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  1. When you save the pkm file to upload, what type are you selecting in the dropdown menu? It needs to be as one of the ones that doesn't say 'encrypted'.
  2. Small tidbits I've discovered: 1) Item IDs seem to use the same index, with new items starting at 0x27F (from memory, may be wrong exact number, but still, Item IDs are the same.) 2) The particular interesting packets that can be decoded only happen during certain types of interactions. Sadly, I don't know how Bond/XFR managed to do their replay attack, so I have no idea what all is going to be involved in expanding this to cheating/editing/checking. I have some ideas, but, they're all fairly complex (selective packet editing, etc.) and involve client applications loaded on your computer with a fairly complicated (for a networking noobie) setup to enable such shenanigans.
  3. PokeGTS and PokeGen are completely unrelated, aside from being upload files created in one to the other. I suspect that what you're doing is putting the DNS in wrong. There should be 4 groups of three numbers, you're going to have it look like this: [204] [ 45] [ 29] [ 54]
  4. Visit this page, then tell me what Pokemon you were trying to upload.
  5. It's possible that you are on a different connection than the DS, in which case it will send you a random Pokemon. Double check and make sure you're connecting on the same internet connection that the DS is connecting on.
  6. Deletes all your connection profiles on the DS, then create a new one with the settings on the page.
  7. Well, I've been porting over the older links with redirects, and even the old links in the original post still work. http://pokegts.us/5thGen_Upload.aspx That's the latest link.
  8. I'm the maintainer of PokeGTS.us. This happens sporadically, due to how the DS interacts with Nintendo's servers and my server. Just chill, it will clear up. I'm also investigating to see if there are any genuine bugs to look at.
  9. This is caused by Nintendo's servers. I have no control over this, just wait until it blows over.
  10. C# is in the .net 'family' of languages. The games are not coded in C#, but some of the tools to work with them created by the community are. As it sounds like you don't have any particular experience in programming in general, I'm going to point you towards two books, one is for absolute beginners, the other is more intermediate. http://www.amazon.com/Head-First-2E-Real-World-Programming/dp/1449380344/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1340881934&sr=8-5&keywords=c%23+beginning+programming This one, I have not used. It does have good reviews and is indicated to be for beginners. Once you're done with it, I suggest you get one of the following two books: http://www.amazon.com/4-0-Nutshell-The-Definitive-Reference/dp/0596800959/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1340881880&sr=1-1&keywords=c%23+4.0+in+a+nutshell http://www.amazon.com/5-0-Nutshell-The-Definitive-Reference/dp/1449320104/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1340881880&sr=1-2 I have used the first, and it is a fairly good book. Kinda light on some details, but for the most part quite useful. The second is the same book, generally, but indicated more towards Studio 2012 that will be coming out soon. For rom/save hacking, you'd be using primarily byte arrays and bitwise operators, which none of these books seem to get into much. I don't have time to write any tutorials on the subjects (and I'm a bit rusty on bitwise anyways).
  11. Anyone with a black2 with some progress want to send me their .sav file that's capable of getting to the GTS?
  12. Let's start from the beginning: What do you have in mind? What are you wanting to create? Also, what is your previous programming experience (if any)? This will inform what I recommend.
  13. If there has been no response since your last post, go ahead and edit your last post instead of making a new one. And it is working for me currently on Pokemon White with a DS Lite. I'm rebooting the server right now to test some things. Try again in 5 minutes... and I'm looking at the tickets, are you vanburen or rockstar?
  14. I haven't even identified the problem yet.
  15. Yes. I am. I've not seen the error since changing some options, though. You have tried recently, yes? Edit: Send me the pokemon file that you're trying to use, assuming you're using the upload feature.
  16. I've been testing with Pokemon White and a DS Lite with no issues. Where are you located at?
  17. I've noticed that nintendo moved one of their servers to a new IP, and updated that in my DNS server, but that doesn't seem to have stopped these reports, so: What game is everyone using that's having the issues?
  18. A) Try deleting all of your wireless connections and starting over. B) If it's a router issue, there's not much to be done, other than trying another router or trying it over at a friend's house or something.
  19. http://pokegts.us/Reset.aspx Try visiting that, and see if it clears up your issues.
  20. Couple of small updates: I've fixed a lot of minor things, and had to rewrite the GTS server. It works quite well now, with very low CPU usage. Running ASP.net for everything. PID support not quite supported yet... just too much going on to have time to work on it.
  21. Yes. The 'hash' and stored pokemon are based upon the pokemon itself, not the IP address of the uploader like it originally was. Shorter version: you can upload and distribute as many as you want.
  22. Hah. I'll look into that. Funny part - that's a canned Visual Studio 2010 login system, form and all. Microsoft made it.
  23. I've properly launched the PokeGTS.us site. Keep support threads that are specific to the site in here. Much cleaner interface, proper navigation. And, due to being in a language I'm more familiar with, website updates should be easier to do. Current goals: 1) Properly integrate the GTS Server again. Currently using a mishmash with the old one due to bugs in the new one. 2) Friend code support. 3) More Pokemon. 4) More select-able options in the Pokemon Selector. These are more long-term goals, and may take a few months to integrate due to time constraints. Link: http://www.pokegts.us Edit: A proposition for website/app developers. If I created a feature that would let you automate the 'Distribute Pokemon' feature (upload a Pokemon, get a response with a link back), would you implement it in your program?
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