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  1. Im probably going to be banned for asking this question its REALLY offtopic but I REALLY NEED HELP ITS A EMERGENCY. My dad got a few kernels for corn in his ear while filling up the wild life feeder, and we have no clue how to get it out, my mom is a doctor but she wont be down here for a couple of hours, what do we do?!?!?
  2. But wait.. pokesav will be released correct? For black and white? I hate pokegen I want a new pokesav NAO. (((( So do you think it will be relased or not? :eek:
  3. How do you make action replay codes? I see code generator but thats not it, atleast I dont think, someone please tell me!
  4. SO when is it going to be released, and is it ever going to be released? I just can't wait to start using it :creep:
  5. Try finding a code or make a code to reset/restart the pedometer and if it still does it make another code/edit the code and make it so no other codes can interfere with the pedometer. Might require scripts... Or rom editing...
  6. Yeah.. and... you have to figure out which trainer is which -___-. I wanted to know if i can have permission to mess around with the trainers pokemon and just experiment with a few things..? I won't release it and I won't make any vids of it unless you want me to. lol.So do I have your permission?
  7. Okay and I figured out what was wrong... I accidentally messed up some kind of Pokemon modifier code. sorry for the inconvenience lol. EDIT: also what do you think about my trainer pokemon suggestion?
  8. I think I might know what happened. Maybe it was that the program has a faulty script injector code, or it could be that once you replace a normal script with a edited script you cannot replace it again with the normal script. I wonder if it has something to do with the tool. EDIT: Bug report: When I was on route 203 And after I battled the trainer named "Youngster Dallas" I ran around in the tall grass. I encountered a level 68 Ekans! Ekans is not a legendary pokemon so.. idk whats wrong with it... lol. EDIT: I think it is normal now don't worry false alarm... I think. I also have a suggestion... I was thinking that maybe it would make your pokemon platinum perfect mod interesting and fun if you edited the trainers pokemon... Like gave them different pokemon and levels. Does that sound like a good idea?
  9. When do you think the new scripting tools will be released? I could sure use them. Are you also trying to make it so that on the emulator we can go on wifi or something?
  10. Oh okay. Well.. I don't think there is one yet. Someone might make one. I would go ahead and request the code in the code request thread ok? That might help. Sorry for being so rude :'( . Anyways... yeah there isn't one that i know of now for platinum.
  11. -__- There basically the same thing! Just set the nature you want and the gender. Thats all thats different, other than the activate button! Why not use that. No one is going to make a whole new code just so that you don't have to make nature and gender!
  12. I would like a code so that when you are in the GTS.. It will show u the persons pokemon level that they want. Is that possible? I would really like that alot. It would make trading so much easier. Can you put that on your list? So that the pokemon you are looking at/the trainer you are looking at will tell you the level of the pokemon they are requesting. Can you try to do it or tell me if it is even possible. Please?
  13. -___- try saving it somewhere else like documents. If you are on vista maybe you should disable your UAC. I did right when I got vista.
  14. Course it does... Why not just go through the whole pokedex (national dex) and use the wild modifier code for platinum and just use that for now? Can't be that boring. I have done some of it already lol. I was bored at the time so i decided to do that.
  15. Question: How do you do a wifi-trade? Can you please explain it to me?
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