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Pkx: The New Pokemon Format For Gen 6


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This is truly outstanding! This could lead to the rumoured last Legendaries of Kalos being found, plus more Megas! (Since we wont know others until PokeTransporter)

However, if the rumor of Gen 6 having 2 regions (since only haveing 72 new Pkmn and such) and there is additional Pokemon/Region (The rom size is 1.7gb, most 3DS roms are ~1gb) we could find that out too? I know that would be in the rom, but hints would be in the save of course.

Anyways, great work! Can't wait to see where this goes!

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Well we could just modify some PKX files (the species ID specifically) and send them back to the game and see what happens. If there are any additional Pokémon to be discovered, this seems like a way to get it done.

For that matter the same thing applies to items / Mega Stones, etc.

there also might be a risk in that too, if its an invalid species ID the save "may" become corrupt like Nintendo has hinted at us.

but good luck to all of you i can't wait to see how far we can go with this

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So in a way, once this is fleshed out could we transfer are Gen 5 pkm over?

While I'm no way related to what Bond697 and xfr are doing, here's my thoughts on your question:

  1. While seemingly possible, we have no idea what the "Met Location" data in this case will be, together with other info like trash bytes,
    as we do not have an existing Pokebanked Pokemon to do comparison with.
  2. AFAIK, in previous generations, users with Pokedex data in their games that THEN was not available to public (Genesect, Keldeo etc.)
    were blocked from online features like GTS. The same might occur if you have previous Gen pkm that is not supposed to be available yet.
  3. Furthermore, Nintendo/GF has been stressing that your game save might be corrupted with hacked Pokemon,
    which some interpret it as them threatening to delete your save if any hacked Pokemons are found,
    and getting stuff that can't exist as of yet is tantamount to hacking.
  4. In addition to above point, do remember they are now swinging down the ban hammer. What if they block your IP or Mac address of your 3DS?

For those who find above TL;DR:

IMO Possibly Possible, but not recommended yet.

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Happiness/egg steps counter is missing, Pokemon-amie stats are missing as well (the latter probably will be represented as 3 bytes - friendliness, hunger and amusement - as friendliness increases gradually and hunger depends on amount on steps taken). I bet both are somewhere in the first block. There is a small chance that egg steps system may have been changed (and separated from happiness byte): somehow I hatched an egg, made 3 steps and got another egg hatching sequence. Though encrypting 6 PKX every time PC makes a single step looks like overkill to me.

Since you apparently able to insert Pokemon back, other interesting topic (at least for me) is if there is a Cyrillic font support in this gen. Can you please try inserting extended Unicode characters from Cyrillic subset into Pokemon nickname and take photos from party and in-battle screens? It would be nice if you used 0x0401, 0x0410, 0x0417, 0x041F, 0x0427, 0x042F, 0x0430, 0x0437, 0x043F, 0x0447, 0x044F, 0x0451 characters - at various ends of Russian alphabet.

I can't wait for the time when you publicize the method... Am aware of all the consequences for the whole community, but digging into this stuff is so much fun ;)

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That's probably why Ninty made such a statement at the first place.

It's actually not far off from the truth. While Bad Eggs and other hacking mistakes won't delete your save, it can certainly ruin it if you have no means to fix it. Editing RAM (AR codes) has a high chance of screwing up other things if you don't enter the code right or the code is just wrong.

Recently, there was a save file editor (don't know which one) that became popular and when Japanese users started using it, they found out that the program didn't support Japanese characters at all... including characters already on the save.... all pokemon nicknames, OT on pokemon, player's OT, etc.... all wiped out.

Anyway, I guess it should be said again that Nintendo makes those statements because editing your saves/pkm/ram with any kind means unintended for the product can have very unintended results and therefore they say you shouldn't do it, to avoid destroying your Pokemon and/or progress.

They also say trading hacked pokemon isn't fair to other users, for obvious reasons.

And then the only thing that they say isn't allowed is: using hacked Pokemon in tournaments (GBU Wifi or live VGC events), for obvious reasons. And also Bank.

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Small tidbits I've discovered:

1) Item IDs seem to use the same index, with new items starting at 0x27F (from memory, may be wrong exact number, but still, Item IDs are the same.)

2) The particular interesting packets that can be decoded only happen during certain types of interactions.

Sadly, I don't know how Bond/XFR managed to do their replay attack, so I have no idea what all is going to be involved in expanding this to cheating/editing/checking.

I have some ideas, but, they're all fairly complex (selective packet editing, etc.) and involve client applications loaded on your computer with a fairly complicated (for a networking noobie) setup to enable such shenanigans.

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