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  1. Okay, now we can use it to help us study the Pokemon format better.
  2. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Anyway, my point being, if we know how Powersaves works, we can use that in an attempt to poke into the game's data! (Also, in case you're wondering, The Eternal Flower Floette has a slightly different moveset by level up - it learns Light of Ruin at level 50.)
  3. It works for some, but not for others, apparently. (Also, why not just tell us up front that some can't get it to work instead of chain linking it like that?) Some people managed to get Diancie with it, as well as the "Eternal Flower Floette" (AZ's Floette, in case your wondering) and his signature move ("Light of Ruin") and the shiny forms of Xerneus, Yveltal and Zygarde.
  4. Wait a minute... Do you guys know that Mattel Powersaves for the 3DS now has the ability to mod Pokémon X and Y saves? Reverse engineering the game's now possible! (or, at least, modify the save data to see what can be done and what can't.)
  5. We actually need to tackle the internet-based Wondercards, not the Wifi ones that would most likely be used for Diancie's distribution (as you may need to see the movie in order to get Diancie.)
  6. Okay, I'm thinking of the possibility of someone managing to tackle Pokémon Bank. Which won't be easy, since that requires reverse engineering on how the 3DS communicates with Nintendo Network (And when we discover how it does, Nintendo would most likely patch the 3DS to get around the exploit, and when that happens, we probably can't use Pokémon Bank legitimately.) There's also the chance of being permina-banned from Pokémon Bank if we get caught.
  7. We've already examined the protocol to find out how it works. Turns out, there's kind of a checksum applied to the transaction that verifies the trade. We need to figure out how said checksum works before we even try to inject Pokémon through trades.
  8. I got an idea: Why not reverse engineer the protocol used for the mystery gift to inject Pokémon over? If we can't use internet-based ones to intercept Pokémon recieved through the internet (ie, the event Torchic), one can get their hands on a Wallmart copy of the game and reverse engineer the protocol for the serial key instead?
  9. Is that VB.net or VB6? Because they're two entirely different languages. I'm asking this in case others don't get confused when they try to use one thing but their code doesn't compile properly.
  10. That was a mistake on my part, BTW.But even so, but I'll still say it's risky to inject Pokémon through using trades without emulating a server (or, in the case of normal trades, the other player).
  11. Calling me arrogant is uncalled for here. Also, saying I can't "comprehend" it is being rude. Anyway, to answer your point: note the word "could". Meaning, there's a chance it can't. After all, it has to talk to Nintendo servers as well in order for what you said to work, and thus, if the 3DS checks with Nintendo servers, that could ruin the injection. With traditional trading (ie, not connected to the web), you may glitch out the trade sequence. Not only that, but I'd assume that intercepting the packets and poisoning them would pose more difficult when you trade locally instead of on the internet. I'd assume that the preferred method is to have the software that does the injection mimic Nintendo's servers for the purpose of sending hacked Pokémon over.
  12. You should've said so in the first place, instead of implying we're talking about Wondertrading.Also, those packets were extracted from before the time the progams you've mentioned were known. If it's exactly the same packets if it's done with normal trading, then we can't inject Pokémon using Wondertrading, as then, since these packets describes what's being traded, they aren't the only stuff transmitted between the servers and the 3DS (for example, the stuff could be the request for wondertrading, the servers choosing a person who's also doing Wondertrading, telling the 3DS what trainer it has chosen to trade your Pokémon, and then these packets, which describes the information pertaining to what's being traded.). Therefore, even if we found the checksum, we can't inject Pokémon through Wondertrading unless we know the entire Wondertrade protocol and how they work.
  13. How can you Wondertrade with the same person if it's the Wondertrade servers who decide who you're trading with and not the players themselves? Wondertrading isn't the same as normal trading. For once, you don't get to choose who you're trading to, nor what Pokémon you're getting.
  14. According to Serebii, the games themselves now have a build-in checker to see if your Pokémon's legitimately obtained or not: http://serebii.net/index2.shtml (Why does Wireshark the Gible have that pentagon? I don't know. Perhaps the game didn't find Wireshark suspicious because it isn't a very blatant hacked Pokémon that seemed completely legit to the game itself (You DO know how well-made hacked Pokémon could fool detection in older games, right? Well that could happen here) ).
  15. A byte can hold up to 8 bits, which is 256 in base 10 decimal (which means that it can hold 256 different regions). Also, there's still only 1 region/language byte this gen (but there's apparently another byte for the region of the 3DS, and another for the country).
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