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  1. And, more importantly, as I will only edit puntual things and use AR codes instead of editing a .sav, would, say, the codes generated by the English PokeSav work with the Spanish version of Platinum? I guess it'd work, as both versions are compatible, but I am not sure. Anyway, thanks.
  2. Basically the keyboard when making name is split in 4 tabs; 1st is hiragana, 2nd is katakana, 3rd is latin and 4th is numbers, symbols, e.g. You can't just edit your name from one latin based name to another (our alphabet) by just using pokesav for HG/SS because it will use the english way of saving a name, using the first table and not the 3rd. I know the hex code for the name I got and for the name I want, but editing directly in the SAV using hex editor makes the save corrupt and unplayable... Is there any way to hex edit the name but not make it corrupt? Perhaps some other tool I don't know about?
  3. What I'm basically asking is: On the typing screen (for nicknames, character names, etc.), is all of the kanji/katakana/hiragana (I don't know the difference) the same as normal text used throughout the game? Are there any symbols that the game text uses that you cannot include in your nicknames/character name (not counting games in other languages)? Also, is the main difference between kanji, hiragana, and katakana that they have different sounds, or is it another type of writing altogether?
  4. How to I add pkm when I load from pkm download to pokemon game
  5. Anyone play any of the Facebook game apps? I play on Farm Town, FarmVille, Pet Dragons 1, and Pokemon Adventure. Farm Town and FarmVille are quite addicting. Because you've got to be into the game to get anything out of it...as the more you plow, plant, harvest and sell, the more experience and money you get. Pet Dragons 1 is just there as a time waster. I often forget I have it so my dragon is old, but not very strong. Pokemon Adventure was a huge hit on Facebook last summer, when it was released. It is kind of a sequel to the "Send Pokemon" and "Send Pokemon: Johto" and certainly an upgrade, becoming an MMORPG. I went through a chat interview process and became a moderator at their chatrooms and later at the IRC. Come October, though, the creator of PA became too busy with life and stopped running the app, leaving its fans hanging in Pewter. Today it stands dead, never more than 15 people online at one time, when there used to be 1,000-2,000+ people on at any given time. So yeah, those are the games I play on facebook. Share your stories of Facebook game apps
  6. So me and a friend managed to meet up with the hosts of Pokemon Sunday while at World 2009. Great guy. Anyways, it turns out he was interested in trading with anyone that he could, so he and I both ended up getting Piplup's from the guy's personal game. Did anyone else besides me happen to attend Worlds?
  7. I am looking or any rare/good level 100 pokemon. I need them traded to me in game. Just, reply to this thread if you would be willing to give me a few. My ID # is: 24091
  8. Okay so here's the problem. I'm trying to migrate my Pokemon from my US Leaf Green onto my Jap Platinum which is on my AceKard 2. I've already made the .sav file from LG, and when I try to migrate it to my Jap Plat, it doesn't show the option to Migrate from my game. So I'm wondering why it does this, and is there a way to migrate without me having to buy a Jap version of the 3rd gen games and use my US games.
  9. Hi I want to backup my pokemon saved file, I am using an acekard 2, is that the right type of hardware? Do i need any slot 2 device? I am trying to use the wifi tool to move the saved game I am following this guide: http://www.monroeworld.com/myfaq/index.php?action=artikel&cat=7&id=85&artlang=en It says: Plug your DS into wall power. Start up your DS, and run the Backup Tool on your DS. How do i do this? I've moved the nds_backup_tool.nds file onto the micro sd cad, but the mircro sd card into the nds-game-card, and put that into the ds, however when i turn the ds on and select slot 1 game, it stays on the loading screen indefinately.
  10. Hi i usely have my dslite but right now(of all times.) i dont have it it is in another state and i was wondering if some one can trade a legal movie 12th arceus to me? i offer most ds event some gba events and iam also the creater of the first in game curse or ???? type arceus that you can get with out rom editing i cn make one for you or send you one of the ones i already have in my game if i make you one it will be posted here .. as i can not put anything in my offical game card yet. i can only do this trade during this hour texas time 11:17
  11. OK all you need to do is post the name of the pokemon that comes next in the national dex. RULES no double posts, its a turn based game. post arceus and you win if you wanna play you must always post as soon as you arrive, this means you cant look and then not post, even if you have to post shaymin and then be unable to win the prize is forever feeling smug because you posted arceus! ill start 001 Bulbasaur NEW RULE posting shaymin is 2nd place, it comes with double smugness
  12. the rules are simple, post a pokemon whose type is super effective against the one above you. e.g. i post a bulbasaur, then the next one a charmander then a squirtle etc etc lets start !!!! lol, no one else is going to be able to post a purely normal pokemon *NOTE: its exactly like the purifying chambers in gale of darkness. so no spiritomb or any other pokemon that cant receive a super effective.
  13. Do I Need Anything Special To Connect RBYGSC To Stadium I/II i.e. Any Special Cords etc.
  14. So I was using the instant egg code for faster IV breeding, and I needed 30/31 in 3 seperate stats so I went to switch the pokemon in the day care as I had jut gotten one with 2 31s. After I took it out, I looked for the one with the right EVs (so I opened up the menu and generated an egg, with only 1 pokemon in the daycare) so I had to get the egg before I could put my pokemon back. So I get the egg and didn't really think anything of it at the time. So the mystery egg hatches and its a missingno pokemon, and seeing how that destroys pokemon games (Red and blue, anyone?) I freaked out and powered off my DS. Will anything happen because of this?
  15. My game restarted after using pokesav anyone help??
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39N-vV-9xO0 That's the best news I saw this year =DDDDDDDDDDDDDddddddddddd someone pinch me please?? Hope I don't wake up LOL
  17. I dont have the ability to update my action replay through the computer (last time i tried it deleted the whole thing and made it so that it was unusable) so how do i figure out my games ID number? Is there no way that i can update my Action replay with new games?
  18. Hi, i created some codes to play different battle themes in stead of the normal trainer music, but the game freezes when i try to use them on wifi. does anyone know how to fix it? here are the codes.
  19. Heey, I have a problem, I am here in Europe with a Europe DS lite, and AR is also Europe. And today my USA Pokemon Platinum arrived. When I insert the game in the AR it says: Unknown Game. I searched the internet on what might be the problem but nothing worked. I updated. Plugged, unplugged the cable. But then I saw that my version is YJYJ-50180C0B is and not CPUE-D074D1B3 I also have the Japanese Platinum and everything works great on that one. Do I have a wrong version? Thank you for reading.
  20. I apologize beforehand if this is in the wrong section. I'm assuming pokesav might be able to accomplish this maybe. /shrug Whilst lurking about a few days back, I came across a post from someone saying how pokegames should have a newgame+ mode. Lately, I've grown quite bored with the game and hax tower and have been wanting to start a new game but with all my pokemon and items (maybe just pokemon lol). So, is there any way to do this without saving every pokemon as a .pkm and moving them to the new save? That's a lot of work (500 pokemon, though I only have a little over 120). I believe pokesav can generate AR codes? Is there a way to have it generate a code that puts all your owned pokes in another savegame's storage? I'm sorry if this was confusing. Hopefully someone knows what I mean by "newgame+".
  21. 1) 13th movie will probably feature Ho-oh and not just Mew pretending to be Ho-oh. 2) Perhaps we will get to visit the Orange Islands in Johto. Moreso, the anime migh lead Ash back to the Orange Islands. But whats BEST about this is not that we'll return to the Islands, but that we'll get to see our beloved bird again. You know, the one Ash promised to return to before he left the islands? 3) Hopefully we might see a stronger background relating to the Unown. They're everywher in Sinnoh, but their point of origin seems to be Johto. I want to see what connection they have with Arceus 4) Mewtwo is hiding in the northern mountains of Johto... Anyone else?
  22. How To Play Ok so You have to describe a Pokemon And give Hints on what it might be Without giving it away. For example a Pikachu might be : Small Electric Mouse. Or it might be Something Harder Ill Start: Short tempered Electric Pokemon
  23. I want to know what peoples best fighting team is. Please post here what it is! Here's mine: Blissey: leftovers ~softboiled ~psychic ~counter ~toxic Dragonite: persim berry ~fly ~dragon dance ~outrage ~hyper beam Muk: wise glasses ~acid armor ~toxic ~sludge bomb ~dark pulse Torterra: muscle band ~crunch ~earthquake ~frenzy plant ~seed bomb Kingler: wise glasses ~icy wind ~iron defense ~crabhammer ~hyper beam Rhydon: wide lens ~horn drill ~brick break ~rock slide ~earthquake
  24. Read the Attachment below. RANDOMSPOT555 EDIT: Removed pointless attachment.
  25. A new Pokemon game is coming? Read this "much-talked-about big title"? GS remakes anyone? :eek: I'm holding my breath till May 10th.
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