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  1. In the past I heard a lot that in both gen 1 and 2, AI status moves have an extra modifier for an accuracy check which makes them miss in 64 out of 256 cases. I remember Leer and Growl missing on my Pokemon during the early game in Gold and Crystal but that memory might be false. Is this true? If so, how does this work? Is it the case of AI status moves always having 192/256 accuracy or it's a multiplier? I.e. is it 75% or 45% for Hypnosis (normal value is 60%)?
  2. Got some questions that might be related to both SV raid mechanics AND the way PkHeX handles the raid data. I am using 20230130 release of PkHeX. 1. How does the game determine which raid Pokemon is in the given den? There is "Raid" structure at 0xCAAC8800 which, based on what I see in hex editor fully matches to entries in "Raid Parameter Editor" available when I click Raid button at the SAV tab. Also, in RaidSpawnList9.cs the seed is commented as "RNG Seed (32bit) for fetching the Raid data table and generating the raid." So is changing the seed enough to determine raid Pokemon and drops? Is there some kind of lookup table, so I can manipulate a given raid outcome (e.g. 6 star Brave Amoonguss with 5 Herba Mystica drops)? 2. How does the game handle online events? As far as I understand, going online updates five KBCAT*** records (that could be injected and that's how event gallery has all the existing raid distributions). Does setting "Content" value to "Distribution"/"Might7" force the game to use KBCATRaidEnemyArray to determine which Pokemon are being battled? 3. As far as I see from RaidSpawnList9.cs, both AreaID and SpawnPointID determine where the raid is on map. Is there a list of Area IDs and SpawnPoint IDs along with their x,y,z map coordinates somewhere? 4. What are the conditions for re-rolling the raids? Just the current date being different than the last saved date (*Int64 KLastSaved)? 5. Are there any known side effects from having multiple active 7/6 star raids on map? 5a. I personally think that "Set All 6-Star" button should be renamed as it's really confusing what it does after the 20230126 release ( - Changed: Gen9 S/V raid parameter editor "Set All 6 Star" changed to "Copy current values to Other Raids". ). I didn't notice this line in release notes first, so after "Set All 6-Star" seemingly did nothing for me post update, I had to go through the commit history to see the change and what does the button do.
  3. If anything, you can run PkHex in developer oriented VMs that Microsoft ships for various platforms. Seems like an overkill, but for Linux users like myself it's quicker than shamanic dances with Wine or Mono. At any case, new layout for Pokemon editor takes quite some time to get used to
  4. Hey, some time ago @Kaphotics has shared encounter tables for BDSP in this tweet: I wonder where are these tables stored in StreamingAssets and how easy is it to change them? I am a total noob to Unity but have some software development skills. My next question is: does the game package have compiled script files or they are interpreted? I know that graphical models could be easily unpacked and decomposed using tool like AssetStudio, but how does it work for scripts and data tables?
  5. I am talking about this project as an example: https://github.com/thekeldeo/pokemon-db If the only way is to get a file directly from SwSh ROM FS, can I have some pointers? I effectively need list of Pokemon, their base catch rate and weight (to build a small tool showing catch probability comparison for different balls in Max Raids).
  6. xyzman

    PKHeX Legacy Discussion

    Could you perhaps add some links to howto's in the bottom spoiler? As well as limitations. As far as I know, save backup/restore is impossible for retail carts. You have actually to buy a digital game from emunand eShop and use its save with SaveDataFiler. Maybe I got it wrong; my Gateway3DS just came in today anyway.
  7. With DS Wi-Fi Connection going down worldwide in May and official metagame shift to Gen 6, are we ever going to see the published research on how the so-called battle RNG works in Gen 5 and can be manipulated? I recall Kaphotics demonstrating the video of him defying all the probabilities in online battle, so it's definitely possible.
  8. There is a block starting with ea d0 bytes having random 16-bytes. The overall conclusion was that it is some sort of checksum, but nobody was able to figure it out yet.
  9. With people having no complaints with >> 4 values, I assume that the theory of final XOR value being less than 15 was confirmed. Does it also prove that 16+ will result non-shiny pokemon? I've yet to see any shinies with their "shiny values" differ by 1 bit...
  10. So wait... They send Wonder Trade data unencrypted? I love Nintendo very very much.
  11. What .NET framework version is required? I don't have access to Windows machine, and WINE + .NET was always a gamble...
  12. Happiness/egg steps counter is missing, Pokemon-amie stats are missing as well (the latter probably will be represented as 3 bytes - friendliness, hunger and amusement - as friendliness increases gradually and hunger depends on amount on steps taken). I bet both are somewhere in the first block. There is a small chance that egg steps system may have been changed (and separated from happiness byte): somehow I hatched an egg, made 3 steps and got another egg hatching sequence. Though encrypting 6 PKX every time PC makes a single step looks like overkill to me. Since you apparently able to insert Pokemon back, other interesting topic (at least for me) is if there is a Cyrillic font support in this gen. Can you please try inserting extended Unicode characters from Cyrillic subset into Pokemon nickname and take photos from party and in-battle screens? It would be nice if you used 0x0401, 0x0410, 0x0417, 0x041F, 0x0427, 0x042F, 0x0430, 0x0437, 0x043F, 0x0447, 0x044F, 0x0451 characters - at various ends of Russian alphabet. I can't wait for the time when you publicize the method... Am aware of all the consequences for the whole community, but digging into this stuff is so much fun
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