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Found 3 results

  1. since i have converted the Motion 3D code to platinum, i've been trying to convert the Crazy Zoom v1.2 since then.. i've done so many tests but no luck so i stopped testing for a while. Today i got in the mood to start again since i had nothing else to do. i have found the camera address code for platinum! If you want to help, make sure you already know advance things about the Action Replay from my motion 3D code i was trying to figure out the address of the code line that is the camera address itself but it wasn't possible because it had the watch address so you could change the value through the calculator. while looking through the D/P Crazy Zoom code i found the D/P camera code address in it. let me explain. here is the Motion 3D code i have converted to work: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?p=29129 see any similarities to the two? Motion3D [D/P (U)] Motion3D [Platinum (U)] look at the only bolded parts of the 2 codes. this is the usual main code in most codes for that game. now look at the itatlic line in the DP code, this never needs to be in the Platinum codes. now look at the only underlined part of the 2 codes. not sure why, but these are part of the camera code address. lastly look at the Bolded and underlined address and vaule, this is the watch calculator code that allows you to activate the camera with the vaule you put in. this is also acting as the camera value control instead of using the actual address which was unknown for platinum. now look below. Crazy Zoom 1.2 D/P this code gives a lot of control to the camera but doesn't use the calculator. this means the rest of the camera address is in here somewhere. I bolded it to make things easier. thats the DP camera address and i confirmed this by noticing its the only code on the left column that begins with a 0, 1, or 2 which is a register address to place the value as. so finally here's the thing i need help with, i'm very close to converting the code, but there's just one more address that i'm not sure what to convert to (they are bolded) Crazy zoom (platinum US) IN TESTING that address is the only thing left that i can't figure out how to convert. everything else should be fine. the things i underlined i am positive are right through testing. anything else i believe doesn't need to be touched for reasons that are just about impossible to explain and for studying every other differences in the 2 types of games (i coulted D and P as one type) Any help would really be appreciated!! once this is done, its complete!! anyone that converts it correctly will get half the credit for finishing the code!! oh boy oh boy oh boy!! i'm getting too excited!!!
  2. Okay, guys, I think I'm ready to pop the big question. One thing: This is mostly directed towards Narwhal, Telos, Loading, Kunaidude34, and Bear831. (I purposefully left out Naru-Chu and Illithian because they are on "break".) Since I'm not really that great of a graphic artist (not at all), I really thought about leaving it up to you guys. I recently got a new phone (The Rumor 2) and I was browsing DeviantArt for new GIMP brushes, and what do you know? An ad for Heidi Klum's line of skins for Rumor 2 pops up! Now normally I absolutely hate those kind of ads, but believe it or not, I was actually kinda glad it popped up. I clicked a couple of links, and discovered that you could actually design your own! This sparked hope in me, because normally, with the 'Design Your Own' things, it isn't really 'Design Your Own' at all, but just a wimpy little thing they whipped together with maybe a couple of graphics and customizations. I was crossing my fingers (not my mouse hand) when I clicked the link to 'Create Your Own', and just about jumped out of my seat when I found out that you could upload your own images! That really got me excited about all the different possibilities.... I played around with GIMP for about an hour, but nothing really stood out. Did I mention that I'm not the best graphic designer in the world? So, after multiple tries, I've decided that it would be best to leave it up to you guys to do this for me. Now for the specifications. I've thought about it a lot, and I think I've finally decided to not make this specific at all, and just let you guys create it completely. I only want a couple of things, though. These aren't exactly specifications, just some guidelines that you guys might want to make note of before you start. First of all, here's the link to the design page. 1) I like Heidi's Chaos design some, but it's not exactly what I was looking for. 2) I have the Blue Rumor 2, so I would appreciate it if you throw in that same blue somewhere in the design. 3) I don't want any pokemon or any animals in it, with the exception of my little Tigress here and my Butterfly. If you are going to use one of those, I would preffer it if you used Tigress. Thanks Oh yeah, and sorry about Butterfly having orange tips for some of the little whoop-dee-doo things... I couldn't take them out, even though I tried. :frown: I was kind of hoping you guys could work on it for me. You don't mind, do you? Thanks If you haven't already noticed, I actually took them from SkinIt's website, but I edited them to look better. (Butterfly) (Tiger) 4) I like a lot of bright colors, like some of the colors in Heidi Klum's Chaos design, but I prefer more blues too. Okay, last thing, I swear. I would appreciate it if you guys made multiple skins for me so that way I have a wider choice. Thanks in advance!! *EDIT since you guys kept asking, here's the stencil for the skin. a couple of things--make it bigger for better quality.... also, keep it to proportion. Oh yeah, and obviously don't get the lines of the stencil in the picture. i think thats about it. Here it is.
  3. I'd like to hear other people's opinions on this. I've had a few debates about it in real life and on IRC, so I thought I'd take it to some sort of forums. So yeah, what are your thoughts? Personally, at first I was a bit freaked out and thought "osnap" but now I think it's just getting stupid. The media blow it out of proportion, yet again, however councils and governments tell people to "not be alarmed". Now I have just grown bored of it in a way, it's not much different to any other flu ro virus, apart from the fact it is "new". So what's your opinion? Should we make such a big deal out of it? Is it worth closing schools etc. over?
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