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Pokémon in the games Pokémon X and Y are stored in a new 232 byte structure (for the box data only). Party Pokémon hold 28 bytes of additional data for overworld and battle values. We recommend using the pk6 extension for decrypted 232-byte box data and 260-byte party data structures.

Checksum / Block Shuffling / Encryption

There have been some changes compared to the Generation 4 and Generation 5 structures. First, the LCRNG to decrypt the structure's blocks is now seeded with the Encryption Key at the beginning of the pk6 file. Second, the blocks are now 56 bytes instead of the previous 32. However, the way the blocks are shuffled based on the PID did not change. That said, the shuffling algorithm now uses the Encryption Key at the beginning of the pk6 instead of the PID.

Unencrypted Bytes (0x0-0x7)

Offset Contents
0x00-0x03 Encryption Key
0x04-0x05 Sanity Placeholder
0x06-0x07 Checksum

Encrypted Bytes

Block A (0x8-0x3F)

Offset Contents
0x08-0x09 National Pokédex ID
0x0A-0x0B Held Item
0x0C-0x0D OT ID
0x0E-0x0F OT Secret ID
0x10-0x13 Experience Points
0x14 Ability
0x15 Ability Number
0x16-0x17 [Hits Remaining] on [Training Bag]
0x18-0x1B Personality value (Also known as the PID)
0x1C Nature
0x1D Bit 0 - Fateful Encounter Flag
Bit 1 - Female
Bit 2 - Genderless
Bit 3-7 - Alternate Forms
0x1E HP Effort Value
0x1F Attack Effort Value
0x20 Defense Effort Value
0x21 Speed Effort Value
0x22 SP Attack Effort Value
0x23 SP Defense Effort Value
0x24 Contest Stat: Cool
0x25 Contest Stat: Beauty
0x26 Contest Stat: Cute
0x27 Contest Stat: Smart
0x28 Contest Stat: Tough
0x29 Contest Stat: Sheen
0x2A Markings
0x2B Pokérus
0x2C-0x2F (Secret) Super Training
Gold Medal Flags
0x30-0x35 Ribbons
0x36-0x37 Unused
0x38 Contest Memory Ribbon [Count]
0x39 Battle Memory Ribbon [Count]
0x3A Distribution Super Training Flags
0x3B-0x3F Unused

Block B (0x40-0x77)

Offset Contents
0x40-0x57 Nickname
0x58-0x59 Null Terminator
0x5A-0x5B Move 1 ID
0x5C-0x5D Move 2 ID
0x5E-0x5F Move 3 ID
0x60-0x61 Move 4 ID
0x62 Move 1 Current PP
0x63 Move 2 Current PP
0x64 Move 3 Current PP
0x65 Move 4 Current PP
0x66-0x69 Move PP Ups
0x6A-0x6B Relearn Move 1 ID
0x6C-0x6D Relearn Move 2 ID
0x6E-0x6F Relearn Move 3 ID
0x70-0x71 Relearn Move 4 ID
0x72 "Secret" Super Training Flag
0 - Missions Unavailable
1 - Missions Available
0x73 Unused
0x74-0x77 Bits 0-29 - Individual Values

HP ( [0-31] << 0 )
Attack ( [0-31] << 5 )
Defense ( [0-31] << 10 )
Speed ( [0-31] << 15 )
SP Attack ( [0-31] << 20 )
SP Defense ( [0-31] << 25 )
Bit 30 - IsEgg Flag
Bit 31 - IsNicknamed Flag

Block C (0x78-0xAF)

Offset Contents
0x78-0x8F Latest NotOT Handler
Updates Every Trade
0x90-0x91 Null Terminator
0x92 NotOT Gender
0 - Male
1 - Female
0x93 Current Handler
0 - OT
1 - NotOT
0x94-0x95 Geolocation 1 - (Region,Country)
0x96-0x97 Geolocation 2 - (Region,Country)
0x98-0x99 Geolocation 3 - (Region,Country)
0x9A-0x9B Geolocation 4 - (Region,Country)
0x9C-0x9D Geolocation 5 - (Region,Country)
0x9E-0x9F Unused
0xA0-0xA1 Unused
0xA2 NotOT Friendship
0xA3 NotOT Affection
0xA4 NotOT Memory Intensity
0xA5 NotOT Memory Line
0xA6 NotOT Memory Feeling
0xA7 Unused
0xA8-0xA9 NotOT Memory TextVar
0xAA-0xAB Unused
0xAC-0xAD Unused
0xAE Fullness
0xAF Enjoyment

Block D (0xB0-0xE7)

Offset Contents
0xB0-0xC7 OT Name
0xC8-0xC9 Null Terminator
0xCA OT Friendship
0xCB OT Affection
0xCC OT Memory Intensity
0xCD OT Memory Line
0xCE-0xCF OT Memory TextVar
0xD0 OT Memory Feeling
0xD1-0xD3 Date Egg Received
0xD4-0xD6 Date Met
0xD7 Unknown / Unused
0xD8-0xD9 Egg Location
0xDA-0xDB Met At Location
0xDC Pokéball
0xDD Bit 0-6 - Encounter Level
Bit 7 - Female OT Gender
0xDE Encounter Type (Gen 4)
0xDF OT Game ID
0xE0 Country ID
0xE1 Region ID
0xE2 3DS Region ID
0xE3 OT Language ID
0xE4-0xE7 Unused

Battle Stats

The battle stats are encrypted in the exact same manner as the main pk6 data. The seed is still the Encryption Key.

Encrypted Bytes

Offset Contents
0xE8 Bits 0-2 - Asleep (0-7 rounds)
Bit 3 - Poisoned
Bit 4 - Burned
Bit 5 - Frozen
Bit 6 - Paralyzed
Bit 7 - Toxic
0xE9 Unknown - Flags
0xEA-0xEB Unknown / Unused
0xEC Level
0xED Unknown / Unused
0xEE-0xEF Unknown / Unused
0xF0-0xF1 Current HP
0xF2-0xF3 Max HP
0xF4-0xF5 Attack
0xF6-0xF7 Defense
0xF8-0xF9 Speed
0xFA-0xFB Special Attack
0xFC-0xFD Special Defense
0xFE-0xFF Unknown / Unused
0x100-0x103 Unknown / Unused

Original Language

Value Language
0x1 日本語 (Japan)
0x2 English (US/UK/AU)
0x3 Français (France/Québec)
0x4 Italiano (Italy)
0x5 Deutsch (Germany)
0x7 Español (Spain/Latin Americas)
0x8 한국어 (South Korea)


Bit Marking
0x01 Circle
0x02 Triangle
0x04 Square
0x08 Heart
0x10 Star
0x20 Diamond

Encounter Types

Encounter Types are not used in X/Y. Transferred Pokemon keep their Encounter Type hex.

Value Country
0x0 Pal Park, Egg, Hatched, Special Event
0x2 Tall Grass
0x4 Dialga/Palkia In-Game Event
0x5 Cave, Hall of Origin
0x7 Surfing, Fishing
0x9 Building
0xA Great Marsh (Safari Zone)
0xC Starter, Fossil, Gift (Eevee)

Medals & Ribbons

Super Training Medals

Flag Value 0x2C 0x2D 0x2E 0x2F
0x01 Unused Sp. Atk Level 2 Atk Level 3 Follow Those Fleeing Goals!
0x02 Unused HP Level 2 Sp. Def Level 3 Watch Out! That's One Tricky Second Half!
0x04 Sp. Atk Level 1 Atk Level 2 Speed Level 3 An Opening of Lighting-Quick Attacks!
0x08 HP Level 1 Sp. Def Level 2 Def Level 3 Those Long Shots Are No Long Shot!
0x10 Atk Level 1 Speed Level 2 The Troubles Keep on Coming?! Scatterbug Lugs Back!
0x20 Sp. Def Level 1 Def Level 2 The Leaf Stone Cup Begins! A Barrage of Bitbots!
0x40 Speed Level 1 Sp. Atk Level 3 The Fire Stone Cup Begins! Drag Down Hydreigon!
0x80 Def Level 1 HP Level 3 The Water Stone Cup Begins! The Battle for the Best: Version X/Y!

Ribbon Set 1

Flag Value 0x30 0x31
0x01 Kalos Champ Ribbon Alert Ribbon
0x02 Champion Ribbon Shock Ribbon
0x04 Sinnoh Champ Ribbon Downcast Ribbon
0x08 Best Friends Ribbon Careless Ribbon
0x10 Training Ribbon Relax Ribbon
0x20 Skillful Battler Ribbon Snooze Ribbon
0x40 Expert Battler Ribbon Smile Ribbon
0x80 Effort Ribbon Gorgeous Ribbon

Ribbon Set 2

Flag Value 0x32 0x33
0x01 Royal Ribbon Earth Ribbon
0x02 Gorgeous Royal Ribbon World Ribbon
0x04 Artist Ribbon Classic Ribbon
0x08 Footprint Ribbon Premier Ribbon
0x10 Record Ribbon Event Ribbon
0x20 Legend Ribbon Birthday Ribbon
0x40 Country Ribbon Special Ribbon
0x80 National Ribbon Souvenir Ribbon

Ribbon Set 3

Flag Value 0x34
0x01 Wishing Ribbon
0x02 Battle Champion Ribbon
0x04 Regional Champion Ribbon
0x08 National Champion Ribbon
0x10 World Champion Ribbon
0x20 None
0x40 None
0x80 Hoenn Champion Ribbon

Ribbon Set 4

Flag Value 0x35
0x01 Contest Star Ribbon
0x02 Coolness Master Ribbon
0x04 Beauty Master Ribbon
0x08 Cuteness Master Ribbon
0x10 Cleverness Master Ribbon
0x20 Toughness Master Ribbon

Pokémon Data

The 6th generation games use a different system to handle pokemon data in-game. Previously, a pokémon's data (the equivalent of a pkm file) was passed directly into functions that would act upon it to pull out information that would be used by the game engine. Gen 6 uses a higher-level class called pml::pokepara::Accessor that stores multiple pieces of information that describe a pokémon. This class's object size is 14 bytes.

Accessor class

Offset Type Description
0x0 u32 vtable pointer
0x4 u32 Is pokemon in party (set to 1 if so)
0x8 Poke* Pointer to this pokémon's data
0xC bool Is pokemon data encrypted
0xD bool Encrypt pokémon data