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  1. Hm.. well the phone was just the start of Pokenav, Poketch etc. That's all. I doubt the phone will include the microphone, hey the phone might not even be there. There might be an updated Poketch this time. (Something has gotta fill the bottom screen). But yeah, all the phone was there for was to re-match people. This has been replaced with VS. Seeker, which I expect we'll see in the G/S remakes.
  2. Once I complete the game I'll PM you, (I will be able to tell you which ones are un-touched) I'll add you as a friend for now if you'd like so I remember
  3. Ah, the first time I played Pokémon Red Version I started with Squirtle. I remember nicknaming is "Squirt", how original But I was like 6 years old. Yeah, I like using Charmander as my starter for the fact that it can learn Fly once evolved into Charizard. Means I don't need a Pidgey/Spearow or whatever
  4. Azelf

    Pokemon Stadium

    Oh I never had Stadium 2... I hear so much about it, wish I could have got it. I hope they revive it on the Virtual Console so I can play it
  5. Ah sweet, I like the upgrade Looks much nicer now.
  6. Even the Champion can make mistakes
  7. Yeah same, unfortunately it's hard to keep them un-touched, as you need decent Pokémon in your team etc. I keep mine about as un-touched as I can, however I like to use Shadow Pokémon in my team. My Shadow Lugia will definitely remain un-touched though Same as the Legendary birds too probably.
  8. I'd like to hear other people's opinions on this. I've had a few debates about it in real life and on IRC, so I thought I'd take it to some sort of forums. So yeah, what are your thoughts? Personally, at first I was a bit freaked out and thought "osnap" but now I think it's just getting stupid. The media blow it out of proportion, yet again, however councils and governments tell people to "not be alarmed". Now I have just grown bored of it in a way, it's not much different to any other flu ro virus, apart from the fact it is "new". So what's your opinion? Should we make such a big deal out of it? Is it worth closing schools etc. over?
  9. I mainly use FireFox, but on the occasion I use Safari, it's quite a good browser.
  10. I didn't mean Crystal remake, It's just usually referred to as a "GSC remake".
  11. I think Unowns would be great to see in the story line or something. They need to be useful for SOMETHING nowadays.. I mean all you can use them for is collectables and to make a keyboard on ranch! Anyway, I'm hoping they make the Johto region harder to beat, and if Kanto's still there, to make it even more difficult than it previously was. I'd like to raise the point: Will there be a Pal Park in GSC remakes? Obviously it will be utilising the 4th gen graphics and, well you know will be "4th gen" so to speak. But Pal Park is in the Sinnoh region, so who knows if you'll be able to migrate directly to GSC remake or not?
  12. In my opinion, Pokémon Yellow was one of a kind. However, it kind of slipped out of the mainstream games. It followed the Animé way too much, which we all know... Games =/= Animé. However, despite this, Pokémon Yellow was a treat to play, I wouldn't mind seeing a remake, even though it is very highly unlikely. Unfortunately my Yellow cart is completely dead now . It was nice obtaining Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur in game. Overall I'd say it was quite top-notch
  13. I chose Charmander as it is my favourite out of the three, however I chose a different starter nearly every time I reset LG, just for the fun of it But yeah, Charmander is definitely my absolute favourite. (And it's like chosing hard mode for the game )
  14. Indeed, especially with the economic crisis at the moment. Anyway, back to topic . I'm really hoping this is a GSC remake, however we can't forget that there hasn't been a Shadow Pokemon game (Or similar) in a while... As well as that, it could be like a PBR update where you can use Shaymin/Giratina/Rotom formes. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much for GSC, but hey I can't help it However the recent evidence such as new Totodile, Cyndaquil and Chikorita figures to be released in September and the "Gold and silver" balls that were shown hanging from a ceiling in a show. I'll try get that pic if I can, it's in my internet history SOMEWHERE, if anyone wants it.
  15. I voted Emerald. For a start, I can't stand the Ruby/Sapphire font. As well as that, there are general improvements and a better story-line. I always love the "3rd game to the series". Emerald was by far one of the best. I'd reccomend it to anyone who likes Pokémon.
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