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  1. mine is complex... but I gonna try to tell it short forget it, it's long XD Pokemon here in Brazil was nothing more than a translation from american version (as you know, pokemon is created in japan, localized in USA with some names and other change sto the series, then went to the western world using this a sbase, some also changed name,s others keep as the english, like here) I don't remind the year but i scholl everybody was talking about it, I wanted to give a look and liked it! all was about the Tv show, everybody wanted a gameboy and game but wasn't accessible XD Me and a friend from (almost) the same street played on his emulator, I got one at home too but my dad was too against game son the computer so I never really played much by myself, but kinda played a bit... went a lot at this friend so we played " together", also was the first time I saw a pokemon game, I played some pokemon stadium but not being able to advance in some gyms there without a GB game where frustrating lol A bit of time, my parent's gave me a game boy color with a fake copy of pokemon Cystal (that i still have, but not the GBC) for my birthday, that friend got almost the same time, with the same-kind of fake crystal, and other yet with original Silver( the richy-guy XD) but he got stuck for not knowing English and trate it for a donkey kong :v another fried had a fake gold that was fan translation or something, crazy stuff XD well,l time passed and not so close to these friend anymore , watching pokemon advanced on Tv wasn't that nice anymore and I lost the interest for the serie sin general...I don't really wanted to emulate RS because the problem sharing the PC with my father and I wanted the real thing (that time I got a GBA, with only my crystal and mario kart lol) Later more, some friends got Ds and I wasn't really interested on it because money issues, they wanted me to get one to play with them but meh XD I wanted one only I heard about the R4 :v Until I wanted to plays smash bros on my n64 (Wii was new that time, maybe not that new, was +/- 2008? and I was +/-17)" and looking for prices, I found a japanese one with 1/3 of the US version price, "it's just fighting game, no need to understand, right?"[spoilers : it was 90% english :v] >the cart arrived >my n64 controller was borrowed >a friend got me a very in bad state one >we crazily run to the console >placed the game and ... WHY IT DON'T FIT? this was how I got aware of region lock, happily I had an adapter here (idk why I had it LOL) >we played it The pokemon dubs where different that what I was used, and I liked then even small samples,,, but then, new challenger approaching! (or something like that, was in japanese anyway) it's PURIN It hit me in a strange way ... like this name? this dub, so cute and kawaidesu (lol) as kids he had problems with the name Jigglypuff because no one could read it, nor say it correctly (the anime dub don't helped, each character talked in a different way) and it was to be really THAT simple? and sounding cutier? I noticed others diferences like itens names: monster ball, not pokéball, the city was " Yamabuki" , I was like " why they hid that for me? if it's stuff from japan why it isn't like in japan ?" This was how I got aware about regional diferences for "the same thing" [kinda side history, not really about pokemon] I got a bit obsessed with localization in general, even more because I saw it was mostly hiding religious references or strong language to make something " safer" from kids, but really stupid stuff if you consider stuff made in USA for the same public had the content they needed to censor there, was really hard to accept any of it, now I understand some reasons, even not agreeing with that at all, even that it was made for the US public and I had to take it ere, not in US lolol That time I was like " hey don't let me fit the cart to don't see the changed content!" :v [back with the pokemon part] This was when my curiosity about pokketomonsuta started to grown on me again, and in a anime subs torrent site (they still exist?) just showed me " Pocket monsters diamond and pearl" I was all curious about it , got and it was like 24 episodes in the best way possible: original names and therms on the subs, not using the localized terms/names on the subs or adding colorful letter to move names, but was just that (and like 2~3 movies) the fansub died without finishing it, the other we had was like this with localized therms/names and colorful things .... Anyway, I got in love with the series again, just like when I was a kid, but this time I just wanted the Japanese stuff but not knowing Japanese, because the " japanese" pokemon seemed better, some stuff like "real and series worlds was a way I enjoyed very more than the " just a generic fictional word" of the localized western version . On that time platinum was getting out, was when I got myself a DS and japanese platinum copy, later I got a soulsilver also Japanese, even not understanding the language (well, I played crystal not knowing English more than Yes and NO), also wanted to show people off about the miraculous world of not localized pokemon but wasn't everyone really interested XD even more who had it on their native languages or was too used to care, was a bit of a failure xD I still like pokemon bu tI still not in that mood to play in english, I tried sun when it launched but haven't went far, I want to translate at least one game(ok all of then but hey, tons of text! and lack of will power) to my language in the way I think it should be here , but I only ave artistic skills and some good ideas, too bad at hacking and nobody on the fando/hacking community really careto help in the translation aspects. I'm kinda far from it today but still something I love, in a different way from mostly of the fans, with a different view of the series, but 3DS games are kinda of killing it... The only thing I really regret is not being too efforted to show " the way Iove" it , being the translation ideas or something else, and not really enjoying it in a way easy to share with the rest of the public... and to haven't really learned japanese to be able to at least enjoy in my way by myself and I failed about being short XD
  2. maybe pokepic DS? I think you can find teh trainers there but not sure https://hackromtools.altervista.org/pokepic-ds/
  3. I want some hacks on platinum too like adding/using and editing unused places/location, adding some itens hiden and on floor and even small events if possible... if you ave som info please share with me! about what do you need 1 I think you can edit that, but how, I don't know :c 2 I think that with the DS pokehack studio you can do that, give a look https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=287993
  4. what are you planning to do? The better I know is one from JackHack96, it have some issues but can even get korean characters if compatible (DPP korean versions and HGSS ), and maybe for BW it can get Russian and others unused text characters here's his toolbox: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=287993
  5. actually I'm almost sure you can use the save from any region mixed on any pokemon game from gba to above (well exept korean in DS games), but probably you are looking for the events, so save editor would go best?
  6. Try this http://hackromtools.altervista.org/overworld-editor-ds/
  7. well I'm a Hikari fan so it's sound fun why don't use her with Kotone clothes instead(or the old Crystal one's)? you will have to edit the sprites of couse, but seens a nice add also could use someone else instead of Hibiki, idk
  8. wow this sia wesome O-O I can't play now but I'm VERY interested! great work! Do you have any resource for moding Dsgames? Like... I want to know how to add npc, lengendaries in overworld and some stuff, on platinum xp and it's hard getting help =3=
  9. probaly a lot of florest and more florest, and poor homes, because is how outsiders see Brazil and represent it on every media :v
  10. Finally Japanese nintendo 2DS on their region , with special version for each pokemon game (and colored ABXY!! lol), that may come pre installed in an (awesome) original game like game box, and the color of the respective game, Aka (red), Midori, ,Ao(blue) and Pikachu (yellow, It's "pocket monsters pikachu" on japan, not "pokémon tellow version" like on western versions o3o) They will start selling at February 2 by the price of 9,980 Yen Getting one you will win a special mew on XY/ORAS and a ticket to get one on the classics, trading it in a store. Sources: Pokemon.co http://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/VCAMAP/?p003=msign Nintendo of Japan https://topics.nintendo.co.jp/c/article/b03a9657-a844-11e5-a02c-0a6d14145cb1.html
  11. Hey, thanks a lot! For DPPT they work on the same way ? I Know the list must be different lol but I'm really needing learn how to script on my project xp one thing I'm thinking, but I can replace the "ketsuban" sprites(placeholder?) on Pt, for example, with the big Lugia? there are a lot of ketsuban there lol my plan is just get the Lugia with tinke and replace the ketsuban there ...(and i think they are mostly of these "freezee" there, right? ) Or I could just get an narc tool, just add the files on the mmodel.narc and then pack again ? I just want to add some legendaries overworld and maybe some characters, if I could do witl all the pokemon and make they follow like on HGSS would be great! hahah Hey hope you have find out already ... But if not , I only know the Overwrold editor DS and PokePic DS, give a look! http://hackromtools.altervista.org/overworld-editor-ds/ http://hackromtools.altervista.org/pokepic-ds/
  12. this is interesing ... but I have some questions do platinum have some unsused music? and it's possible to ADD musics , form a hack, instead of just replacing the originals?
  13. looks like you are interested on some chinese/spanish hackrooms well they are actually interesting ... even the japanese one that few know about ....(only moemon but meh, tehre are great hacks out ...) well the answer is no, unless someone have translated it One funny thing I did was using the spnaish pokemon naranja hack on an englsh rom ... It was funny because the main part where in spanish, but there was some radom parts in english lol
  14. ah man , I don't know exactly how to help you , since I have no idea where the sprites are located .. But look for who did the derpzard version, they edited it and might be able o tel you how! good luck!
  15. actually this are not impossible! don't give up! Why I know that ... well at least for DS did you know how taiwanese/chinese made translation? They simply got the Japanese rom, edited the font and added that crazy amount of Hanzi on the rom, without replacing one single character! ans they did it it each pokemon game, a lot of DS, #DS and GBA games, and all made by hacking since official releases are very low there ....and now they are on the 3DS!! If they can do, we can as well! What you can do is find the game font, and find a way to add the characters (I have no idea how, sorry) I can't even get a way to edit the DS font, and I can't find anyone to help me xp, but well Other thing could be replacing the existing letters (how many letters are on Vietnamese language? o-o), but the text to inserto on the game must be chanced according ... for example if you replace the game font's A, B , C, D to 0, 1, 2, 3(respectively) to write 20013 ingame, the text file need to be CAABD, got it? You can translate normally but on the time to send the file to the game you need to replace... I would recommend you start with a DS game so you can try to find out how the Chinese did with their version to add the characters, comparing with an common rom ... but i'ts your choice , you just need some research and study, but it's sure you can do it! I want to help the way I can, even not knowing much òwo)/ Also I'm curious about how is pokemon in your country... I would like to talk more with you o3o
  16. man this is awesome, great work! when i starte messing with BW I can't wait to use hehe We need something like this for DPPt and HGSS !
  17. well, actually I do because I did for he platinum translation I'm doing to portuguese ok no ideia for ORAS and XY, but for the DS ones it's easy ... Ok I will talk for platinum that is the one I did... You will need the an non English game (I used Japanese) and the english one DS text editor and Tinke DS -First with the english rom: -Open it on tinke, look for the pl_msg.narc on msgdata> scenario folder and extract it to a folder (the DS Text editor's one is a good idea) -Now open this file with DSTE. You will see some text banks on the left side , go near the last ones and find which what you need: the one that have the Lbs and Ft infos that are 707 and 708 for lbs. ,709 and 710 for the Fts/inchs , take note of these numbers (probably different banks numbers on the other games) - Open the Japanese/other rom on Tinke, , find the pl_msg , select it and click on "unpack " - Find the pl_msn corresponding (707,708,709,710 ) and click "Extract" on each one - Now back to the english rom, open on tinke , find and unpack the pl_msg -Go to desired files , select each one and click "change file" , replace for the ones you extracted before now back to the main pl_msg, select it and click "pack" and then "save rom" , put the name there and be happy! not that hard to do (but was to figure out e3e the first time I did with the new poketext ... imagine the pain on notepad++ >3<) It would fork for both DP, HGSS, BWs, but different location for the messages ... DP -> msgdata/scenario/msg.narc HGSS-> /a/0/2/7.narc BW -> there are two messages files so I don't know OTL but they are /a/0/0/2.narc and /a/0/0/3.narc Now for XY and ORAS I have no idea but must be similar! good luck!!
  18. Hello all! A Long time ago I wanted a font editor for DS just to work on some things for my translation(to portuguese)project ... and I still need it haha But now I have another idea that may be useful not only for me... but I still can't edit this thing! someone have idea how I can edit this? Thank you! Well I did this and all I can get is this: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=219606 I could not make the program work here, I asked for help there but no help, I even PM the OP there and nothing, now the links are even broken. I had the last version on my computer so I uploaded it, if someone want to try, here it go https://mega.nz/#!Jx5GHZSa!UAGUGqO5S...L4pjeoFHXfs1-g Looks like every DS pokemon game have the same font format, i saw it can be replaced like from Pt to BW or the inverse, so it could be usefull for every DS pokemon game, right? (also if someone know about the XY and ORAS font ... but this one I could ask someone to send me the files to edit , because I can't do by myself since I'm without a 3DS atm and stufs :v )
  19. Hey hello! Thaks for the work but ... It don't work here :v when I try to open the Narc it says he program stopped working and closes What I'm trying to do is a trsnaltion of pokemon Platinum tomy language, and using "the new poke text" but I'm looking for something more pratic ,so I wanted to give it a try but I'm unlucky/doing wrong =3=
  20. I wannt to know the same for Platinum Acctualy in D/P/Pt there are some names on a part of the text files , but not all, maybe on BW2 they are on the same but you need to search, try getting all with TheNewPokeText and open with notepad++ , press ctrl+F and writhe there one of the names then search for it , maybe you find the list
  21. sorry for douple posting but just to update my status: I really don't know why I had that proble but I corrected it by editing only the "messed image", not ir corrected and worked well, but now I have another problem ... on demo/titlle/opdemo. narc there have 2 logos used on the opening, I can just replace then, with the texture, but ingame it get messed, don't read the right pallete think, and it happens even if I import exatly the same logo (that I just export), if I do it replacing the texture, tinke will re-arrange it and will be messy anyway ... how I could avoid it ?
  22. try a shop editor? or find the file on the rom and edit it ?
  23. Hello everyone! I'm translating pokemon platinum to my language (portuguese) and I in doubt abot this For the charcater names I find some on the text file I got with TheNewPokeText (Pl_msg.narc) and I think isn't all there, Like for Cynthia and Cyrus to show in battle as example, the sabe with some trainer classes, I found a few but not all of them are there, maybe trhey are on another file, not on the Pl_msg.narc?(And about the msg.narc that are text from D/P, the platinum make any use of this file or is just a leftover?) an d for the itens is a idea for an extra on the translation, but could be usefull for someone that wnat to play the platinum nowadays: I want to hide some of the event key itens, for the darkrai event, shaymin event and and stufs, as example, I want to hide the Oak's letter on a corner in the Rowan's laboratory, if the player go and press A, will find the item there, as example well anyone could help me please?
  24. on the DS games it is with the text files .. but what you want to do? maybe you can use the spanish one?
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