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  1. ya it is shiny but I agree with most of the others in saying that Celebi does look feminine without shiny just the way Celebi moves and stands makes it look that way
  2. Zengetsu


    hello welcome to the site I'm Zen
  3. Charmander! Charizard OWNS hes probably one of the strongest starters
  4. Zengetsu


    hello welcome to the forums I'm Zen nice to meet you
  5. O I know i just thought they were kind of foreshadowing that since they remade the first gen. they would remake the 2nd
  6. ya you have a very good point I dont like the way it looks at all going by looks I would have to say torchic cause Blazekien just looks awesome
  7. ya I was glad because I thought that this showed a sign of a remake for g/s/c
  8. the first time I played with torchic but once I started over again I started using mudkip its dual type is one of the best
  9. Rayqauza is awesome I especially like his shiny form
  10. mine are golem, crobat, aipom
  11. naw man your cool you wont get alienated welcome to the forums btw I'm Zen
  12. hello welcome to the forums I'm Zen
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