Here's my first submissions: Species Clefairy Nickname (default, save lang) OT (recipient) TID (yours) Distribution Online Wi-Fi Location the Kanto region Dates ______ PID Chance of Shiny Games All Regions 3DS: Lv. 50 Nature Random Ability Cute Charm (1) or Magic Guard (2) or Friend Guard (HA) Item Eviolite Bundled Item None Card Per Save Only One Allowed Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Soft-Boiled Seismic Toss Follow Me Moonblast Format Ver.1.0.6-2, Post Updated Date:20190106_1348 Species Victini Nickname (default, save lang) OT Alexandria TID (TBA) Distribution Online Wi-Fi Location a faraway place Dates ______ PID Shiny PID Games All Regions 3DS: Lv. 50 Nature Random Ability Victory Star (1) Item Bright Powder Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) V-create Flash Spotlight (None) Wishing A shining legend from the past Format Ver.1.0.6-2, Post Updated Date:20190105_1911 Species Claydol Nickname (default, save lang) OT Damos TID (TBA) Distribution Online Wi-Fi Location a Pokémon movie Dates ______ PID Cannot Be Shiny Games All Regions 3DS: Lv. 50 Nature Random Ability Levitate (1) Item Relic Crown Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Ancient Power Cosmic Power Secret Power Shock Wave Classic A very old Pokemon Can you find the reference? Format Ver.1.0.6-2, Post Updated Date:20190105_1943 Species Alolan Raichu Nickname (default, save lang) OT Kahanamoku TID 18901968 Distribution Online Wi-Fi Location the Alola region Dates ______ PID Chance of Shiny Games All Regions 3DS: Lv. 50 Nature Random Ability Surge Surfer (1) Item Sweet Heart Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Surf Thunderbolt Psychic Metronome Souvenir Born to surf Format Ver.1.0.6-2, Post Updated Date:20190105_1954
  2. I just realized that PKHeX flags Pokémon as not legit if their origin game is X or Y and they have Contest Stats that are not 0. But surely a Pokémon from XY can have contest stats provided they are transferred to ORAS and are trained/given Pokeblocks/etc no?
  3. Can someone make a code so that during the Super Contest, you get 15 hearts or so during the Presentation part whenever you do a move? I know that there was a similar code for the GBA games.
  4. I noticed something while playing my Platinum ROM on my R4i today. I was checking a Pokemon's summary, and the contest-moves and contest stat page was missing. I got this ROM from dgemu.com, so it might have just been their ROM, but I'm not sure. Other Platinum ROMs might not have this problem, I'm not sure.
  5. Okay. So...is it possible to have every contest stats (Cool, Beauty, Cute, Smart, Tough) all maxed at 255? I mean, would maxing every contest stats makes it legit? e.g. 255 Cool, 255 Beauty, 255 Cute, 255 Smart, 255 Tough, 255 Sheen. Or am I suppose to have only one contest stat maxed along with the sheen? e.g. 255 Smart and 255 Sheen. I really some clarification before I can start enjoying my team on Platinum.
  6. Well, I'm trying to get the various achievements needed for a black Trainer Card on my Platinum game, and I distinctly remember repeatedly failing at the Master level contests in my Diamond game. Even though I'm only half-way through the Battle Tower, I thought I'd try out the contests when the Tower starts becoming mundane. Does anyone have any tips for getting through the Master rank? Like which division is easier or has better moveset possibilities? And what IS a good moveset for the contests anyway? Thanks for any input you can give me.
  7. WE NEED AN EPIC BANNER! Since the Project Pokemon Shoddy Battle server has been down, due to SCV moving to a different location, people have been longing for our precious server to return. But fear not, (actually theres a lotta fear comin towards you >=D) CuleX from our community has set up a new server at this very date! Theres one HUGE difference between this new server and the REST of the others. Cule has implemented my idea to make major changes to the Tiers. As of now, these pokemon are usable in the Standard OU metagame. Deoxys-Speed Form, Garchomp, Latios, Manaphy, Shyamin Sky Forme. With all the incredibly talented, young Artists in our community, we would like to have a contest of making a banner for the new servers Welcome window. The details for the banner or logo are as follows. 1) All the above mentioned pokemon are to stand next to eachother, in very cool looking poses. You know!? Garchomp with arms folded, looking at us or something like that. They can stand in any order. Please make them look menacing, all of them except Manaphy cause its usually a cutesy pokemon unlike the others which are totally bad a**. 2) Make them all as if they were looking at the person trying to log on. None are to be shiny. 3) The pictures should be the normal anime style ones (not the cutesy cartoonish ones). 4) Give them a nice background of mid noon, maybe evening. THIS IS actually the part where you can get really creative. IT HAS TO LOOK MENACING. 5) The resolution has to be 250x250 or maybe higher. Those are the things we are expecting. THE BEST BANNER WILL BE CHOSEN FOR THE NEW SERVER. Sorry for the caps, it was just to point out the very important parts. Hopefully ive made the descriptions very clear. Make us proud.
  8. howdy i would like to have a competition of sorts. i would like everybody to post which pokemon they think is the best, and explain why they think so you can also list a move set that you think would best fit this pokemon you can also vote for someone else's post (not pokemon, but post if you like their pokemon but you think it should have a different move set than say so) when there are a large number of posts ill tally the votes and make an AR codelist for them with pokesav and post it on here so everyone can have access to it. if the code list doesnt work please inform me Rules: 1.once you post something, your post is open to opinions, so dont get offended if people think your idea is ridiculous 2. you may voice your opinion openly but realize that you may hurt someone im not gonna be your mom and punish you but please take other peoples feelings into consideration before you call them a ****ing dumb*** why the hell would you think magikarp is the best? 3. you may only make choose one pokemon with one move set and you may not vote for yourself (seeing as posting is voting for yourself) however you may also vote one for someone else's choice 4. besides posting your choice, you may only vote one time any questions email me at lucariowned535
  9. well i know both groups make great sigs, and that sprouted the idea of this thread. anyone can delete it if they find it meaningless or anything, it was just an idea. but if you two teams wanna see whos best, you can hold the competition here. BTW, you may want to put the group your in on your sig, so we all know whos friend and foe.
  10. I'd usually do this myself, but thanks to the magic that is the DSi, my AR is now rendered incompatible... I need the perfect contest pokemon to boost my card up to Gold status. I've nearly completed the Pokedex so I'd be one step away from Black. Pokemon: Glaceon Held Item: Blue Scarf Trainer ID: 4740 Secret ID: 64829 Level: 43 EXP: 82341 Happiness: 255 PID: 2760186869 (Rash Class 2 Male) IVs: 22 / 7 / 26 / 31 / 31 / 29 (HP / ATT / DEF / SPE / SPA / SDEF) EVs: 252 SPA / 252 SPE / 6 HP Contest stats: 255 Beauty / 255 Sheen Name: GLACEON OT: Adam (Male) Ball Caught With: Poke Ball Ability: Snow Cloak Moves: Ice beam / Zen Headbutt / Ice Shard / Icy Wind (MAX PP UPs) Met at level: 1 Met at place: 25 (Route 210) Date met : 2009 / 04 / 10 Egg Hatched at: 2000 (Day Care Couple) Date Egg Received: 2009 / 04 / 10 Hometown: 10 (Sinnoh, Diamond) Language: ENG Ribbons: Effort Ribbon That's everything as I have it typed on Pokesav. If somebody could copy this out and trade it to me I'd be very grateful. Also, if it's not too much, could you also trade me the Kyogre from the project pokemon .PKM file list? Now I have the DSi I can't port over my Kyogre from Sap, so I'd really like that one there. If you do that, could you attach a dawn stone to the Kyogre? I really need one and have no other way of getting it... Thanks. Unfortunately I have nothing to offer to someone who has Pokesav, except my gratitude. If you could get back to me with what you can and can't do, that'd be fantastic. Thank you in advance. If you could make this for me and then trade it to me via wi-fi that'd be excellent... Unfortunately there's no way for me to put AR codes onto the game right now... I'm not using an R4 either, I'm using the game itself. Ah almost forgot... FC: 3652 6652 5634
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