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  1. I have got a pokepark save but there isn't a wonder card. I think this guy is the famous hacker-trader ShinningYoshi
  2. I made a quick translation of たかさん's tool: TicketPEe - Real Distributed Events Version (for Emerald) [Note: ONLY for Japanese Versions) [ATTACH]12892[/ATTACH]
  3. Is it possible to get a legit shiny mystry mew?

    If yoou want a shiny legit Mew try to get a Old Sea Map Mew (Japan) [Gen III]
  4. I'm from Mexico and confirmed that all pokemon games from Gen 1 to Gen 5 correspond to the version in English that is the US version (US version was distributed throughout Latin America). To Gen 6 games include the Spanish language. Therefore the Wonder Cards that were distributed in Mexico must come in English until to the Gen 5. Regarding the Wonder Card golden I have no information 'cuz I did not attend the event. Concerning the Morfeo's Spanish Wonder Cards, he uses the Spain version (Europe).
  5. I found this threat: Somebody said that remember about got a random egg from at Pokemon Transfer machine but not sure if it concerns at PCNY Wish Eggs. Perhaps contacting these people can get more information about those events. EDIT: According to 2001 probably it refers to the events of Gen 2
  6. Missed a step, but the result is correct: 0xFFFF03E3 + 0x00000000 + 0x00000008 + 0x00000000 + 0x00000000 + 0xC9CCCFBB + 0xC3CEBBCC + 0xCEBFC5BD = 0x5C5A552F AND 0xFFFFFFFF = 0x5C5A552F
  7. Here a site with info about WCs in Gen III: Note: Spanish Site According to the site there are WCs that can be sended to obtain EGGs, Pokémon or News (i.e. CHANNEL Jirachi, Celebi Journey Across America 10th, etc.)
  8. PokeCrafter (Gen 3 Save Editor)

    Sorry for late reply. Still missing info of the Pokemon like: -Contest Condition (COOL/BEAUTY/CUTE/SMART/TOUGH/PokeBlock) -Pokerus (Infected/Cured) -Ribbons Here my Sapphire save for check the item issues and the GBA-NGC Location File. GBA-NGC locations.txt POKEMON_SAPP_AXPE_00-JM.sav
  9. PokeCrafter (Gen 3 Save Editor)

    Great work!! I reported some bugs: Ruby/Sapphire all type items are not displayed correctly Pokemon Egg info is missing Colosseum/XD met location is not showed correctly (met location value have 2 descriptions: one for GBA and another for NGC; I have all correct locations for Distand Land pokemon if you want)
  10. Dont work with AS, i got a pcdata.bin 211KB that can't be opened in PKHex (Im using 9.4 FW old 3DS)
  11. Link DEAD Download
  12. PKHeX Legacy Discussion

    How work the Region in PKXHex cuz' according with the list of my 3DS Florida must be sr 10 and its showed on the editor as sr_11 USA list: Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Puerto Rico Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
  13. Reported some bugs: Gender of a pokémon does not change is always "random" when the program is closed and reopened, and "Relearn Moves" must select from the list because it does't allows typing the move. In Text "Thank you for coming to the Pokémon event!" is 2 times.
  14. PKHeX Legacy Discussion

    The DL link is wrong
  15. How do I edit a Pokemon black/white save?

    PokeStock last version
  16. From 3rd gen to 4th gen

    KazoWAR made a program named GBA PKM Reader (just google it) for pal park all pokemon from a GBA save but have many issues cuz' almost of pokemon pal parked get invalid trash bytes
  17. Here a quick work, needs more retouches, but i'm too busy this week.
  18. Pkx: The New Pokemon Format For Gen 6

    Its a bug/glitch found by serebii friends
  19. Pokecheck isn't perfect (has many faults), there isn't a prefect tool for check pokemons and Nintendo cannot check property. We need to wait for the next Gen for know abot the pokemon structure. Transfer from one generation to another make that pokemon lose many aspects that turns pokemon into legal to gen transfered.
  20. I found this:
  21. Locations: 0xFD = EGG obtained (gift) I load 2 more saves of Emerald (USA-Japan) and eggs obtained as gift (Wynaut EGG) as showed as Japanese. In-game are showed with the correct language. Its a bug or Nintendo make all eggs as japanese in Gen III? PD. Wynaut EGG: USA box 4, JPN box 1 Edit: More USA saves checked (LeafGreen and Ruby) and EGGs obtained as gift are showed as Japanese. Emerald (J)..sav Emerald (U)..sav