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  1. 3rd Gen had Wondercards, except R/S Eon Ticket isn't a wondercard E/FR/LG can have one and only one wondercard. 3rd Gen WCs: Aurora Ticket Mystic Ticket Old Sea Map Wish eggs (unlimited) Not sure it was WC: PCJP 2004 (algo similar to wish) A WC allowing you to change the pkm you encounter in a cave by talking to a NPC. Can be repeated as long as the WC isn't deleted.
  2. Maybe people who interpret are dumb... but people who do that are a way dumber.
  3. It's a hardware issue. Animal Crossing and Pkm XY don't store saves the same way other DS/3DS games do. No update can fix this, only a new device can.
  4. I don't understand why folks focus on Back Up/Restore when it comes to digital save... which is already on SD cart. If those saves can be read by a software in the future, we may simply extract/insert Wondercards and pkm directly on SD cart. Also, if at least we could back up a game cart save proprely (which will hopefully come)... restore can wait. Being able to store unclaimed events is the only reason to be in hurry. Any other things aren't limited in time.
  5. I don't understand italian but if your trouble is that pokecheck is saying SID 0 is only event or hacked, it is normal. (in this case, event) Edit: about the OT, it is probably pokecheck messing up. Check OT in-game to see if shown correctly
  6. Thanks, updated. I can see it now... It's getting smaller ^^
  7. Thanks very much, updated.
  8. That's pretty interesting. Where are you from guys? In Belgium, Spanish didn't work and others were fine.
  9. It would have worked with the saves who got already Dialga. It is not limited to one of the 3.
  10. August 30 shows the story of your events, that you managed to make the guy change the date. From my point, those exactly have the date they should. But I don't think everyone will agree with me. Anyway, this isn't a problem. I am sure your contribution will be useful no matter the date. I confirm European Distribution (Center of Europe) doesn't include Spanish language. It is quite a surprise to see it is included in Canadian distribution.
  11. Thanks very much to both of you. List updated. In MODEST List, when you see this: Audino M - Helping Hand - Yawn It means I need a male with any move, an Audino of any gender with the move Helping Hand and an Audino of any gender with the move Yawn. So, for any move listed in Modest list, it can be male or female. That doesn't matter.
  12. The issue wasn't the date. It was the hex. Date matters because as soon as someone new with this stuff checks contribution with event he got himself, he sees a different hex. So, he thinks the contribution is probably hacked... But it is the hex of the date. That's what happened here, that happened before and that will happen again.
  13. Yes, different date = different hexadecimal You can ask me questions in private message but please, do not use contribution thread.
  14. The distribution cart has the 3 in 1. Palkia and Giratina are not officialy distributed yet. The events added to the galery are confirmed to be from distribution cart. So, yes, it is legal. But officially, we are not supposed to have it yet.
  15. That would be great There are still many missing so don't worry about the list if it is easier for you to screenshot your whole Friend Board than checking the list for each of your pkm. Your call. Yeah I saw about sweet scent while updating the list. I wonder if Petilil can't be found with basic moves or if Serebii simply forgot to list it. I added a list of females owned but still looking for one with basic move. It is to avoid showing same move twice in the guide (sample: Duskull) Edit: I changed my strategy. There are now 2 different targets. MODEST LIST: the minimum to be able to make the guide DREAM LIST: What I need to make the guide like I wanted to.
  16. Well... the clock is ticking and I get zero answer anywhere. So, here is a sample of the guide I am working on. I have a few of you will like it and help me... Still 340 pics missing.
  17. That's ridiculous It would be smarter to allow it. It is folks following the rules who are punished. 1000 hours of reset to be wiped out by RNG'd team... None sence.
  18. Hi The PGL will definitly close soon. So, I am trying to collect pictures of Friend Board details in English. (good quality) your help would be welcome. I need those to make a DW guide. I was making this slowly because I was miles away of thinking Nintendo would close 5th Gen PGL so soon. Sample --- Missing --- DREAM LIST: Female with basic move and male with special move. With this, I can make the guide like I would like it to be. MODEST LIST: Missing genders and moves regardless of which gender has which move. Easier to complete than DREAM LIST. I cannot make the guide at all if I am missing anything here. Note: I used Serebii to list the moves. But I know there are mistakes with a few moves on Serebii. I fixed what I could but I have no way to know if there are other mistakes. That issue most likely happens with basic move.
  19. Hi, I have an issue with Hex 86H for Events because: Most Events I have in files and supposed to be from HG/SS have 00 (sample: FALL2010 Mew). It should be 10 for Cherish Ball but maybe it doesn't affect Events. But... When that same Event is RNG'd, it has the value 10. Maybe it has nothing to do with RNG (or high IV), this is a simple observation. The question is: why most have 00 and a few have 10? (all supposed to be from HG/SS).
  20. You mean pictures of your DS at the moment you get the event? Because picture of WC text would mean nothing.
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