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  1. No you can't. Its hard coded into the game.
  2. One thing, might the red and blue shadows be nature? Nos sure though.
  3. Maybe we could run ROM hacks, ran in various AR codes, really small codes, maybe it will be annoying, but its possible, at least a storyline change.
  4. Maybe the balls will change into different balls when traded, like the fast ball will change into a quick ball
  5. Mew cut surf fly rock smash mew strength rock climb defog waterfall
  6. Use this AR code press L+R and get arceus at the pokemart.
  7. wii points are used to buy games, its bought with real moey. 1200 wii points are 12 dollars, in japan they are 1200 yen, which is about 12 dollars.
  8. Did you read this article? http://projectpokemon.org/articles.php?req=read&article_id=83
  9. Thank you! But I have a question, can I edit the pokeball myself?
  10. could you please make this sprite a pokewalkier avvie? Thanks!
  11. I also have one of those, its just that I play with my DS lite because mine is almost broken into two pieces
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