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  1. Name: Team Plasma's King Age: 14 Experience: Made Firered DS and Ruby DS What part you will help with: Scripting and text editing Email: no personal information, please. if you're gonna give an email, don't give one that's nothing but your full, real name.
  2. Spiky DS's Map Editor This program, henceforth called SDSME, promises to be the first real tool that can allow users to modify, to the limit of the current possibilities of hacking ROMs for the Nintendo DS games Pokémon in Generation 4. Author of this fantastic tool is Spiky-Eared Pichu, a very talented boy. The tutorial refers to the version 1.8.1 of the tool. What you need Latest version of SDSME - You can get the tool from the download in the green box. (Version 1.1 minimum required) MKDS Course Editor. Blender - You can get the open source software from the official website . Map of the region With this tool, you can edit individual and the position of the header of each map, so you can get an overall picture. Let's start with the load the ROM of the game that we want to modify, open the tool, click on "Load ROM ..." and choose your ROM (there is full compatibility with the ROM Pokémon Italian). After fully charged the ROM, see 4 main tabs: Map headers - Headers maps: they are shown the main properties of each map. Matrix Editor - Matrices: allows you to view maps in arrays. (Array) Map Editor - Map Editor: allows you to view and modify parts of the maps. Text Editor - Text Editor: allows you to replace any text belonging to the ROM. In order to see the map of the region, just move the tab Matrix Editor; each 3D map external (belonging to the region, not the interiors of buildings) occupies the same space in the map, then we can consider each location as a collection of many blocks map, all the same size. See the image below. The first matrix (Matrix 0), strangely resembles the present routes of Pokémon HeartGold Version. In fact it is the graphical layout of each block map, you can see it in 3 ways: Map Headers - Lists the header of the maps (so the ID in the Map tab Headers, useful for editing maps and understand, seeing the region, which we are changing the map). Clicking twice on a white block you will be taken to the number of the map in the Map tab Headers. Border Map Height - Lists the maps of the "edges", ie those maps which have a block of trees, a block of the sea, a block of rock, etc. ... to continue the maps. Each block has its own height. In this view, the height is indicated. Each block is a real map editable. Map Files - Lists the maps is that the blocks that surround them. Clicking twice on a white block will open the map in the Map Editor tab. If we were to add a new ID map (take the map of New Bark Town, its ID number is 0 map, while the map is his number 60) over the number of IDs already present (the last one is the HG 675), the tool we would signal an error. Evidently the author did not allow the inclusion of new maps in new places, but this does not mean that it is possible to move the maps. Indeed, we can change the numeric values ​​and then "move" the positions of the maps in the region. Attention: without being able to modify the anchor points of the MN Flight, you can not take full advantage of these changes. Exporting a map From the overview map of the region, double click on a map in the Map Files tab, you'll go in the Map tab Editor: The central part of the tool. Within this tab there are other 3 sub: Move Permissions - Modify the movements permits. 3D View - View the map in 3D through the different tilesets. Tileset Editor - Amend the different tilesets. Even changing the card, rimmarà left column for Import / Export, like the image below. What we are interested to export a map are the Export button. Indeed, we can export: the "move permission" - will be saved to a file. containing the table for movement permits. the "buildings" - will be saved to a file. bld containing all models of buildings (eg, houses, signs, wind turbines, etc. ..). the "3D model" - will be saved to a file. nsbmd for the entire model including texture, or a file. obj with textures attached to the same folder (useful for editing the file. obj using 3D editing programs). the "terrain settings" - export the file. bdhc containing the table settings for every type of terrain in the map (eg lawn when walking to hear that sound, sand where you leave your footprints walking with that particular animation, etc. ..). Edit a map This tool allows you to do a lot, but does not include an editor of 3D objects inside. After exporting our map in a folder and format. Obj (the only editable by 3D programs), we open Blender and using File >> Import >> Wavefront (. Obj) import our model. Main article: Blender After making the necessary changes, export the model in. Obj through File >> Export >> Wavefront (. Obj) overwriting the previous year. Attention: the only programs that allow, through the extensions provided by Nintendo, to export your models in. Nsbmd Maya and 3DS Max 6 (versions that may activate the plugin ranging from 6 to 8). Without one of these two programs pay, you can not export maps to import them in your ROM. Import a map Import a map is simple if you already have at you disposal the related model. Nsbmd. If we change one, I will do click Import (3D Model) to replace the map. One thing not to be overlooked is able to import and export maps from versions Pokémon Pearl, Diamond and Platinum Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions. In fact, the basis of the ROM has not changed significantly from Nintendo and you can change maps from various games (eg bring the Casino in DPPt HGSS, etc. ..). In order to successfully import a map from one game to another you need to export all over the map: permits movement patterns, objects, pattern map, textures, terrain tags. Movements allowed The movements allowed are the most important part of each map. In fact, through these you can determine where you will find the grass after you can use Surf MN, where travano slides of sand (Pokémon DPPt, slides that you can only go with the second gear of the bike), and more. To change the movement permits, return to the Map Editor tab of the map you have chosen. All the different blocks of various colors representing the movements allowed. To change a movement permit, click on a block, then changes its value with one in the spoiler above. Changed the number, hit enter and you will have successfully changed the lock. You can also change the step for each block, in two ways: Using the three options in the upper right corner of the window, Free Passage, No Passage and Grass Sound. In order: you can pass, you can not switch when switching is made to hear the sound of the grass. Using the Toggle button: in the lower part of the column Import / Export is a part Paint, just as in AdvanceMap will be possible, by choosing the ID of the tile and the type of step, to click on each block to set its properties. After making changes, click Save Current to save your progress (to save the ROM then you need to click on "Save ROM ..."). 3D view The second sub-tab of the Map Editor allows you to view the map you are editing. Here are the basic commands of the viewer: W - rotates the map clockwise along the x axis. S - rotate the map counter-clockwise along the x axis. A - rotate the map in a clockwise direction on the z axis. D - rotate the map counter-clockwise on the z axis. mouse wheel - change the zoom. Wireframe button - changes from viewer to viewer with textured "wires". button-down Tileset - allows you to choose the tileset of the map. Edit a tileset To edit a tileset is not enough to use SDSME, there will also serve the tool MKDS Course Editor. That said, let's move tab Tileset Editor. From here we will have the chance to see and edit all the tilesets in the ROM. Each tile set consists of textures and every texture has typically associated with a scoop (pallets of Nintendo DS games are not restricted in 16 RGB tone, in fact provide different kinds of colors, eg: rgb with 256 colors, 256 colors with rgba, 4x4TexelCompressedTexture, etc. ..). We can import / export a tileset using Import / Export, and we can save a texture format. Png in order to edit with graphics programs. To edit a tileset will need to export it as a. Nsbtx and open it with another tool. Open MKDS Course Editor, open the tileset exported as file1. In the left column, at the top there is a list of textures, while at the bottom of the list of palette (palette texture and its almost always have the same name). After changing the image. Png exported from SDSME with a graphics program can import it and replace it with a texture. We can also choose to import it as a new pallet to leave intact the original colors of the image. After this, save the tileset and import it into SDSME. Remember to click Save Current before doing anything else. Objects and buildings The objects are all models of additional maps, may therefore include buildings (eg Pokémon Center, Laboratory, Pokéathlon, etc. ..), facilities (eg, fountains, wind turbines, signs, street lights, etc. ..) and also contain the 3D models of the interior (red carpets for doors, stairs, machines to treat pokémon, tables, etc. ..) as well as maps of the interior is fully 3D games on Pokémon 4th Generation (would have been more difficult to create a scene map 2D and 3D for programmers of Game Freak). Click on the Edit tab Buildings Map Editor to display two new windows. Model List - Lists all models in the ROM, broken down by external and internal (click on "Inside Models" to change). You can import and export models, but for the moment it is not possible to create new ones other than those already present. You can also create animated models with 4 sequences. Buildings Editor - View the map with the colors of the blocks movement permits. Lists all the objects in the map, you can remove and add new ones. Each object has its own model (choosing the index from the list of the other window), its coordinates (can be entered numerically or by simply moving the green block on the map), its size (width, height and length indicates how many blocks must occupy an object). Remember that the coordinates X, Y and Z refer to the axis in order left-right, superior-inferior axis plane, the up-down axis. Make your changes and click on Save Current Save Current Map Editor tab as well. Headers and matrices of the maps The headers are numbers that allow you to choose which background music to hear in a map, weather, set of scripts, and more. To choose correctly in the header of the map that you want to change, it is advisable to go in the Matrix Editor tab, sub Map Headers. Just double-click on a block to be transported in its own row highlighted in the Map tab Headers. Credits Special thanks to: The creator of the tool and a friend of mine, Spiky-Eared Pichu The moderator of The PokéCommunity Forums, Team Fail
  3. all the narcs i know a/0/4/6: title screen a/0/5/8: trainer front sprites a/0/8/1: overworld sprites a/0/9/3: fly overworlds a/1/2/0: new game screen a/1/5: pokeathlon a/1/7/4: ... a/1/8/6: other overworlds pbr/pokegra.narc: pokemon battle sprites but, in a/0/0/4 are also pokemon battle sprite /a/0/1/5 contains the D/P/Pt bag and some other stuff /a/0/3/9 has the tabs from the D/P/Pt (and HG/SS?) Pokémon summary screen /a/0/4/9 contains an animation of the Zephyr Badge rotating? /a/0/5/8 contains the trainers from the front /a/0/6/4 contains the icons on the D/P menu, both above and under ground /a/0/7/1 contains an HP gauge, so probably the rest is in-battle stuff. Whether it's DP/Pt or HG/SS, I have no idea. /a/1/0/9 contains battle transitions: the Galaxy logo, the Rocket logo, the VS image, various gym leader headshots /a/1/2/0 contains Oak, Oak's Marril, full-size shots of Gold and Kotone, and animations for them shrinking to game-size /a/1/2/2 is probably the D/P ending; has the D/P trainers riding bikes. /a/1/2/6 has big tilesets for.. a Charizard.. some leaf patterns.. /a/1/2/7 has a Smeargle from behind, LCD numbers, and a little vertical strip of "Replay", Pikachu, Marill, a Pokéball, etc. I assume this is game corner stuff /a/1/4/2-9 are all tilesets. /a/1/5/5 has some Japanese text and a logo on fire
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  10. Here is the SCRIPT STUFF and the Sprite Hex below by Me Lockall-Locks NPCs and starts script. Faceplayer-Makes NPC face you. Message #-Assign a text number, it will bring up that line of dialouge. WaitButton-Waits until you press A or B CloseMsgOnKeyPress-Closes the message upon pressing A or B (goes with waitbutton) TrainerBattle # 0 1-Assign a trainer's number to have the battle against that trainer Releaseall-(must be there with lockall) allows other NPCs to move again. End-ends script, must have too Applymovement # mov_#-applies movement to the OW the # is assigned to, and applies the movement set assigned to the mov_# Waitmovment-waits til movement is finished before continueing the script. Removepeople #-removes the NPC assigned to it Receive MEgg-recieve the Togepi Egg GiveEgg 175 11-Cynthia's egg script from platinum Setflag 106-?Gives Pokemon option? Setflag 283-Gives Bag Option Setflag 284-Gives Trainer Option Setflag 285-Gives Save option Serflag 286-Gives Option option Setflag 156-Gives PokeGear ActPkgrFunction 1-Loads Town Map into Pokegear GiveRShoes-Gives Running Shoes PlayMusic 1067-Plays Oak's theme ActPokedex-Activates the Pokedex Setflag 107-Gives Pokedex Option MOVEMENT COMMANDS Exclaim SeeUp SeeRight SeeDown SeeLeft WalkUpFast/Normal/Slow WalkRightFast/Normal/Slow WalkDownFast/Normal/Slow WalkLeftFast/Normal/Slow RunUp RunRight RunDown RunLeft JumpFacingUp JumpFacingRight JumpFacingDown JumpFacingLeft Jumps one/two JumpUpOne/Two JumpRightOne/Two JumpDownOne/Two JumpLeftOne/Two PauseWalkUpFast/Normal/Slow PauseWalkRightFast/Normal/Slow PauseWalkDownFast/Normal/Slow PauseWalkLeftFast/Normal/Slow TEXT \n break, \r new text Sprites 000 = Soul Silver Hero Male 001 = Little Boy (Platinum) 002 = Little Girl (Platinum) 003 = Male School Kid (Platinum) 004 = Youngster (Platinum) 005 = Bug Catcher (Platinum) 006 = Lass (Platinum) 007 = Battle Girl (Platinum) 008 = School Girl (Platinum) 009 = Generic Male (Platinum) 00A = Rocker (Platinum) 00B = Ace Trainer Male (Platinum) 00C = Generic Female (Platinum) 00D = Beauty (Platinum) 00E = Ace Trainer Female (Platinum) 00F = Balding Male 010 = Barry's Mom (Platinum) 011 = Old Man (Platinum) 012 = Old Woman (Platinum) 013 = Fat Guy (Platinum) 014 = Hiker 015 = Biking Male Hero 016 = Reporter (Platinum) 017 = Camera Man (Platinum) 018 = Store clerk 1 019 = Store Clerk 2 01A = FREEZE 01B = FREEZE 01C = FREEZE 01D = Male Scientist (Platinum) 01E = Female Scientist (Platinum) 01F = Rough Neck (Platinum) 020 = FREEZE 021 = Female Skiier (Platinum) 022 = Officer (Platinum) 023 = Idol (Platinum) 024 = Gentleman (Platinum) 025 = Socialite (Platinum) 026 = Male Biker (Platinum) 027 = Female Biker (Platinum) 028 = Engineer (Platinum) 029 = Farmer (Platinum) 02A = Cowgirl (Platinum) 02B = Clown (Platinum) 02C = Artist (Platinum) 02D = Athlete Male (Platinum) 02E = FREEZE 02F = FREEZE 030 = FREEZE 031 = FREEZE 032 = Ruin Maniac (Platinum) 033 = Black Belt (Platinum) 034 = Picnic Boy (Platinum) 035 = Picnic Girl (Platinum) 036 = Fisherman 037 = Parasol Girl (Platinum) 038 = Sailor 039 = FREEZE 03A = FREEZE 03B = Waiter (Platinum) 03C = Waitress (Platinum) 03D = FREEZE 03E = Rich Boy (Platinum) 03F = Rich Girl (Platinum) 040 = FREEZE 041 = FREEZE 042 = FREEZE 043 = FREEZE 044 = Blizzard Ace Trainer Male (Platinum) 045 = Blizzard Ace Trainer Female (Platinum) 046 = Psychic Male (Platinum) 047 = Pikachu (Platinum) 054 = Strength Boulder (Platinum) 055 = Rock Smash Rock (Platinum) 056 = Cut Bush (Platinum) 057 = Item Pokeball 061 = Soul Silver Hero Female 062 = Biking Soul Silver Hero Female 063 = Professor Elm 07E = Roark 07F = Gardenia 080 = Crasher Wake 081 = Maylene 082 = Fantina 083 = Candice 084 = Byron 085 = Volkner 08D = Cheryl 08E = Riley 08F = Marley 090 = Buck 091 = Mira 092 = School Boy (HG/SS) 094 = Rival (Silver) 0A8 = Gym Stalker Guy (HEYA FUTURE CHAMP!) 0A9 = Tower Tycoon Paulmer 0AF = Pokemon Mansion Maid (Platinum) 0B0 = Diamond/Pearl Hero Male Holding Up Pokeball 0B1 = Diamond/Pearl Hero Female Holding Up Pokeball 0B2 = Soul Silver Hero Male Kneeling 0B3 = Soul Silver Hero Female Kneeling 0B4 = Diamond/Pearl Hero Male Watering Berries 0B5 = Diamond/Pearl Hero Female Watering Berries 0B7 = Book 0BC = Soul Silver Hero Male Fishing 0BD = Soul Silver Hero Female Fishing 0C1 = Green Mystery Gift Man 0C4 = Diamond/Pearl Hero Male Checking Watch 0C5 = Diamond/Pearl Hero Female Checking Watch 0C6 = Soul Silver Hero Male Kneeling 0C7 = Soul Silver Hero Female Kneeling 0C8 = Soul Silver Hero Male Handing Pokeballs 0C9 = Soul Silver Hero Female Handing Pokeballs 0D2 = Ruins Of Alph Wall 0D3 = Red 0DA = Thief 0DB = Shrine Woman With Candles 0DC = Sprout Tower Monk 0DD = Female Rocket 0DE = Male Rocket 0DF = Rocket Executive Athena 0E0 = Rocket Leader Apollo 0E1 = Male Snowboarder 0E3 = Pyro-Maniac 0E5 = Biker 0E8 = Kimono Woman 0E9 = Kurt 0EA = Clefairy Doll 0EB = Bill 0EC = SS Aqua Captain 0ED = Red Gyarados 0EE = Diamond/Pearl Hero Male 0EF = Diamond/Pearl Hero Female 0F0 = FREEZE 0F1 = FREEZE 0F2 = FREEZE 0F3 = FREEZE 0F4 = FREEZE 0F5 = FREEZE 0F6 = FREEZE 0F7 = FREEZE 0F8 = Soul Silver Hero Dancing? 0F9 = Soul silver Female Dancing? 0FA = Shrine Woman Without Candles 0FB = Other Part of a Door (Left) 0FC = Other Part of a Door (Right) 0FD = Crate 0FE = Magnet Train Support Beam 0FF = Magnet Train Support Beam 100 = Part of a Door 101 = Part of another Door 102 = Rocket Soul Silver Hero Male 103 = Rocket Soul Silver Hero Female 104 = Rocket Male Hero Handing Pokeballs to Nurse Joy 105 = Rocket Female Hero Handing Pokeballs to Nurse Joy 106 = ??? Apricorn Tree 107 = Red Apricorn Tree 108 = Yellow Apricorn Tree 109 = Blue Apricorn Tree 10A = Green Apricorn Tree 10B = Pink Apricorn Tree 10C = White Apricorn Tree 10D = Black Apricorn Tree 10E = Red Apricorn 10F = Yellow Apricorn 110 = Blue Apricorn 111 = Green Apricorn 112 = Pink Apricorn 113 = White Apricorn 114 = Black Apricorn 115 = Factory Head Thorton 116 = Hall Matron Argenta 117 = Castle Valet Dirach 118 = Arcade Star Dahlia 119 = Lady Caitlin 11A = Green Colored Frontier Worker 11B = Maroon Colored Frontier Worker 11C = Battle Frontier Entrance Worker 11D = Male Wi-Fi Plaza Worker 11E = Female Wi-Fi Plaza Worker 11F = Persian Statue 120 = Golden Dresser Hiding Rocket's Secret Base 121 = Little Boy 122 = Door Of Some Kind 123 = Ruins Of Alph Podium 124 = Patch of Dirt 125 = Rocket Admin Lambda 126 = Rocket Admin Lance (Rocket) 127 = Platinum Hero Male 128 = Platinum Hero Female 129 = Kneeling Rocket Male Hero 12A = Kneeling Rocket Female Hero 12B = Orange Mystery Gift Man 12C = FREEZE 12D = FREEZE 12E = FREEZE 12F = FREEZE 130 = FREEZE 131 = FREEZE 132 = FREEZE 133 = FREEZE 134 = FREEZE 135 = FREEZE 136 = FREEZE 137 = FREEZE 138 = FREEZE 139 = FREEZE 13A = FREEZE13B = Little Boy (HG/SS) 13C = Little Girl (HG/SS) 13D = Youngster (HG/SS) 13E = Bug Catcher (HG/SS) 13F = Mini-Skirt 140 = Blonde Girl With Pig Tails 141 = Brown Haired School Girl 142 = Brown Haired Boy 143 = Rocker 144 = Elite Trainer Male 145 = Generic Woman 146 = Beauty (HG/SS) 147 = Elite Trainer Female 148 = Balding Man 149 = House Wife 14A = Old Man (Daycare Grandpa) 14B = Old Woman (Daycare Grandma) 14C = Fat Guy (HG/SS) 14D = Hiker 14E = Store Clerk 1 14F = Nurse Joy 150 = Downstairs Pokecenter Clerk 151 = HG/SS GTS Clerk 152 = Poke-Geek 153 = FREEZE 154 = FREEZE 155 = Gentleman (HG/SS) 156 = Male Swimmer 157 = Female Swimmer 158 = Black Belt (HG/SS) 159 = Picnic Boy 15A = Picnic Girl 15B = Fisherman 15C = Sailor 15D = MISSINGNO. 15E = Gold Trophy 15F = Psychic Male (HG/SS) 160 = Falkner 161 = Bugsy 162 = Whitney 163 = Morty 164 = Chuck 165 = Jasmine 166 = Pryce 167 = Clair 168 = Elite 4 Will 169 = Elite 4 Koga 16A = Elite 4 Bruno 16B = Elite 4 Karen 16C = Champion Lance 16D = Your Mother 16E = Professor Oak 16F = Kid Playing DS 170 = Lt. Surge 171 = Sabrina 172 = Misty 173 = Erika 174 = Janine 175 = Brock 176 = Blaine 177 = Green 178 = Silver Trophy 179 = PokeManiac 17A = Juggler 17B = Bronze Trophy 17C = Banette 17D = Sudowoodo Tree 17E = Eusine 17F = Kobushi (Pokethlon Champion) 180 = Hajime 181 = Giovanni 182 = Ruins Of Alph Researcher 183 = Sprout Tower Master 184 = FREEZE 185 = DJ Kurumi (DJ Mary? Pink haired DJ) 186 = Lapras 187 = FREEZE 188 = Daisy 189 = Red's Mom 18A = Bug Catching Contest Host 18B = ??????? 18C = Pokethlon Medal 18D = Pokethlon Scroll 18E = Pokethlon Shoes 18F = Pokethlon Jacket 190 = Pokethlon Red Flag 191 = Pokethlon Pokegear 192 = Pokeball In a Glass Jar 193 = Pokethlon Self Statue Male 194 = Pokethlon Self Statue Female 195 = FREEZE 196 = Ice Block 197 = Soul Silver Hero Male Pokethlon Outfit 198 = Soul Silver Hero Female Pokethlon Outfit 199 = Rotom Microwave 19A = Rotom Fan 19B = Rotom Fridge 19C = Rotom Washer 19D = Rotom Mower 19E = Slowpoke 19F = Bulbasaur 1A0 = ??? 1A1 = ??? 1A2 = ??? 1A3 = ??? 1A4 = ??? 1A5 = Steven Stone 1A6 = Cynthia 1A7 = Soul Silver Hero Male Checking Watch 1A8 = Soul Silver Hero Female Checking Watch 1A9 = Ho-oh 1AA = Lugia 1AB = Radio Station Attendant 1AC = Bulbasaur 1AD = Ivysaur 1AE = Venasaur 1AF = Venasaur 1B0 = Charmander 1B1 = Charmeleon 1B2 = Charizard 1B3 = Squirtle 1B4 = Wartortle 1B5 = Blastoise 1B6 = Caterpie 1B7 = Metapod 1B8 = Butterfree 1B9 = Weedle 1BA = Kakuna 1BB = Beedrill 1BC = Pidgey 1BD = Pidgeotto 1BE = Pidgeot 1BF = Rattata 1C0 = Ratticate 1C1 = Spearow 1C2 = Fearow 1C3 = Ekans 1C4 = Arbok 1C5 = Pikachu 1C6 = Pikachu 1C7 = Raichu 1C8 = Sandhsrew 1C9 = Sandslash 1CA = Nidoran Female 1CB = Nidorina 1CC = Nidoqueen 1CD = Nidoran Male 1CE = Nidorino 1CF = Nidoking 1D0 = Clefairy 1D1 = Clefable 1D2 = Vulpix 1D3 = Ninetails 1D4 = Jigglypuff 1D5 = Wigglytuff 1D6 = Zubat 1D7 = Golbat 1D8 = Oddish 1D9 = Gloom 1DA = Vileplume 1DB = Paras 1DC = Parasect 1DD = Venonat 1DE = Venomoth 1DF = Diglett 1E0 = Dugtrio 1E1 = Meowth 1E2 = Persian 1E3 = Psyduck 1E4 = Golduck 1E5 = Mankey 1E6 = Primape 1E7 = Growlithe 1E8 = Arcanine 1E9 = Poliwag 1EA = Poliwhirl 1EB = Poliwrath 1EC = Abra 1ED = Kadabra 1EE = Alakazam 1EF = Machop 1F0 = Machoke 1F1 = Machamp 1F2 = Bellsprout 1F3 = Weepinbell 1F4 = Victreebel 1F5 = Tentacool 1F6 = Tentacruel 1F7 = Geodude 1F8 = Graveler 1F9 = Golem 1FA = Ponyta 1FB = Rapidash 1FC = Slowpoke 1FD = Slowbro 1FE = Magnemite 1FF = Magneton 200 = Farfetch'd 201 = Doduo 202 = Dotrio 203 = Seel 204 = Dewgong 205 = Grimer 206 = Muk 207 = Shellder 208 = Cloyster 209 = Ghastly 20A = Haunter 20B = Gengar 20C = Onix 20D = Drowzee 20E = Hypno 20F = Krabby 210 = Kingler 211 = Voltorb 212 = Electrode 213 = Exeggcute 214 = Exeggutor 215 = Cubone 216 = Marowak 217 = Hitmonlee 218 = Hitmonchan 219 = Lickitung 21A = Koffing 21B = Weezing 21C = Rhyhorn 21D = Rhydon 21E = Chansey 21F = Tangela 220 = Kangaskhan 221 = Horsea 222 = Seadra 223 = Goldeen 224 = Seaking 225 = Staryu 226 = Starmie 227 = Mr. Mime 228 = Scyther 229 = Jynx 22A = Electabuzz 22B = Magmar 22C = Pinsir 22D = Tauros 22E = Magikarp 22F = Gyarados 230 = Lapras 231 = Ditto 232 = Eevee 233 = Vaporeon 234 = Jolteon 235 = Flareon 236 = Porygon 237 = Omanyte 238 = Omastar 239 = Kabuto 23A = Kabutops 23B = Aerodactyl 23C = Snorlax 23D = Articuno 23E = Zapdos 23F = Moltres 240 = Dratini 241 = Dragonair 242 = Dragonite 243 = Mewtwo 244 = Mew FREEZE freezes the game when you use it. PPRE can read only Dec numbers, but these are Hex numbers. So open up Calculator, and go to the Programmer Mode for Windows 7. I don't know what to press for the other software so you have to figure out yourself. Go to Hex and type in the number for the sprite. Click on Dec next to get the Dec number. Write this in PPRE.
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